Orientation Powerpoint

Dr. Pippa Holloway, Director of Graduate Studies
Important Faculty and Staff to Know
Chair of Department :
Dr. Amy Sayward
[email protected]
Director of Graduate Studies :
Dr. Pippa Holloway
[email protected]
Director of Public History :
Dr. Rebecca Conard
[email protected]
Ms. Kathy Slager – Graduate Secretary - [email protected]
Ms. Tara Hayes – Main office Secretary – [email protected]
Other Faculty info at: http://www.mtsu.edu/history/faculty_history.shtml
Important Places on Campus
•Peck Hall – History Department
•Albert Gore Research Center
•Center for Popular Music
•Center for Historic Preservation
•James Walker Library
•Keathly University Center
•James Union Building
•Recreation Center
•Graduate Studies - Ingram
•Cope Administration
•Parking Information
 Peck Hall 223
 Second Floor, BLUE Hall
 Telephone: (615) 898-2536
 Mailing Address:
Department of History
Middle Tennessee State University
Box 23
1301 E. Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
 You have a mailbox here!
 http://www.mtsu.edu/history/
Centers for Excellence
•Center for Popular Music – Dale Cockrell
Room 140, Bragg Mass Communications
•Albert Gore Research Center – Dr. Jim Williams
Todd Hall Suite 128
•Center for Historic Preservation – Dr. Van West
Black House, Harrison House,
Downtown Heritage Center
Places to Know on Campus
 Graduate Studies – Ingram Building
[email protected]
2269 Middle TN Blvd.
Dean – Michael Allen
Associate Dean –
 Peter Cunningham [email protected]
 Graduation Analyst –
 Glenda Vandygrift [email protected]
 Cope Administration –
Records, Bursar, Financial Aid
 Parking Information –
 Parking Decals
 1403 East Main Street
[email protected]
Places to Know on Campus, cont.
 James Walker Library
 Graduate Carrels available by
application, Starbucks
 http://library.mtsu.edu/
 Recreation Center
 Pool, Climbing Wall, Fitness
 http://www.mtsu.edu/camprec/
 Keathley University Center
 Food, Housing, Bookstore
 James Union Building
 Scheduling and Registration
Association of Graduate Students in History (AGSH)
 President – Rebecca Key Duke
([email protected])
Each year members of AGSH elect
officers and representatives to serve
on history department committees.
AGSH provides opportunities for
professional development and social
activities, including sponsoring two
annual picnics, a monthly "Meet the
Faculty" event, and workshops on
relevant professional issues.
There is a small membership fee
collected at the beginning of the year
to cover expenses.
On facebook under:
Association of Graduate Students
in History at MTSU
H-Grad Email Listserv
 Administered by AGSH
 Contains information such as: announcements about AGSH
activities, as well as job and internship announcements.
 Faculty members can not read the discussion board, but it is a
good idea not to say anything on the board that you would not say
in public.
 To subscribe to HGRAD, go to this page:
 Click on hgrad-l. On the righthand side of the page, there's a link
to "subscribe." Just follow the instructions.
The History Concentrations
 M.A. in History
 M.A. in Public History
 PhD in Public History
 ** -- Certificate in Public History?
Graduate Student Handbooks
 Available on the mtsu.edu/history website
 Master of Arts in History: http://www.mtsu.edu/history/ma_history.shtml
 Master of Arts in Public History:
 PhD in Public History:
Other Important Links and Information
 Graduate Catalog –
 http://mtsu.edu/gcat
 CGS Student Resources – Great info Here!
 http://www.mtsu.edu/graduate/current.shtml
 Graduate Student Bill of Rights
 http://www.mtsu.edu/gcat/10_12/201012_BillOfRights.pdf
More links and Resources
Blog - http://mtsuhistory.blogspot.com/
Twitter – http://twitter.com/mtsuhistory
Facebook groups and pages –
search MTSU History and MTSU Public History
Newsletters http://www.mtsu.edu/publichistory/Newsletters.shtml
Picasa - https://picasaweb.google.com/MTSUHistory
Life In Graduate School
 Responsibilities
 Regulations
 Roles of Graduate Program
 and Public History Director
 Working in a community
 Collaboration
 Advisors
 Comprehensive Exams
Welcome to the
Middle Tennessee State University &
History Department Communities!