The negatives

UCAS & Careers
2013 - 14
UCAS & Careers
The UCAS ‘Process’ at QE
(Universities & Colleges Admissions Service)
Sue Ashwin
Vice Principal Support & Guidance
Reflection of 2012
•Over 85% of cohort applied for H.E.
or F.E.
• 836 apps (32 deferred) – 714 went
•Some students took a gap year
•A growing number students
commenced employment
•Nearly 1000 applications processed!
The HE Process
Careers Convention – Regent– April 2013
HE Fair –March 2013 – Loughborough
Arrival of prospectuses – March to June
Gap Year Fairs – Now!
w/c June 10th - Information on QE online and ‘Apply
2014’ opened for business
KickStart – tomorrow!
Tutorials June/July – focus on HE & progression
In – house support for entrance tests
Planning ahead
Careers interviews (Connexions); use of Study Centre
Resources; QE online Admissions test information
Open days - UCAS strongly advise - directory of dates on Lots of posters around
University Web sites – check ‘course profiles’
2012 QE students’ top choices: DMU, Leicester,
Nottingham Trent, Aston, Birmingham
Most popular Degrees: Business Studies/Management,
Accountancy/Finance, Pharmacy/Biomedical Science, Law
•Update of predicted grades and comments from
subject staff
•Max. 5 choices; 4 for Oxbridge/Medicine/Vet
•Complete UCAS ‘Apply 2014’ on-line inc. Personal
Statement (help on intranet, workshops & drop in
surgeries); do NOT plagiarise; discuss with tutor
•Complete by ‘Sending to Referee’ + £23 (£12 single
•Personal Tutor compiles reference and approves
hard copy - further 2 checks - processed by
administrative staff
College internal deadline – Friday 29th November
UCAS Process
Invitation for interviews?
Conditional/Unconditional offers?
Medical & Oxbridge mock interviews at
System continues until all offers
completed –
April/May 2014
Art Foundation get the same support –
details published
UCAS pod casts & UCAS TV plus QE vod casts
Taking a Year out
- How do I apply?
•There are different ways of accessing &
using the system. There is no ‘preferred’
way of doing this. It purely depends on
the needs & plans of each individual.
•Deferred entry – Apply using Apply 2014
but in point of entry indicate 2015 entry
•Applying post results – Apply 2015
after results in August 2014 or at any
time in that academic year
Pros and Cons
Apply 2015
The positives:
• Place secured before
Gap Year started
• Plans in place
• Easier to access support
through College
• Cost is at 2014 Apply rate
The negatives:
• Once committed place is
for 2015 entry only
• Year out and/or results
may change things – means
possibly reapplying anyway
The positives:
• Grades known so can be
matched to profile
• A year longer to make
the right decision
The negatives:
• Could be away and not
able to attend Open
• Remote access needed
for decision making
• Only chance of 2014
entry is through late
Clearing Passport –
limited options
Sue Ashwin – [email protected]
Joy Beresford - [email protected]
Helen Exon – [email protected]
Wendy Fleming – [email protected]
Saroj Harrar – [email protected]