Year of Wonders

Year of Wonders
Reading and Responding
How can I effectively address all of the
Essay Topics-Understand the
Debate, explain or
question a topic-give
evidence, reasons
and explantions for
and against
Do You agree?
Present your own
evidence, reasons
and explanations for
and against
Essay Topics
Explain, describe or
outline ways in which
the text illustrates
the topic by drawing
on textual evidence
and metalanguage
Explain reasons to
support the ideas
represented in the
Essay Structure
Introduction: Main Contention-a clear
sentence stating your contention,
 Background-the context, an outline of the
main points/reasons
 Introduce the author
 Key words and concepts-use key words,
explain main idea/s, definitions
 Discuss structures, features and conventions
of the text
Introduction:Sentence Samples
“Year of Wonders” is a complex exploration
Geraldine Brooks warns the reader that…
At the beginning of Year of Wonders, it is
established that….
Year of Wonders is a response to…..
Year of Wonders explores….
There are two/three significant messages
that Brooks presents in Year of Wonders.
Geraldine Brooks depicts…..
Introduction:Sentence Samples
Geraldine Brooks presents…
Brooks’ historical novel Year of Wonders….
Year of Wonders explores themes such
Year of Wonders depicts a community….
Year of Wonders presents a message …..
It is accurate to argue that Year of
Year of Wonders raises the idea of……
Essay Structure
Main Body: Paragraphs
 A clear topic sentence that responds to
the question -the main point presented in
the paragraph (one paragraph for each
main point) Try to use a key term or
phrase from the topic/contention-this will
give the paragraph a focus
 Explain your idea in relation to the topic
 Evidence-Quotes, brief description of key
Interpretation of the evidence
 Connecting sentence-link to the next
point/paragraph or sum up the key idea of
the paragraph
Paragraphs:Sample Sentences
In Year of Wonders, symbols are used to….
A complication occurs when…
The reader is presented with…..
Geraldine Brooks’ point of view emerges
Brooks’ point of view is presented by….
Geraldine Brooks draws a parallel
As the narrative progresses……
Paragraphs-Sample Sentences
Brooks presents …. in a positive light
when she…..
 Brooks views ……in a negative light
when she…
 The sequence of events beginning
with…and concluding with…..indicates
 The theme of... is explicitly
described/presented through…..
Restate the contention-but avoid
repetition of exact wording
 Summary of main points
 Link to the topic and the contention
Do Not introduce new ideas or
Conclusion: Sentence Samples
On the whole…
 Overall, it is obvious….
 The portrayal of…is….in Year of Wonders
 Brooks presents….
 Brooks supports…by…….
 In some ways Brooks…..
 Year of Wonders…
 Brooks alerts the reader to….
Character Vocabulary
When writing about characters, the
following will be helpful:
 Accepting-complacent, docile , lenient ,
 Aggressive-assertive , belligerent ,
forthright, militant
 Charming-agreeable , appealing ,
courteous , manipulative
Cowardly-faint-hearted, fearful, spiritless,
 Domineering-opinionated, officious,
 Ignorant-unaware, uneducated,unenlightened
 Intelligent-articulate, astute, perceptive
 Merciless-cruel, inhumane,
 Religious-devout, pious,faithful,spiritual
Not all of these words can be used
Paragraph:Sample sentences for
X exploits….
 The actions of X indicate….
 The responses of X assert…..
 We learn that X is….. through…..
 X’s reaction highlights……
 X’s total support for…..supports the idea
 X’s disregard for…..causes a ……
 X observes…
Paragraph:Sample sentences
for characters
X supports the view that…….
 X is central to the concept……
 X is the central character in…who
narrates the story
Integrate or incorporate quotes.
 Examples:
 Year of Wonders is set in ‘plague town’ of
Eyam in 1666.
 Milston bemoans to Anna that, ’these
times, they do make monsters of us all’.
 Michael says ,’ None of us is a master of
himself as we should be in these times’
when explaining to Anna about his anger
against Jane Martin.
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