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Job Satisfaction Survey Results
Caroline Evans
Accelerated Implementation Consultant
07802 241 581
84% of the Cambridge CSO population completed the survey within 3 weeks
70% included their names and asked to be involved in the results
Would you like to be able to take more initiative? – 79% Yes
26% responded positivity to getting a sense of achievement from their work
Would you like to work under less pressure than you are at the moment? - 90% Yes
Taking your job as a whole do you enjoy your work or not? – 80% responded I quite
enjoy it or I enjoy it very much
76% answered Very Well that they think their skills and knowledge are used in their
present job,
92% wanted opportunities to develop their skills
73% said they had no opportunity to make friends at work but most said they wished
they could
45% said their manager spends time with me discussing my work
80% would like to see a piece of work through to completion?
Verbatim Comments – Cont.
What do you like most about your work
Recognising a service affecting fault and
repairing it within the shortest possible
time. Developing tools which can improve
our KPI.
The people that I work with and the
people that I manage. BT still feels like a
big family which is a wonderful thing. The
different roles that I do and the fact that
it's never boring (challenging, frustrating,
stressful but never boring).
completing inbox
Colleagues I work with both here in the
NMC and NFU.
I work with an excellent group of team
members who not only work very hard
but are actually really good fun to spend
time with.
I like the fact that it is busy - (time flies) I
speak to lots of different people each day
& enjoy assisting engineers on site at
exchanges. I enjoy the 3 week shift
pattern I work & I don't worry about my
job when I go home.
I like the freedom of working without the
constant supervision / tight process
controls that some people have.
Being effective in preventing network
Challenge and variety of work and team I
work with.
when things go wrong and have to be put
right. the challenge of a problem to be
A complete variety of Network faults are
presented, then I use my own initiative to
My work is finished when I leave the office
work through the problem (often very
because it is dealt with in the moment
complex) and decide on a plan of action,
then implement that plan.
The opportunity to make a real tangible
difference to my customers' experience of
the unpredictability and surprises
Rational thinking and decision making.
Working with like minded people to
resolve problems / issues.
Verbatim comments
how could your job be made more satisfying and enjoyable
More focus on people and less on the overall
target, keeping the team happy will help
achieve targets but continuously letting them
know we are not hitting the target is deflating
and demoralising rather than driving and
if it wasn't the equivalent of banging your
head against a brick wall
The volume of work created by managing
a team of @15 people effectively and also
managing an entire platform creates a
situation where everything you do is
rushed/done without having the time to
actually think or analyse anything or even
ensure that you are delivering the best
possible solution/option. I would like my
manager to engage his team more in
conversations about what we can do....not
just us raise a question and then be told
what he wants us to do. We are working
really hard at engaging our teams and he
needs to start doing the same with us.
Less phone calls that are not directly to do
with my job.
Have time to do a quality job. Remove the
frustrations. Have better and consistent
direction. Spend much less time on
performance management.
To be praised when doing a good job.
Would be more satisfying if we had
resource to do all that we should be doing.
Some of the work we no longer do still
causes us some work as we can't ignore it
but we can't follow it through to
completion. Being able to get WM tasks
Just to be able to do the job, without
constant management change and fear
Being measured on tasks that are within
our control. Constantly being knocked for
performance drops which is not within our
control or remit leads to dissatisfaction.
Having to clear up errors or misdiagnosis
from other international teams is also very
annoying, especially when those errors
are not seen by management and lead to
further work to ourselves.
Having quality records for all Networks
I would like the whole Transmission team
to be moving in the same direction. More
leadership and team members that want
to be there, doing their job.
less time answering phone calls that have
nothing to do with the work I do, and
more opportunity to speak to the people
who are making decisions that affect my
Be trusted to make judgements. Praise for
the correct judgements that gets service
restored quickly rather than just criticism
for the opposite.
Verbatim Comments – Cont.
What do you like least about your work
The constant changes in management,
workloads, and the seeming lack of
understanding of problems at the "sharp
Dealing with errors made from other
Totally unfair performance markings which lead to almost everyone not
working as hard as they could - those with
low marks have given up & those with
high marks know they don't have to
bother & will still get those high marks
We receive a huge amount of calls
everyday - some not relevant to Power,
also having to chase the Work Allocation
Control up to get a job resourced for a
prompt alarm - frustrating in both cases.
Minimal staffing in NMC and NFU leading
to 'fire fighting' and no resolution to
ongoing issues. No sense of progress
(through work stack). People (in Teams
outside CB NMC) who focus on their own
targets to the detriment of the company
as a whole and a fear for the long term
health of the company.
Not having the time to deal with all the
commitments I have. It's very much
reactive and trying to keep all the balls in
the air.
The work not progressing after I have
done my part.
Getting told daily that the work area is not
hitting the medium level targets, that we
are failing! Taking part in daily calls
highlighting the same issues that cause
the delays in repair/recovery and nothing
appears to change - most issues
highlighted are beyond my control.
Being under pressure from to many
problems at the same time.
Blame culture
Unable to find records for third party
carriers and therefore unable to report
fibre issues to these carriers (dark fibre
providers) as we have no circuit reference.
Waiting for something to happen, routines
are the most boring job ever, lovely for BT
perhaps as someone is constantly
checking that everything is ok but mind
numbingly boring, depressing to perform
and extremely de-motivating and
the monotony of not being able to do
my job because the phone is always
Despite trying to change for the better ,
BT can still at times be a large lumbering
non-agile machine. Affecting change can
be a real battle sometimes. I have
identified several improvements that I
know will improve the customer
experience, but feel powerless in my lowly
position to be able to make them happen
(I have tried).
Redesign requirements
Can we make the role more challenging with out adding lots of stress
Changes should reflect wanting a bigger sense of achievement
More allowance for initiative and decision making
Greater team working and getting involved in improving things
Opportunity for more inter-team working
Look at ways to add meaningful targets and remove excessive measurement
Ensure people are involved in what happens next
Next Steps
The Transformation team will be working with you all to ensure that we build these requirements
into the Control redesign – and I will provide you with a detailed update when imp back in
Cambridge on the 2nd March
The transmission team will be involved early next week in this process so pop your head around
the door and see what’s going
Please use the Green Room boards to raise any questions or suggestions