Kyani Training Your First Days

Kyani Training
Your First Days
A Journey of a Thousand
Leagues Begins with the
First Step –
Lao Tze, Chinese Philospher
You CAN Do This!
• It’s Great to Be Helping People with Great Products
• It’s Great to Offer People an Opportunity for Financial
Freedom and More Time Freedom
• As We Reach Out We Can Become a Blessing to More
and More People
Don’t Be Discouraged
• You Will Come Across Naysayers
• Just Focus on Finding 5 People that Work with You to Build the Business
• We Teach a Three by Three System
– Find those First Three and Help Others
do the same.
• You Build When You are Finished (The Building of a Hotel Story)
• Have Faith that You Will Succeed
• Once You Have a Team It Becomes Very Fun
Always Keep an Eye on Your Next
• Very Important to Always Keep Looking at Your Next
Rank in the Compensation Plan
• Keep Chasing it to Move Forward!
• Aim for Jade in 30 Days to Achieve the Fast Start
Support Websites
– Science Behind the Products
– Downloads, Presentations
– Keep Informed
• (Coming Soon)
– Main Corporate Website
Quick Note About Events
• Usually the Biggest Commitments come after some type an event. If
someone sees something online or sees some type of presentation,
they come to a home meeting or try a product to get involved they are
mentally in the game – but once they attend an event is when they
cross the line and become All IN Committed.
• Utilize Events, Meetings & Functions – These Will Build Your Business!
• National Conventions, International Conventions, Super Saturdays,
Regional Events
• Stay Plugged In!
The Daily Method - ISS
• Invite
• Sample
• Share
We invite people to sample the product and share with them
the testimonials, the webinars, the videos, the meetings, the
recorded calls etc.
Very Duplicatable
If You Don’t Invite Someone at Some Point You Can never Get anything Going in the Business Because It
All Comes Back to Inviting Some Person to Take a Look.
Keep Your Funnel Full.
An Eye Drop (Inviting 1)
A Fire Hose (Inviting Many)
Our Business Works the Same Way.
The More People You Invite Consistantly
and the More Volume You Invite is Like Putting a Fire Hose at the Top of Your Funnel.
Always Have on Your Mind “Am I Keeping my Funnel Full?”
Keeping Your Funnel Full by Activity Creates Momentum in Your Business
Remember You Only Need Three to Five Partners to Work With & Duplicate
Lag Time – Very Important to
There is Something in Our Business that is Real and that is Lag Time.
There is a Little Bit of Time That Has to Pass Before Something Happens.
Even in the Funnel Example – It takes a Little Bit of Time Before the Water Drops into the Funnel and
Comes Out at the Bottom.
When You Invite Someone, It will Take a Little Bit of Time for Them to Try the Products, to Look at the
Information etc
Now That Person Will Turn Around and There Will Be Lag Time From the Time They Start Sharing the
Product and They Start Having People Enroll or Purchase.
THE POINT – What You Do Today is Not Going to Show Up Today. It is Going to Show Up 30 – 60 – 90 Days
from Now Because There is Lag Time Layered in Between All of These.
As You Begin Your Business You are 90 Days Away From Seeing the Real Results of Your Activity.
The Challenge is that Most People Give Up in that 90 Day Window Before They Give the Opportunity a
Chance to Start Working for Them.
When You Begin to Invite Recognize
• Your Goal is to Fill the Funnel as Quickly as You Can
• Keep It Full
• Recognize that there is Going to be a Lag Time so that
You can Push Through That
• The More People You Invite the Quicker You will Get
Through Lag Time and Get on to the Results
• This is the Safety in Numbers and Law of Averages
Don’t Start Inviting People and in Two Weeks, or Three Weeks,
or 30 Days or 60 Days Start Being Hard on Yourself or Judging
Yourself Because There is a Process You Have to Go Through
Called Filling the Funnel and Lag Time.
Inviting is the Key
• That is Why Inviting is Key and We Come Back to It.
• Inviting is the Key that Unlocks the Whole Thing!
• The More People You Invite Consistantly, The Quicker
the Funnel Gets Filled and the Faster You Get Through
Lag Time!
Posture When Inviting – Some
• Remember that 95% of People are Not Sales Types
• People Will Always Be Looking at You and Wondering
“Can I Do This?”
• So – Don’t Come Across as a Salesperson, Don’t Be
Overly Hyped Up or Aggressive. You May Miss a Chance
with Someone Who Could Be Very Successful
• Don’t Sell, Push or Convince BUT ALSO Don’t Come
Across as Needy or Weak. Nobody is attracted to that
• Come From a Position of Strength and Posture.
• You want to come across as “Hey, I’ve got something I
want to share with you and it will either make since to
you or not. If it does great, if doesn’t that’s ok too.”
• The World is Big and there are Many People to Talk to.
Your Success will NOT Depend on One Person.
• Say Less to More People. The more you try to convince
and push the less likely someone will go through the
process and get involved with you.
• I like Using the Phrase “I can’t promise you anything,
• Aim for the Appointment to Give a One on One
• “I can’t promise you anything however, but it may be for
you, and maybe not. But how will you know unless you take
a look? Take a look and then make a decision. I think I found
the way. Lets meet real quick after work, tomorrow, tonight
Invites Continued
• 3 Sample Invitations (Don’t get hung up on word to word – Just
notice the spirit of how the invitation is given. Put in your own
Product Driven – “Hey Mary, I can’t promise you anything but I’ve come
across some unbelievable blueberries from Alaska – they are wild and
they grow in three months of sunshine and go through 7 deep freezes in
winters, and so they are not the normal blueberry. They have like 20
times the anti-oxidants than store bought blueberries. They grow wild
and are hand picked by Native American Tribes and they are really
healthy - Do you know anybody that likes Blueberries?
• You can customize or change the invitation based on any of the
products. I usually talk about the Wild Alaskan Blueberries.
Invitations Continued
2. Money Driven – “Hey Bill, I can’t promise you anything but
I’ve come across an opportunity that I believe is almost too
good to be true but I believe it is true. And there is a chance to
get into the ground floor here in (Colorado etc). Do you keep
your options open for ways to make more money?
A Variation for those who are new and never really been in
business before.
“I happened to have met some very successful people. They
are teaching me some things and they are opening up a
business here. It seems too good to be true but I believe it is
true. I have a chance to get in on the ground floor here. Do you
keep your options open for ways to make more money? I
3. Product and Money Driven Invitation
“Hey Mary, I can’t promise you anything but I’ve come
across these Blueberries from Alaska. They grow wild and
are much healthier than the ones in the stores. In fact one
of the products is based on Nobel Prize winning research
and some people have called them a God Product. I have a
chance to get in on the ground floor out here but even
though it seems too good to be true I believe it is true. Do
you keep your options open when it comes to making
more money?”
• My 2 Favorites
• “No promises, it may or may not be for you but how will you
know unless you take a look. Take a look and then make a
decision. As for me I found a way to get my life back. When can
we meet …”
• For Family and some friends the FYI Approach “FYI I got into a
new business and I am not really concerned if you are interested
in doing it or not. But I would like you to watch a short video just
so that you know what kind of business I’m doing. By the way it
has to do with Blueberries from Alaska – So take a quick look”
• Then I will follow up with them.
Some Thoughts About Invites
• Should only take like 20 – 30 seconds.
• Can always use a third party – You don’t have to say ‘Are you
interested?’ – You can always say “do you know anyone who likes
blueberries, etc” It takes the pressure off them.
• Remember, We All Have Inviting Skills. You have invited people to
go the movies, to have lunch, to come over etc. It is no different
• You have something good to offer for their health and you have
something good to offer that can help people financially.
Invitations Continued
• It is better to say the wrong things to a lot of people
than the right things to a few people.
• Because it doesn’t matter what you do because sooner
or later someone is going to get involved.
• So when people say “tell me more about it” that’s when
you go into Invite, Sample, Share. Give them some
samples share some of the tools, do a presentation etc
If You Get This You Will Make It to
Diamond and Beyond!
Consistency and Focus on These Underlying Concepts
Understanding that Inviting is the Key to Success
Understanding the Pipeline & Keeping Your Funnel Full
Understanding Lag Time
Understanding Posture and How to Invite
Having Some Invites in Your Own Words that You are
Comfortable with
• Consistancy Every Day and Focus on One Thing.
Parable of the Sower
• Parable of the Sower
• “Life is a lot like farming…you get out of it exactly what
you plant and nurture. Want a Big Harvest? Plant and
Nurture A Lot of Seeds.” – Carl Taylor
• Thank You for Listening and To Your Success!
Ashley Smith
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