Dissertation and Thesis Format Workshop

Kara Oswood
Graduate Academic Affairs
• Providing Information and Outlining Expectations
• Understanding Standards
 Documents must look professional for future review
 Conforms to microfilming & publishing specifications
• Graduate Academic Affairs, Graduate Division
 Kara Oswood, Amanda Wong, Karen Smith &
Linda Scott
 140 University Office Building
 M-F, 8am to 5pm (closed 12-1 for lunch)
 [email protected], 951-827-3315
 http://graduate.ucr.edu
•iLearn Course - UCR Graduate Community
•Facebook Group - UC Riverside Graduate Students
•Dissertation Support Group – counseling.ucr.edu, 951827-5531 - Elizabeth Mondragon
•GradSuccess including the Graduate Writing Resource
Center – gwrc.ucr.edu
•Versatile PhD available through the Career Center information, resources and support for students
exploring non-academic career options.
Workshop Overview
• Document Style
• Final Defense
• Format Requirements • Previously Published
• Format Resources
• Binding the
• Format Review
• Electronic Filing of the • Graduation
• Commencement
• Requirements for
Document Style
• FIRST RULE: Style must conform to Graduate Division
Format requirements
• Style is at the discretion of your committee
• May choose to use MLA or APA or another style manual as a guide, but be
careful, these guides do not match the Graduate Division requirements
• Journal format or scientific format
• Each chapter is a separate paper
• Must have a general introduction and conclusion
• Be consistent! Must use the same style for each chapter (including
abstract, bibliography and footnotes/endnotes)
Format - Preliminary Pages
Title Page (page i, not printed)
Copyright Page (page ii, not printed)
Signature Approval Page (page iii, not printed)
Acknowledgements (optional)
Dedication (optional)
Abstract (required for PhD only)
Table of Contents (required)
List of Figures, Tables, Abbreviations, Symbols, etc… (required, if
Preface or Forward (optional)
Format - Document Body
• Pagination
• Margins - 1.5” on left & top, 1” on right & bottom
• Widows and Orphans – remove these
• Tables, Figures and Captions
• Double-spacing - general rule, some exceptions
• Type Size - 10, 11 or 12 point
• Font Style – any legible style is OK
• Use of color is acceptable
Format - Document Body
• Pagination
• Margins - 1.5” on left & top, 1” on right & bottom
• Widows and Orphans – remove these
• Tables, Figures and Captions
• Double-spacing - general rule, some exceptions
• Type Size - 10, 11 or 12 point
• Font Style – any legible style is OK
• Use of color is acceptable
Figure & Caption embedded in text
Figure & Caption on own page
Landscape Table & Caption
Page number must be
portrait style
Caption and Figure on Separate Pages
Format - Document Body
• Pagination
• Margins - 1.5” on left & top, 1” on right & bottom
• Widows and Orphans – remove these
• Tables, Figures and Captions
• Double-spacing - general rule, some exceptions
• Type Size - 10, 11 or 12 point
• Font Style – any legible style is OK
• Use of color is acceptable
Formatting Resources
• Portrait style page numbers on a landscape page.
 Instructions available on the ProQuest submission website or Graduate
Division “dissertation central” site.
• Pagination
 Using section breaks - instructions available on the ProQuest submission
website or Graduate Division “dissertation central” site.
 Combining pdf files – Adobe Professional or free online tools.
• LaTex Users
 Two templates are available. Email [email protected] to request.
• Final Draft & Celtx Users (Screenplays)
 Margin size and page number placement requirements are the same even if
you are using this software.
 Helpful hints for Final Draft available on “dissertation central” site.
Format Review
• All students must complete a format review at
least one week prior to final filing date.
• The format review does not have to be the final
version. The final defense does not have to be
• The review will be completed within 24 hours.
• You will receive an email with formatting
changes attached. The email will also include
instructions regarding how to proceed and
where to find the additional required paperwork.
Electronic Filing Steps
UPLOAD TO: http://www.etdadmin.com/ucr
Step 1: Format Review – Upload document as a pdf. You must complete the
entire online process. Once all the boxes on the left side of the screen are
checked, you can “submit” via the bottom link. If you are having trouble,
review the help screens on the website. The document will not be forwarded
to the publisher at this point. You will not have the opportunity to change your
choices after this initial submission.
Step 2: Download and fill out additional required forms from the Graduate
Division website.
Step 3: Upload the final version of the document and “submit”. If you are
submitting on the final day, make sure you leave yourself enough time prior to
the 5:00pm deadline in case you experience unexpected challenges.
Step 4: Submit the original signature page, final defense form and additional
forms to Graduate Academic Affairs by 5:00pm on the deadline day. The
signature page in the electronic version must be blank.
ProQuest ETD FAQs
• Publishing Options – Traditional vs. Open Access
• Delayed Release
• Additional Copyright
• Ordering Copies from ProQuest
• Submit
• Making changes to publishing options and
copy orders.
Requirements for Filing
Must be Advanced to Candidacy
Procedures different for PhD and master’s
Approved Dissertation or Thesis Committee
Final Defense must be completed or waived (if applicable)
Must be enrolled & paid or on Filing Fee Status. Summer filing?
Filing Fee status occurs in lieu of registration
Filing Fee is NOT required
Must petition Graduate Division for approval
No enrollment in courses (consider student loan/financial aid repayment/Int’l student)
Must have a completed draft and plan to take no more than 12 hours of faculty time
Cost for 12/13 year is $162. You can opt to purchase the health insurance.
Cost for 12/13 year is $1062.93 per quarter.
Student retains library privileges
Cannot work as a TA/GSR or receive fellowship
Can only use Filing Fee once
Graduation Deadline Dates
• Upcoming Deadline Dates:
Fall 2012
Winter 2013
Spring 2013
Summer 2013
Deadline for
Deadline to
avoid fees
Final Defense
• Required for most programs.
• All committee members must be physically present.
No Skype, teleconference, etc...
• PhD Students required form:
 “Form 5” - Report of Final Defense.
• Master’s Students required form:
 Report of Final Defense.
• The final defense must be completed by the final filing
• Signature Page for the document and Final Defense
form are two separate requirements.
Previously Published Materials
• Articles accepted for publication or previously
published at the time of filing must submit this
 Petition with Grad Division and include permission from Journal
 Request permission even if the article has been rewritten or if only a
portion is being used.
• Other Copyright Issues
 Proper acknowledgement in acknowledgement section of manuscript is
 Crews Guide (link also available on Grad Div website):
 Things to consider asking permission for: Long quotations, unpublished
materials, poetry and music lyrics, dialogue from a play, screenplay,
broadcast or novel, music, graphic or pictorial works, computer
software, or sources located on the Internet.
Binding the Manuscript
• For the Graduate Division
 Graduate Division does not bind documents or take
orders for bound copies.
 The Library produces a printed copy of the electronic
document for their archive – not for check-out.
• For your Department, Committee, etc..
 You are responsible for making bound copies
 UCR Printing & Reprographics
 Not obligated to order bound copies through ProQuest
•A Certificate of Completion can be issued once all
requirements are complete. Students can pick up the
certificate from the Academic Affairs office or request to have
it mailed. It will state completion date and conferral date.
•The degree will be posted on your transcript, by the Registrar’s
office, 6-8 weeks after the conferral date. You must order a
transcript, it will not be sent automatically.
•The Diploma will be available approximately 5-6 months after
the conferral date. The diploma will stay in the Registrar’s
office unless you request to have it mailed and pay the postage
•You will always have access to GROWL and R’Mail.
Thank you for coming!!
Commencement Requirements
June 2012 commencement.ucr.edu
Summer 2011 GRADS
• If you have not already participated in the ceremony, you can walk June 2012. Contact Kara
if you wish to participate.
Fall 2011 & Winter 2012 GRADS
• RSVP for the ceremony on the commencement website in May 2012. No additional forms
are required by Graduate Division.
ALL Spring/Summer 2012 GRADS
• PhD: ‘Notice of Intent’ to complete a PhD was due April 2nd.
• Master’s: Application for candidacy form was due April 2nd.
• Forms are available at http://graduate.ucr.edu/commencement.html
Summer 2012 GRADS
• Master’s & PhD: ‘Commencement Ceremony Petition’ to walk unfinished. Due April 12th.
Commencement Information
- commencement.ucr.edu
EVERYONE who wants to walk must confirm their “Intent to Participate” on the commencement
website beginning May 3rd.
PhD students - the faculty member that is hooding you must also register on the commencement
website beginning May 3rd.
Order Regalia NOW (if you haven’t already). Check with the bookstore for deadlines.
You can order regalia through other sources (online). Sometimes retailers will offer a discount for
group orders.
Visit the commencement website for information about schedule, regalia, tickets, parking, etc...
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