& Scholarship
September 25, 2013
Career and Post-secondary
Advisor: Trisha Foster
[email protected]
• Research application
start dates
• Attend open houses
• Book guided tours
• Visit campus advisors
Post Secondary
• Begin post secondary
application forms
• Continue visiting
• Attend information
• Apply for student
• Students receive 1st
term marks (Dec 10)
• Post-sec’s begin
requesting marks for
• Entrance Scholarships
• PSI Choices form
deadline (March 1)
• Research student loan
• Self-report 2nd term
marks to BC
• Begin receiving
admission offers
• Entrance Scholarships
• University application
forms close
• Activate the PSI
Choices form in English
12 classes
• Begin filling out student
loan application forms
• Secure post-secondary
• Visit campus advisors
for course planning
• Attend orientations
What Counts When Applying?
GPA or Research Post-secondary Schools
Course selection and Admission is competitive, based on
specific courses and specific grades to enter different faculties.
GPA universities are also know as “Research Universities” and
offer Masters and PHD degrees.
Examples: UBC, SFU, UVIC, UNBC, U of C, U of Toronto, McGill
Teaching Post-secondary Schools
Course selection will be based on the date of application
submission and fee payment. “First come, first serve.”
Admission is based on High School graduation and English 12
grade. There are exceptions such as Nursing and Business
programs. Teaching universities and colleges, and BCIT offer
certificates, diplomas, degrees, limited Masters degrees and
limited research opportunities.
Examples: Kwantlen, Langara, Capilano, TRU, UFV, BCIT, VIU,
Kwantlen University
Application Start Date; November 1, 2013
Course selection will be based on the date of application submission and fee
New Programs:
• Bachelor Applied Science Sustainable Agriculture
• Bachelor of Music, Performing Arts
• Bachelor of Design, Product Design
• Coming Soon: BSC in Health Science
• New Requirements: Admission is based on 4 courses: Eng 12, Bi 12, Chem 11
Foundation Math 11 – 92% minimum intake this September.
• 32/64 spots available for high school students, 2 intakes per year
Psychiatric Nursing: 40 spots, one intake per year: May
Application Start Date: October 1, 2013
Course selection will be based on the date of application submission and fee
• Ask for “Foundations in Health Studies” program.
• Deadline: January 31, 2014
• New Requirements: Minimum 15 credits of post-secondary course work, minimum C+
average (English, Biology, Math, 2 UT courses)
SFU-Langara Degree Program
• Move between both institutions to complete BA or BSc from SFU.
Langara and the University of Sussex:
• Earn Bachelor of Laws LLB in a 5year program
• 60 UT credits at Langara, earn a 3.1 GPA, to guarantee a seat at the U of Sussex
Study Abroad:
Field study programs in Europe, New York , Japan
Capilano University
• Application Start Date: October 1, 2013
UT programs (Arts & Sciences)
• have a 60% GPA using Eng 12 and 3 other approved academic grade 12 courses
Career Programs ( Limited Enrollment)
• have individual academic and non-academic requirements
New Programs:
• Degree in Communication Studies
• Bachelor of Performing Arts (2012)
• Bachelor of Legal studies (2009)
British Columbia Institute of
Application Start Date for Technologies: October 1, 2013
Application for Trades is on-going due to long waitlists. Reduce waitlist time by doing a
Trade Programs:
Pre-Tests: Students in trade programs should consider writing pre-tests for English and/or
Math to access the waitlist prior to graduation. Pre-testing can be done at SDSS. Have the
test sent to Ms. Foster.
Student for a Day:
• Spend a half day at BCIT as a student paired up with a current BCIT student. Explore
the BCIT lifestyle, the campus, and the workings of the classroom in a field of their
University of Victoria
• Application start date: October 2013
• Application Deadline: February 28th
• Grade 12 students have the option of self-reporting their Grade 11
marks (Oct 1- Nov 30) to be considered for early admission or wait and
self-report Grade 12 marks before the end of March.
Emily Carr Institute of Art and
 Application start date: NOW
 Admission Deadline: January 15, 2014
 National Portfolio Day: Saturday, Dec 7, 11-3 pm
 Transcripts and visual portfolio are due February 1, 2014
• Tours: conducted every Friday at 12:oopm from Mid-September to mid-April
Vancouver Community College
Vancouver Community College
• Applicants are asked to apply 8 months prior to the start of program.
• Programs range from Trades, Business, Design, Health Sciences, Nursing,
Tourism and Hospitality, Music, Sign Language Studies and Technologies.
• Excellent vocational college.
Simon Fraser University
• Application start date: October 2013
• Admission Deadline: February 28, 2014
English Requirements:
60% minimum final blended grade, for admission purposes
75% final blended grade, will permit enrolment in a 1st year university writing course
Math Requirements:
• Minimum grade of a 60% in one of the acceptable math courses used for admission is
• Minimum grade of 70% is required in order to register directly in Q courses.
Challenge Courses: are accepted by SFU and considered for admission
SFU SuperTours: watch the website for dates and times.
University of British Columbia
• Application start date: October 2013 (apply now and go back to thoughtfully finish
the personal profile)
• Scholarship and application deadline: Dec 10, 2013
• Admission Deadline: February 3, 2014
Challenge Courses: No longer be used for admission purposes only pre-requisites.
All AP Courses: can be used in place of Grade 12 courses used for university admission.
Exception: Calculus 12 may not replace Math 12
English Requirement: Students are required to obtain a minimum of 70% in Either
English 11 or 12 in order to be considered for admission to UBC
Personal Profiles:
• Are mandatory and connected to the major entrance scholarship.
• Grade 11 marks are used to prioritize the application forms.
Online Courses: Must be 100% complete by February 1st in order for the course to be
considered for admission.
Personal Profile
• Applicants to UBC (Queen’s and most Business Faculties also require a
profile) are evaluated on a broad range of criteria. While UBC is looking
for academically strong students, your answers to the Profile questions must
demonstrate your preparedness and maturity for university studies.
• The Personal Profile allows you to tell UBC about the things that are
important to you: significant achievements, what you have learned from
your experiences, and challenges you’ve overcome.
• Along with your academic achievements the profile will be used to
determine your admissibility to UBC undergraduate programs and will also
determine the major entrance scholarship recipients.
• There is no separate application for entrance scholarships and awards so the
online application is the only opportunity for you to tell UBC about
yourself. This is your opportunity to shine!
Personal Profile
Each of the questions requires short essay answers.
• Leadership – e.g., student government experience, community involvement, family
responsibility, etc.
• Academic achievements – e.g., research projects, success in contests, prizes won for
high standing, etc.
• Sports involvement – e.g., membership on teams, participation in competitions, etc.
• Creative and performing arts experience
• Work experience
• Volunteer experience and service to others
Focus less on listing and describing activities. Focus instead on what you have learned
through these experiences. Your answers need to show self-reflection. Tell them what you
have learned and how you learned it.
Application Comments
This will be your final opportunity to clarify and/or add information (e.g., reasons for gaps
in academic history, describing a unique curriculum) to your application that has not yet
been requested.
Upcoming Events
Sept. 26
Study and Go Abroad, 3-7 pm, Vancouver Convention Centre
October 2
Canadian Universities Fair, McMath Secondary, 6:30 – 8:30pm.
October 7
Canadian Universities Fair, Sands Secondary, 6:30 – 8:30pm.
October 8
McGill, Block F in the Conference Room
October 16
Kwantlen Faculty of Design (Interior, Fashion, Graphics), Rmd. Campus
October 22
Western Ontario University, Block B in the Conference Room
October 23
USA/CND Athletic Scholarship Presentation
November 4
Kwantlen will be in Rm. 122 at lunch to help students apply
November 5
UBC Info Night, Theatre, 7 pm.
November 7
Post-Secondary Evening, 6:30 – 8 pm. in the new gym
November 20
University of Alberta, Block h in the Conference Room
BCIT, Big Info Session 5-8pm
November 21
University of Toronto, Block A in the Conference Room
International Student Fair at DMEC in Ladner, 3pm start
December 7
Emily Carr National Portfolio Day, 11 – 2pm
• On-line application service to post-secondary institutes in BC
• Create a free account
• Apply to multiple schools
• Once you have applied/paid on-line you receive instant notification that your
application has been received by the intended school
Admission Guidelines 2014
Simon Fraser University
mid-high 80’s
high 80’s-low 90’s
Human Kinetics mid-high 80’s
Engineering mid-high 80’s
Commerce 84% minimum
Mid 80% and personal profile for 2014
Applied Science
Arts/Social Sciences
Health Sciences
83%/personal profile
They are starting at 88% for admission 2013.
high 80%
Personal Profiles are also required.
Humanities/S Sciences75%
84% /personal profile
Any offer made is conditional until marks are verified and Ministry marks are available
Admission Averages UT Student
(Based on September 2012 admission averages)
Health Sciences
3.5 – 3.7
Very few spaces
2.0 + 9 courses
SFU: Student who complete an Associates Degree prior to transfer will receive
priority placement and a reduced GPA of .25
Self –Reporting Marks
Students are required to self report grades to their intended Post-secondary institution
BC Universities check your 2nd term marks for accuracy.
Students self-report 1 or 2nd interim in Dec ’13 but SFU will
check 2nd term marks in April 2014
Students report 2nd term in March 2013 and they will check
Students submit Grade 11 final marks and any final Grade 12
grades when applying
Students may report final grade 11 marks, Oct-Nov, 2013
Student self-report Grade 12 marks by March 2014.
Douglas, Kwantlen, Langara, Capilano: Students do not self report marks, student
will complete the post-secondary institutions (PSI) form online in January.
The ministry will verify all marks in May.
Grade 12 Enhancement
Partnership with Kwantlen University and Delta School District allows
high school students to enroll in open access registration courses
Fall Semester ( September) - apply by May 15
Spring Semester (January) - November 1
Application Process:
• Contact Ms. Foster
• Complete a Kwantlen Application Form ($40 fee)
• Include an official transcript
• Everything is conditional until final grades in
July – partying 3rd term will hurt you.
• What other routes can you take to achieve your
goals? Make these routes part of your postsecondary plan!
Career Centre Website
• Website:
Post-secondary Info
Career Explore Sites
Awards and Scholarships
Links, Forms and Downloads
Upcoming Events and Fun Stuff
• Continual emails to provided addresses
• Post Secondary Evening (November 7th)
• Canadian Universities Event (October 2 at McMath Sec. and
October 7 at Sands Secondary, 6:30 – 8:30)
SAT – LPI – PSI Form – INFO Sessions – Scholarships –
Where Do I Start - Personal Inventory
• What clubs and organizations do I belong to inside/outside of school?
• Where have I volunteered and what have I learned from volunteering?
• What do I do well? foreign languages, arts, sports, leadership,
community service
• What Career do I want to pursue? Professional organizations
• Parent/Grandparents employment present/past
• Ethnic/religious organizations
• Service Organizations
• Military
• Post-Secondary Schools
Sample Activity Chart
School Activities
Student Council
Grad council,
School Dance
4hrs wk/year
Responsible for dances
per year. Advertised, sold
tickets, booked the DJ,
decorated for the event
Basketball 20082013
6hrs wk/5
Voted Team Captain,
inspired others
Com. Service
Parks and
Recreation Summer
camps 2010-12
July and
Work with Special need
kids, organized, was
Awards, Honours/Achievements
Royal Conservatory of Music
Completed my grade 5 theory
Honour Roll, 2008- 2012
Achieved Honour Roll or Principal’s List
Most important part of the scholarship application form, often the defining piece
of information that will set a great student apart from other delegates.
It is important for students to know who to ask for reference letter and take
responsibility for the quality of information that goes inside.
Why use a letter:
• A compelling letter provides critical information to a committee about character,
ethics, and integrity.
• Personal Profile Outline is on the Career Centre website under links-forms-anddownloads (under the title “MORE”)
Common Mistake:
• Letters are short, vague, non-persuasive, or not asking the most qualified reference
Reference Letter Sample
I am truly amazed at the accomplishments of this young man. Luke Skywalker
exudes the notion of a passionate confident leader.
Luke first came to my attention when he approached me to nominate him as a
participant in the Encounters with Canada program during his grade 10 year.
This leadership experience allowed Luke to embrace his confidence and
exuberance. Now, quite frankly there was no stopping him. He is an active
leader. He has been involved with the 30 Hour Famine as Co-chair for the last
two years. Through his involvement the donations have doubled which was
recognized nationally by World Vision. Needless to say he received the
Outstanding Citizenship Award at the end of Grade 10.
I think the department that most appreciates Luke’s school leadership and
volunteerism is the Drama Department. Luke is the Stage Manager. He is
professional, organized and respectful of others as well as highly respected for
his knowledge. He has clocked hundreds if not thousands of volunteer time.
He has “crewed” our major spring productions. These shows are seen by over
5000 community member per year and Luke has played a key role in our
theatre’s success. And it is not only behind the scenes, Luke has inspired and
mentored many of our younger students. This program allows Luke to flex his
leadership muscles and provide a much needed service within the school.
Luke is an action person who has the ability to motivate others. He is an
outstanding athlete and was a member of the South Delta Sundevils Varsity
Football Club and the South Delta Rams Football Club.
Luke has committed many hours to his sport and his teammates over the last
six years. He has demonstrated leadership by serving as Captain for the Rams.
In gathering information for this letter one teacher described Luke as the social
and emotional force on the Football team.
I am looking forward to seeing what Luke Skywalker will accomplish in his
lifetime. I feel privileged to provide him with a letter of reference. I wish Luke
Skywalker the best of luck and fully support his application.
Entrance Scholarships: UBC
Major Entrance Scholarship:
• Deadline: December 10, 2013 to submit application and personal profile.
• No longer nominated so any student who meets the criteria can apply.
• Personal Profile will be used for both admissions and for Major Entrance Scholarship
• December 10th deadline includes: completed application form, application fee
payment, and self-report final grade 11 and if any, final grade 12 marks to date.
Entrance Scholarships: SFU
Major Entrance Scholarship based on academic excellence,
leadership and service.
Deadline: February 28, 2014
•Any student with a minimum GPA of 90% can apply for the following:
SFU Entrance
$34,000 (2)
SFU Alumni Leadership
$29,000 (2)
Gordon Shrum
$24,000 (40)
Tadeusz Spect Memorial
Dean’s Scholarship
$7,000 (16)
Jack Diamond Award
$4000 (10)
Entrance Scholarships: SFU
SFU Surrey Entrance Scholarship
Deadline: February 28, 2014
Criteria: Commitment to school and the wider community and has
exhibited leadership. Student must be attending all classes at Surrey
SFU Summit Scholarship
• Student must have a 96% GPA (2013) to qualify for these awards
• Awards are renewable
SFU Aboriginal Scholarship
Deadline: February 28, 2013
Criteria: 80% minimum GPA, and a living connection to the community.
Entrance Scholarships: UVIC
UVIC Entrance Scholarships based on academic excellence, leadership
and service.
Students may apply for entrance scholarships with an admission average of
minimum 85%.
Students not living on the Vancouver Island who have an admission average of
90% or higher, are eligible for “Come to Campus” grants.
Renewable scholarships valued at $16,000-$24,000 paid over 4 years.
Deadline to apply March 31, 2014
Marks are based on the academic Grade 12 courses required for each faculty.
Entrance Scholarships: Kwantlen
Leaders of Tomorrow Awards
Deadline: March 2014
• English 12 and three other university approved grade 12 courses,
• an 80% GPA,
• school and community service.
President’s Entrance: Student entering a 4 yr Degree program
Merit Award: Student entering any program at Kwantlen
Entrance Scholarships: BCIT
Entrance Scholarships
Available in April 2013
60 President Entrance Award valued at $3,000 each
90 Entrance Awards, valued at $4,000 each
Applicants should have: good academic standing, school activities, community involvement,
demonstrated leadership qualities.
More Scholarships
Graduation Program Examination Scholarship
• Rewards graduating students for academic excellence in their provincial
examinations from grades 10-12.
Students write in the following subjects:
Grade 10 Language Arts
Grade 10 Science
Grade 10 Mathematics
Grade 11 or 12 Social Studies
Grade 12 Language Arts
Provincial exam results are blended with the classroom mark to generate the final
course mark. All provincial exams count for 20% of the final mark, except in
Grade 12 Language Arts, where the exam counts for 40% of the final mark.
There are 5 thousand $1000 awards and twenty $2500 to the very top students
provincially. The awards are redeemed when a student enters a designated postsecondary institution.
More Scholarships
District Scholarships
• Award Amount: $1000
• Recognize superior achievement in a non-academic area:
Visual Arts
Applied Skills Athletics Second languages
Community Service
• Awarded 24 scholarships at our school in 2013
• Available: April 2014 with the Community Awards.
SDSS Community Awards
• SDSS and our Community provide over 30 individual scholarship opportunities
• Criteria individual for each scholarship
• Applications available in April 2014
Applications for the District and SDSS Community Awards will be
available the week after Spring Break in English 12 classes, and
due April 28/14.
Scholarship Sites…
•Sites to assist students in finding scholarship opportunities:
Student Awards
Scholarships Canada
Student Scholarships - this is a good site
How does the Career Centre help???
Make available sample essays and reference letters for student use
Provide assistance with essay drafts and completion of scholarship packages
Provide a Profile outline for nominated scholarships and reference information
Update resumes