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The articles
The articles divide into two parts
Indefinite articles
With the
vowel letters
With all the
letters except
vowels .
Definite articles
With all letters .
The articles
The noun divide into to parts
If the noun countable use : a \ an \ the .
e.g. an apple \ a baby \ the bus .
If the noun uncountable we can’t use : a \ an
We can only use ( the ) .
e.g. the oil \ the milk .
We can only use ( the ) .
e.g. the pens \ the
buses \ the eggs .
The articles
Example :-
He got on a bus. He had to stand because the
bus was full.
* The is used before something that is mentioned
for the second time .
The articles
Example :The bus stopped at the departure building.
He joined the queue at the check-in counter.
* The is used when it is clear in the situation
which thing or person we mean .
The articles
Example :You won’t be able to board the plane without it.
* The is used when we say : ( go to \ went to )
the plane , the bank , the doctor , the cinema .
The articles
Example :-
The sun rises in the east.
* The is used when is only one of something : the
sun , the sky , the east , the west , the north , the
south , the world , the earth .
The articles
Example :-
This is the last sentence.
* The is used when is only one of something : the
last , the first , the second , the third , the best ,
the biggest , the most .
The articles
Example :-
What time is dinner ?
* We can’t use the with the names of meals
like : dinner \ lunch \ breakfast .
Write a, an, the or nothing.
Scrambled Eggs
To make scrambled eggs for one person, you need two eggs and some
First, you break _____ eggs into____ pan and beat them with
______wooden spoon .
Then you pour_____milk into_______ pan.
You can also add _____salt and ____pepper if you wish. Next, you
put _____into pan onto______cooker and heat____ eggs and milk
You must stir _____ mixture with_____ wooden spoon as
it cooks. When _______ scrambled eggs are ready, serve them
on______ warm plate with _____piece of______ bread and______