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* “My host family in Spain is absolutely great! Since
our first meeting they have been very nice, friendly,
symphatic and they have a lot of other good
qualities. They took me as a member of their family
and all the time they were interested in me – if I
don´t need something or if i´m not hungry.
They were gracious and I could talk with them all
the time without no problem and about everything.
They remained in my heart and I hope that I
remained in their too. I think that we had such a
great time together and I hope that I will see them
* Patrik Herpák
* “Two "Comenius weeks" were probably the most interesting
weeks in my life. I found new international friends and
discovered what it means to have Spanish friends. At the
beginning I didn't know what to expect, but after arrival I
enjoyed their mentality and the way of life. What I really
couldn't use to was their laziness, but I learned from them
that it isn't always good to hurry. The family, that provided
me accommodation and food was really hospitable and kind.
Fortunately, I don't know about any problems with any host
family. From Spain I brought only positive memories and good
feelings, because after this experience I know another
culture and also cuisine (thank to mum of my exchange
friend). Now I am looking forward to visiting Barcelona and
meeting them again, hope not last time.“
* “The week in Spain was one of my favorite weeks ever.
I have
met a lot of new people,new traditions, new culture, and of
course, beautiful place - Llerena.
* I was in Belén´s house. She is a nice girl and I think we got on
well together. She is an only child as I am so we used to talk
each other and go out with others. At the beginning I was
nervous about friendship between me and Belen, but everything
was great.
* Her parents are kind, funny and friendly, so I felt comfortable
and happy with them. They took care of me, they tried to talk
with me even they do not speak english. We always had dinner
and sometimes lunch together, so I had a chance to know them.
* In free time we used to go out with others, have dinner
outside...have fun . We taught them some slovak songs, and
they taught us their songs. And what about any remembrance of
Spain? We have so many photos and videos.
* I really miss that time we spent together and I am looking
forward for Barcelona.“
* Viktória Buľková
* “I lived in very polite and friendly family. My
friend Miguel had elder brother Rafalin and
good father and mother. They lived in quite big
house. I had my own bedroom which was very
nice. They had good food. Every daily meal was
good. In our free time with my family we ate
together and spoke to each other. They still
asked me what I wanted to eat so I had
a great time.“
* Juraj Guba
* “My host Spanish family was very friendly. My exchange partner
Cristina has two younger brothers, twins. Although her parents
couldn’t speak English they were very nice, Cristina translated
everything what they wanted to tell me. They treated me like I was
member of their family. They live in a small house with a little
garden. They have a horse so we could ride it.
* I wanted to try traditional food so they cooked me Spanish omelets,
paella and so on. Food was very tasty. Their home food was much
better than food in restaurants also if it was the same dish.
* We spent almost all the time with our friends so our family was
quite disappointed that I was too little at their home.
* We went to the park and we went shopping every day. Although
Llerena is a very small town so it was difficult to find some places
to spend our free time, we had a lot of fun. I really appreciate my
experiences from Spain.“
* Magdaléna Šudáková
* “My host in Llerena was Jose Manuel Fernandez. All the
members of his family (father, mother, 2 sisters and him)
were very hospitable and friendly although only he and his
older sister could speak English. They showed me Spanish
culture through the food, customs and historical monuments.
I tried their traditional dishes like tortilla or gazpacho,
watched Spanish football in a pub and visited Cordoba and
Merida. In our free time we usually spent time with all other
students that were involved in the program walking or talking
in the park. We also taught them some funny phrases in
Slovak language and traditional songs. The Comenius
exchange was amazing experience for me which I will never
* Magdaléna Tóthová
* “In my host family from Germany there were 4 children- 3
girls and a boy, parents and a dog. They were very kind and
they tried to make me feel comfortable and happy. The food I
ate there was similar to Slovak dishes, but it was very tasty.
We spent our free time with other people from Comenius,
mostly outside or in some restaurant and once we played
bowling. I liked my host family and I hope that one day I’ll
meet them again.“
* Adriana Čamajová
* “I had a really great time in Germany. I was staying
in a cozy appartment with Philipp and his
grandfather. They are very friendly and nice persons
and although Philipp‘s grandfather doesn‘t speak
English, somehow we were able to communicate a
little. On the other hand, Philipp‘s skill of English
was so good that sometimes he had to reword the
sentence just to make it easier for me to
* I‘m really glad that I was a part of this all and could
meet lots of interesting people and especially
Philipp and his grandfather.“
* Adam Katona
* “I was staying in the German family of Jemma. She
had one younger sister, mum who couldn‘t speak
English, a father speaking English with a strong
German accent and a dog. Although I was mostly
able to speak just with Jemma, because she knows
English very well, I had not difficulties. They had a
nice house, I had my own modern room. The family
made me breakfast every mooning and they were
very hospitable.“
Alexandra Ondová
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