The Wounded Knee Massacre and the Ghost Dance

The Wounded Knee Massacre
and the Ghost Dance
Morgan Stanley, Candace Burke, and
Zach Parrish
Who was Involved?
• Lt. Col. George
Armstrong Custer
• Crazy Horse
• Wovoka
• Sioux
• Tatanka Yotanka or
Sitting Bull
• When gold and precious metals were found in
Native American land, many new people cam
and took over the valuable land.
• Many Native Americans were forced to move
out of there land and to go reservations.
• The Sioux tribe did not like this so Sitting Bull
started persuading them to fight back.
• Sitting Bull was then captured and taken to
• Sitting Bull became famous for his attempt to
save the land that was his.
• Wovoka started a new religion when he had a
vision of the land like how it used to be.
• The Ghost Dance started as a part of this new
religion and many Native Americans followed
this belief.
• The Ghost Dance shirts were thought to be a
protection from a white man’s gun.
• When Sitting Bull got out of prison he heard
about the new religion.
• He made the guards keeping him away from his
tribe to go and meet with the Ghost Dance
religion members who went with a more
experienced leader when Sitting Bull was put in
• The members crowded around his cabin in a way
to escape.
• Sitting Bull was shot in the head because the
barrier of people didn’t work.
Cause and Effect
• The precious metals found in this Indian land
pushed Native Americans off of there own
• The Ghost Dance brought the Native
Americans spirits up enough to fight for there
land back.
• The Native Americans lost the battle between
them and the Whites. 290 Sioux members
US and Them – Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee