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Federal Relay Services
Solutions for Functional
Equivalency in the Workplace
Mark Seeger
How Federal Relay started…
Federal Relay was established by Congress under
Public Law 100-542, the Telecommunications
Accessibility Act of 1988, which provides an
intermediary telecommunications service for
individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing,
and/or have speech disabilities, including federal
employees, for communications with and within
the Federal Government.
Federal Relay Today…
• Part of Sprint’s contract with the General
Services Administration (GSA)
• Only authorized GSA Federal Relay provider.
• Over 100 different agencies supply Federal
Relay services currently
Who Can Use Federal Relay?
Agency Employees
Authorized Federal contractors
Agency-sponsored universities or labs
General Public to access an agency
Your agency must have a task order in place
prior to you accessing the service.
Comparison and Security Chart
Why Federal Relay?
• Enables Federal employees to conduct official duties
• Broadens employment and advancement opportunities for
Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Speech Disabled individuals by
ensuring them access to the Federal and Public
Telecommunications System.
• Allows the general public (constituents) the ability to
conduct business with the Federal government and its
• Enables Federal Government agencies to meet their
obligation under Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act for their
employees and constituents with hearing and speech
disabilities in workplace and public.
Why Federal Relay? (cont.)
• Stringent security requirements ensure safety and
security of all information transmitted via Federal Relay
service options
• A package of services that satisfies different
communication styles and preferences
• Available in both English and Spanish (Some services
even have English and Spanish translation options)
• Over 20 years of experience in providing Relay services
to the Federal government!
Relay Conference Captioning
Federal RCC (Relay Conference Captioning)
Federal Relay Conference Captioning (RCC)
• Live real-time captioning of a conference
• Real-time text streamed to an internet connected
• Uses the same high-quality captioners that
provide captioning for
• Participate in conference calls by following the
captioning, and (if needed) speaking into the
event via a text capability
• No special equipment required
How to book an event? (RCC)
Federal CapTel
Federal CapTel
If you struggle to hear on the phone and/or
prefer to watch television with the closed
captions on, then Federal CapTel will help you
use the telephone with confidence! If you have
difficulty hearing, you can be sure of what your
callers say – on every call – with Federal
Captioned Telephone Service. Captions appear
virtually at the same time as your caller speaks,
allowing you to enjoy the natural flow of a
telephone conversation.
Federal CapTel
The CapTel phones are branded when they are
ordered to the agency that ordered it so no need
to inform an operator of the agency AB code or
How to get a CapTel Phone?
Equipment is required for CapTel services in the form of a CapTel phone.
– You may order the phone directly by filling out the Federal CapTel order
form at www.federalrelay.us/captel for $75
– You may work with the Computer/ Electronics Accommodations Program
(CAP) through the DOD- more information can be found at www.cap.mil
• No Charge to Agency
• Once a CapTel phone is ordered, the ordering information filters through out
Federal Relay team for verification of agency
• Once you receive the phone, it is automatically tied to your agency going
• For help setting up your CapTel phone call our CapTel customer service at
Federal Video Remote Interpreting
Federal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
Federal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) provides Deaf and hard
of hearing Federal employees with on-demand remote sign
language interpreting in order to facilitate communication
between individuals who are in the same location (i.e. office,
cubical, front desk, etc.)
Federal Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)
You can use VRI from any Video Phone
equipment, mobile application, or computer
Toll Free Numbers:
ISDN: 855-724-6514
Federal Video Relay Service (VRS)
Federal Video Relay Service (VRS) enables a user
who uses sign language to communicate via
videoconferencing with a certified Video Interpreter
(VI) through the Internet. The VI then voices/relays
the signed conversation over the phone – in real
time – to the hearing caller (standard telephone
users).By using sign language over the full motion
video, this allows the sign language user their
natural language to convey facial expression and
cues to ensure that nothing gets lost in the
Federal Video Relay Service (VRS)
On any Video Phone, dial:
ISDN: 877-709-5798
Federal VRI compared to Federal VRS
Video Remote Interpreter (VRI)
Only can be used with people in same location.
Video Relay Service (VRS)
Only can be used when people are remote.
Federal IP
Federal IP Relay
Allows users to place relay calls to conduct government business
over the Internet between locations within the United States. The
service is also available for Deaf, hard of hearing, or speech
disabled individuals in the general public who need to access
communication with Federal agencies.
Registration is Required:
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Sprint – Federal Relay Core Team
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– Angie Officer, Senior Program Manager (VA)
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