Internship Supervisor Training

Introduce yourself
– Name
– School
– If you have supervised an intern, what are the
rewards you have experienced as a
– If you have not supervised an intern, what are
you hoping to accomplish as a supervisor
To share best practices between school
counselors concerning the supervision of
graduate level interns.
To review University requirements of
graduate interns and their site supervisors.
To review Counseling and Social Services
protocol for assignment of graduate level
The profile of an Intern
Graduate students.
Students with a wealth of experience working with youth
– or none at all.
Students needing to learn from you and experience what
it is to be a school counselor.
Timid: need to be prodded out of their comfort zone to
Eager: ready to take on anything but need someone to
implement boundaries so they don’t get overwhelmed.
Nervous: someone to help them if they get in over their
Where do they come from?
University of San
San Francisco
State University
St. Mary’s College
San Jose State
California State
University of the
East Bay
Criteria to be a Site Supervisor
Two years as a professional counselor.
Permission by your site administrator.
Prior intern feedback (for previous intern supervisors).
Ability to provide an hour of weekly, uninterrupted supervision.
Regular attendance at the monthly counselor meetings.
Demonstrated implementation of the ASCA Counseling
Membership in local, state, or national professional associations.
Knowledgeable of State Ed. Code.
Knowledgeable of SFUSD’s policies and procedures as written in
the “Student/Parent Handbook”
Annually attends PD offered by county/state/professional
Office space for an intern.
Holds additional licenses and credentials.
Demonstrated best practices.
Why take on an intern?
Professional mentoring
– Train future colleagues.
– Make sure they are trained
and mentored using the
highest expectations.
– Requires school
counselors to work beyond
contract hours.
Additional support to
your school site and
– Interns can manage a
small caseload of students.
– Provide extra eyes during
supervision times.
– Implement curriculum you
can present together
How not to use them?
“Go for's”
Envelope stuffers
Security guards
Permanent Interpreters
Baby sitters
Small Group Activity
Discuss the following questions:
– How can/how have interns enhance(d) your
guidance program?
– What have you done/would you do to ensure
the success of your intern?
– What concerns have you had/do you have
about working with an intern?
University Requirements
San Francisco State University
First year: Fall and Spring semester
12 clock hours per week,
1.5 days or 2 shorter days a week
Second year: Fall and Spring
16 clock hours per week,
2/2.5 days a week, based on school site need.
Graduate student will provide specific details upon placement
University Requirements (con.)
University of San Francisco
First year Fall semester:
100 clock hours,
1 day per week.
First year Spring Semester:
200 clock hours,
1.5/2 days per week.
Second year: Fall and Spring Semester:
150-200 clock hours
1.5/2 days per week, based on school site need.
Graduate student will provide specific details upon placement
University Requirements (con.)
St. Mary’s College
California State University of the East Bay
San Jose State University
Chapman University
Provided by graduate student seeking field
placement in SFUSD.
SFUSD Requirements
SFUSD Requires that Interns must provide
proof of:
– A negative TB test within the last 3
– Liability Insurance.
– Fingerprint clearance.
All interns are provided with this information and
must provide evidence to Counseling and Social
Services Department prior to the intern beginning
work at a school site.
The Site Interview
When conducting the site interview:
– Use the provided interview questions as a guide.
– Inform the intern that you are interviewing several
candidates, as they are as well, and that Counseling
and Social Services Department will follow-up about
final placement.
Please do not make any promises about placement at your
school site—someone you like better may come along.
The interview is one step in the assignment process and
placement will be based on several sets of criteria.
Be flexible with scheduling of interviews.
Intern Binder
Site Supervisor Role Description
Overview of fieldwork requirements.
Intern Informational Interview session
Intern interviews questions for site interview.
Intern evaluation of Site Supervisor.
Site Supervisor evaluation of intern.
Clearance procedures for interns.
SFUSD District Consent for Counseling form
Next Steps
Submit your application to be a PPSC intern Site
The Counseling and Social Services Department will
notify you if your application has been accepted.
Once you have been notified, names and phone
numbers of intern candidates will be sent to you to
After conducting the interviews you will be asked to list
your preference of candidates.
The Counseling and Social Services Department will
match you with a candidate prior to the end of the school
Save the date
Potential interns must attend Informational
– These sessions will be held later in the spring.
Intern orientation in early September.
– Site supervisors will be expected to attend
two hours of this orientation at the end of the
last day.
Additional Information
If you would like to participate in the
informational interviews of prospective
interns, please e-mail Theresa Jahangir at
[email protected]
If prospective intern candidates contact
your school for placement and they
haven’t been to the informational interview,
please forward them to Theresa Jahangir.
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