Chapter 6 Perfect Parenting Pt. 2 or would a roshanda by any other

Chapter 6
Perfect Parenting Pt. 2
or would a roshanda by any other name smell
as sweet?
Nick, Audrey
Brett, Kendall,
& Whitley
Low Educated Parents &
their child’s names.
• May name their children drastically different to
become more individualized and secure for
• Spelling of the normal names (Jasmine) and the
spelling of different names (Diamond, Angel)
becomes more complex as education decreases.
(Pronunciation of these names become more
dramatic as well.)
Jasmine becomes Jazzmynn
Angel become Annjil
• The Jello twins
Orangejello (A Ron Zello) & Lemonjello (Lee Mon Zello)
Ridiculous example…..
Highly Educated parents &
their children’s name
• More highly educated parents name their
children accordingly based on tradition, often
biblical names.
• The names in this field are different from one
another and literarily seem more “artful”, but
these names are not dramatic in spelling nor
• Ex: Marie-Claire, Lucienne,
High-income parents
• When a popular name among High-income
parents appear in a generation, the next
generation to two generations of low-income
parents seem to adopt this name.
In Conclusion…
• All sides of the spectrum, low and high income
as well as poorly and highly educated, all
abandoned names that became TOO popular
and seek a difference when naming their
• Often names chosen are perceived as
“Successful” sounding names.