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The Luckiest Time of All
Context Clues
• Context clues are examples, descriptions, and
other details in the text or words around an
unfamiliar or unusual word or expression.
• Reread- replace the unfamiliar word with a
word that would make sense in its place.
• Read ahead to confirm meaning- are there
examples after the word that tell you that you
are correct, or do you need to guess again?
Point of View
• Point of View is the perspective from which a
narrative or story is told. It affects the details
that are revealed to the reader.
• First Person- inside the story, pronouns I and me,
we and us- is usually able to only reveal his or her
own thoughts or feelings.
• Third Person- outside the story, pronouns, he,
she, them, they, his, her
• Omniscient- reveals thoughts of other characters.
• Limited- reveals only actions of other characters.
You need to know
• Elzie says the dogwood blooms remind her of
her husband, because they bloom in the
spring, and that is when she met him.
• When Elzie throws her lucky stone at the dog,
she is sad because she meant to throw a coin.
• Mr. Pickens stops the dog by lassoing it with
• Elzie knows Mr. Pickens is kind because
he cradles the dog
You also need to know
• Elzie thinks her lucky stone and the day at the
show are lucky because she met the man she
would marry.
• Although the story is told from the third
person point of view, the narrator lets Elzie tell
most of the story.
• When Elzie tosses the stone, she realizes it will
hit the dog.
You really must know
• Elzie and Ovella want to join the Silas Greene
so that they can see the world and have a
good time.
• Tee suggests that the stone might not have
been lucky because Elzie had nearly been
bitten by the dog.
• “lost heart for shows” means they had lost
interest in joining a traveling show.
• 1. Clues: music and wonders as we never had
seen! They had everything there.
• Meaning: everything good that you could
imagine, a whole world of exciting things.
• 2. Clues: hit that dancing dog right on the
nose! I flew! Round and Round that Silas
Greene we run
• Meaning: chased, ran
• 3. Clues: picked up, talkin to him soft and
• Meaning: holding gently, as a baby is held by
a cradle.
• 4. Clues: helped me find my stone, searched
and searched.
• Meaning: spotted, caught sight of, found
Literary Analysis
• Pronoun: her
• What I learned: Elzie shook her head and
laughed, she enjoys being with Tee
• Pronoun: they
• What I learned: Elzie and Tee rocked in their
rocking chairs and smiled, they are
comfortable being with each other.
• Pronoun: her, she, their
• What I learned: Lucille Clifton learned to
appreciate books and poetry from the
example set by her parents,
• A. No, mountain climbers would not use
twine to secure themselves because it is not
strong enough.
• Yes, if I am acquainted with someone, I likel
know where he or she lives because when I
get t o know people , I usually find about this
• B.
1. D
2. C
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