TFA Day 02

Today is Day 15 2/25
When you first meet a new person, how do
you form an opinion about that person?
What is your opinion of Okonkwo so far?
Chapters 1 through 3 provide background and
information about the protagonist of Things
Fall Apart, Okonkwo; they also introduce his
father, Unoka, and his son, Nwoye. Okonkwo
is the nineteenth-century Nigerian equivalent
of today’s workaholic: obsessed with gaining
wealth, power, and reputation.
His father, on the other hand, has no wealth
and owes more money than he can ever pay,
yet he enjoys life far more than does his son.
Okonkwo views his father as a wastrel and an
embarrassment. While the chapters offer
only a glimpse of Nwoye, they show him as
an unhappy child, badgered by Okonkwo to
work harder out of fear that he will also turn
out to be lazy.
A foil is a character who contrasts with
another character to highlight his or her
For example, foils are even common in
childrens’ stories:
 the meanness, vanity, and homeliness of
Cinderella’s stepsisters make Cinderella look more
 the two lazy little pigs make the third look even
more hardworking.
Okonkwo and Unoka are strong foils of each
Complete the handout with your assigned
partner, identifying which characteristics
belong to which character (10 min)
#1 If you had to choose, would you rather
have Okonkwo or Unoka as a father? Why?
#2 Predict how Nwoye, Okonkwo’s son, will
get along with his father.
Five textual citations each for full credit !
(about one paragraph each)
Read Equiano in groups and design poster.
One researcher, one illustrator, one writer per
Each group focuses on one section of reading.
Translate section in entirety to modern American
Design informational poster with at least TEN
symbols or short text boxes.
1. .List four physical characteristics that
separate Okonkwo’s appearance from that of
the other men in his village.
2. How did Okonkwo bring honor to his
village as a young man? What other
achievements make him an important man?
3. Why does Okonkwo have no patience with
his own father, Unoka? What good qualities
does Unoka have that his son fails to
1. How does Okonkwo reaffirm his greatness as a
warrior to the people of his village?
 2. What is the “normal course of action” when a
member of a neighboring clan murders one of the
 3. How does the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves
prevent the powerful Umuofia from going to war with
their neighbors?
 4. Why does Okonkwo behave as a cruel man when,
“perhaps down in his heart Okonkwo is not a cruel
5. Describe the entrance to the shrine called
Agbala. How does a worshipper get a
message from the gods? What is a chi?
6. State a general theme for this story using
the piece of wisdom about failure that Unoka
offers his son. Why does Okonkwo not listen
to his father’s words?
7. List the crops that the women are
responsible for in the Ibo clan.
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