From Suspension to
Success – Collaborating
to Transform
NACADA Annual Conference
October 8-11, 2014
Minneapolis, MN
Presentation Speakers
Ila Schauer, M.Ed.
Professional Advisor – 15yrs
PVAMU – University College
Rosena Noel-Barrs, Ph.D.
Professional Advisor – 14yrs
PVAMU – University College
PVAMU Mission
• Prairie View A&M University is a stateassisted, public, comprehensive land grant
institution of higher education. The
university was designated in a 1984
amendment to the Texas Constitution as an
“institution of the first class”. It is dedicated
to achieving excellence and relevance in
teaching, research, and service.
PVAMU Mission
• It seeks to invest in programs and services
that address issues and challenges affecting
the diverse ethnic and socioeconomic
population of Texas and the larger society
including the global arena.
PVAMU Mission
• The university seeks to provide a high quality
educational experience for students who,
upon completion of the bachelors, masters,
or doctoral degrees, possess self- sufficiency
and professional competence.
PVAMU Mission
• The experience is imbued by the institution’s
values including, but not limited to, access
and quality, accountability, diversity,
leadership, relevance, and social
University College (UC)
University College is committed to providing for
freshmen an academically focused, student-centered
supportive, structured environment. This environment is
focused on:
• improving matriculation, retention and graduation
• increasing student success in academics; and
• facilitating a smooth transition to the world of higher
University College (UC)
University College is organized to include:
• Academic Advisement
• Academic Enhancement
• Testing and Tutoring
UC Mission
The UC Division of Academic Advisement is organized:
• To provide holistic, effective accessible advisement
for incoming freshmen and other special populations;
• To serve as a resource for departmental advisement.
The division is also committed to providing centralized
support and referral services for the students of
University College.
UC Goals
• Provide effective advisement on major and career selection
based on a comprehensive analysis of each student’s
academic skills, interests and the results of appropriate
• Provide effective advisement on class selection based on
major requirements, student’s academic history and current
skill levels.
• Provide appropriate academic interventions that encourage
student success.
• Provide accessible, centralized support and referral services.
Satisfactory Academic Progress
• The qualitative measure of academic
progress is based on a grading scale of
0.00 to 4.00 and the students' enrollment
• Once undergraduate students have
attempted 24 hours, they must have
achieved at least a minimum 2.00
cumulative grade point average.
Satisfactory Academic Progress
• Students must successfully complete at
least 75% of their credit hours at Prairie
View A&M University. The following table
provides an example of the number of
credits a full-time student may attempt and
successfully complete each semester:
Academic Probation and
Suspension Policy
• Probation – A student whose cumulative
grade point average falls below 2.0.
• Suspension – A student on probation who
does not receive a 2.0 semester grade point
average. A period of time (semester or one
year) where a student is not allowed to take
any course work at the University.
Academic Probation and
Suspension Policy
• Suspension – A student on probation for
three consecutive regular semesters.
NOTE: This is possible if the student who
has a cumulative grade point average earns
a semester grade point average of 2.0 or
above but does not raise the cumulative
grade point average above 2.0.
Academic Probation and
Suspension Policy
• The Appeal - A student on probation who
has earned a 2.0 or better for three
consecutive semesters can appeal the
suspension to the Admission and Academic
Standards Committee before serving the
Academic Probation and
Suspension Policy
• Students may appeal suspension decisions
or petition for re-admission to the University
Appeal Committee according to appeal/
petition process.
Academic Probation and
Suspension Policy
• The length of the first suspension is one regular
semester. The second suspension is for one
year. After a second suspension, a student must
meet all academic requirements or be
• Academic probation and suspension will be
noted on the student’s permanent record.
Academic Probation and
Suspension Policy
• Following suspension, a student will be on probation
for the next semester and thus governed by the
guidelines for students on probation.
• Academic probation and suspension will be noted on
the student’s permanent record.
• Following suspension, a student will be on probation
for the next semester and thus governed by the
guidelines for students on probation.
Academic Probation and
Suspension Policy
• Students who are suspended are expected to
strengthen their academic skills by pursing credit or
non-credit courses or programs related to their
academic or career objectives;
• engage in other activities that can positively impact
students’ preparation for success upon returning to
the University following a suspension.
After Sem. 1
Returned w/
Sem. 2
After Missed
Did Not
Return as of
Sept. 2014
86 (6.7%)
12 (14%)
18 (20.9%)
56 (65%)
108 (7.0%)
8 (7.4%)
22 (20.4%)
78 (72%)
10 (5.5%)
55 (30.2%)
117 (64%)
8 (6.1%)
27 (20.6%)
96 (73%)
4 (3.3%)
32 (26%)
87 (71%)
38 (26.4%)
1 (.9%)
75 (66%)
Total: 9309
744 (8.0%)
80 (10.8%)
155 (21%)
509 (68%)
Collaboration Team
Professional/Academic Advisors
Academic Program Instructors
Living/Learning Community Coordinators
Tutoring Center
Testing and Diagnostic Services
Counseling Services
Financial Aid
Participant Recommendations
• Share your ideas for Collaboration Team
Transformation Strategies
What we MUST practice:
Develop and utilize a “Protocol for Students Allowed to
Return from Suspension on Appeal.
Implement advising holds for students with less than
2.0 GPA at mid-semester.
Ensure probationary students re-enroll in courses with
“D” or “F” final grades.
Incorporate Academic Coaching techniques in the
Advising process (Intrusive and Prescriptive).
Transformation Strategies
What we MUST practice:
• Complete the “Student Assessment for Academic
Success and Implementation Plan Strategies” during
the first 4-6 weeks of the first semester.
• Develop/revise/update as needed an electronic
“Student Engagement” reporting log for monitoring of
student academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular
Participant Recommendations
• Share Your Ideas for Transformation
• Institutional Research and Effectiveness, (2014). Retrieved from
• Prairie View A&M University E-Catalog, 2013-2014. Retrieved from
• Quality Without Compromise: The University College Strategic Plan Update
for Fiscal Years 2009 – 2013.
University College- Academic Advisement
Contact Info
University College-Academic Advisement
Prairie View A&M University
PO Box 519, MS 3000
Prairie View, Tx 77446
Phone: (936) 261- 5900/5911
Fax: (936) 261-1136
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