Manager Self

Manager Self-Service
Presented by: Amanda Noday, Payroll Manager
Training Agenda
• Manager Self-Service
What is MSS?
Transactions in MSS
UPK Training Material
SQL Reports
• Hands-on Assistance
– Enter your Summer PTFs
during the workshop!
• Summer Adjunct Faculty
• Summer Graduates
• Summer Student Assistants
What is Manager Self-Service?
A responsibility that provides tools needed to
efficiently perform routine employment
transactions and view employee information.
– Personnel Transaction Form Entry/Approval
– Employee Information Inquiry
– Timecard Status Dashboard
MSS Transactions
– Employee Information Inquiry
• View hire date, job title, salary, years of service, and
total absences for any employee you supervise.
– Timecard Status Dashboard
• Shows timecard status summaries for employees you
supervise. Approved, rejected, working, not entered,
MSS Transactions
– All Actions Awaiting Your Attention
• Takes your to your Worklist Notification area for any
transactions awaiting your approval. (PTFs, Timecards)
NOTE: You will also receive an email for each of these
transactions. You can turn this option on/off at any
NOTE: To turn off approval workflow emails: Go TWU Manager Self-Service,
Workflow Notifications, Preferences, and under Notifications choose “Do not
send me mail”.
MSS Transactions
– Employee Record View Only
• View basic employee record details for employees you
supervise. Assignment details, termination history,
salary/costing information.
– Hire
• Hire a new employee.
– Rehire
• Rehire an ex-employee
MSS Transactions
– Create Additional Assignment
• Add another assignment for a current employee
– Update Assignment
• Change salary, costing, FTE, title, location
– Task Payments
• Submit a lump sum payment for a current employee
MSS Transactions
– Termination
• Terminate an employee from the University
– Change Manager
• Change the supervisor for an employee
– Maintain Qualifications
• Enter a degree for a current employee (PhD, Masters)
– Maintain Tenure
• Change a current employee from non-tenure to tenure
New Hire Paperwork?
• New Hire Paperwork must still be completed for all
new hire employees.
– Faculty/Staff – turn in to Office of Human Resources
– Students – turn in to Career Services
• The I-9 in the new hire packet must be completed
by first day of employment
• Faculty/Staff New Hire Packets can also be printed
online at:
UPK Training Material
What is UPK?
User Productivity Kit - Training documents that allow you to “try” a transaction from start to finish outside of
Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR) features are only available from on-campus computers
Upon completion of these Manager Self-Service lessons, you will be able to:
• Hire New Employees
• Rehire Ex-Employees
• Maintain Employee Assignments
• View Employee Records
• Enter Task Payments (Lump Sum Payments)
• Terminate Employees
• Address Actions Awaiting Your Approval
UPK Material
Manager Self Service UPK Link:
Note: You can also access the UPK training material from the Payroll Website
SQL Reports
• Log in to Pioneer Portal
• Choose My Tools
• Web-Enabled Reports
SQL Reports
Approved Task Payments Report
Manager Self Service – Pending Task Payments
Pending New Hires Report
Pending Task Payment Report
Pending Termination Report
Pending Update Assignments Report
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