Student Federal Work Study Tutorial

Federal Work-Study Program
If you are viewing this Power Point, that means
you have secured a position in the Federal WorkStudy Program at CFCC. Congrats!
This will allow you to gain experience in a
something to add to your resume.
You must look at it like a “real” job and treat it
the same as you would if this was a job outside
of school.
This slide show contains important information
that you need to know before you get started.
You will be able to view it at any time during your
The Federal Work-Study Program is a needbased, federally-funded program. Your
eligibility has been determined by your FAFSA
You have been assigned a position on
campus, or at an off-campus non-profit
Federal Work-Study (FWS) funds are limited;
therefore, you have a limited amount of time
to secure employment.
The contract you signed displays your award
limits. You must keep track of this, as when
that amount is expended, you will not have
funds left to continue working.
You are not guaranteed the award amount.
You must earn it in order to receive it.
Federal regulations state that students cannot
work more than 20 hours a week.
If you work another, non-FWS job on campus, the
college imposes additional restrictions on the
number of hours you may work.
Federal regulations prohibit students from working
during their scheduled class times.
You may be permitted to work between terms, as
long as the college is open during breaks, if FWS
funds are available, and if your supervisor has
work for you to do.
You will need to meet with your supervisor and
work out a schedule.
You must maintain at least half-time
enrollment at CFCC (6 credits per semester)
in order to remain eligible for FWS.
If you graduate, withdraw, are dismissed from
the college, or drop below half-time
enrollment at any point in the term, your FWS
employment eligibility ceases immediately.
If you are attending another institution on a
consortium agreement, you are not able to
participate in the FWS program.
Work-study students are paid on the last
working day of each month. Direct Deposit is
available. Ask the work-study coordinator for
the form if you wish to enroll.
The pay periods will run the 16th-15th of each
The due date and time will be noted on each
FWS Employees cannot handle any cash
transactions; only full-time CFCC employees
are allowed to handle cash.
FWS Employees are not allowed to work on
work-station computers desired for full-time
CFCC employees; they are only allowed
access to computers for student usage.
Students cannot access
databases geared for full-time employees.
You are expected to do your best to be a
good employee. This means going to work on
time, working your scheduled hours,
notifying your supervisor if you will not be
able to work, and completing in a satisfactory
manner the tasks assigned to you by your
You are not paid to study. To receive the FWS
funds, you must work and report your hours
in each pay period as directed by your
This is a job in the professional world. You
must act accordingly.
If you are sick or cannot report to work, you
should contact your supervisor immediately.
If you do not report for work, or contact your
supervisor for seven days, you will be
terminated from your position.
If you withdraw completely from school, or
wish to leave the work assignment, notify
coordinator immediately.
Again; your FWS job is a great place to learn
professionalism. You are expected to act in a
business-like and appropriate manner on the
Be respectful. Dress in an appropriate manner
and adhere to a professional dress code. Ask
your immediate supervisor if they have
specific expectations for that department.
Ask your supervisor if there are additional
expectations and policies that you must
In order to remain employed, all FWS students
must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
(SAP) and follow the Student Code of Conduct
while in class and at the workplace.
SAP requires a cumulative 2.0 GPA and a 67%
completion rate. Additional requirements are
expected of those for whom an appeal has
been approved. If you have questions about
your SAP, ask the work-study coordinator.
If you are on Financial Aid WARNING or
SUSPENSION, you are not eligible to work.
Time sheet falsification is time recorded on
your time sheet that you did not actually
work. It is a crime. Any student who falsifies
hours worked will be referred to the
investigation and possible disciplinary action.
Students who are proven to have engaged in
consequences, including, but not limited to
immediate termination from the FWS
Any student who misuses college equipment
or supplies, or commits any serious infraction
of CFCC’s Code of Student Conduct, will be
subject to disciplinary action by the
appropriate campus authority. Students who
are proven to have engaged in such conduct
may expect serious consequences, including,
but not limited to termination from the FWS
You will also need to complete the new-hire
packet, if you haven’t done so already,
including federal and state tax forms, which
the Payroll Department requires.
Have a good semester! 
You may contact the work-study coordinator
at any time via email: Betsy Reckerd,
[email protected]
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