James C. Enochs High School Class of 2009

Senior College
Information Night
September 3, 2013
Enochs High School
Enochs Counselors
Hilda Robles: A-Gaq
Emma Johnson: Gar-Nie
Greg Shannon: Nif-Z
Connie Waggle: EL Counselor
Jen Brogan: College Counselor
Phillip Jaramillo: Ass’t Principal of
Pupil Personnel Services
Many Options
Junior College (112 across California)
CSU Campuses (23)
UC Campuses (10)
Private Institutions (Numerous)
Junior College
• SAT/ACT is not required
• Students need to take an MJC class in
spring of senior year for priority
• Sign up for app workshop on Oct. 22
• The $46 per unit is waived for high school
• See Mrs. Brogan to sign permission form.
• Apply Oct 1-Nov 30
• Apply early! Sign up for the CSU application
workshop on Oct 10th.
• $55 per campus (fee waivers available online)
• Must apply separately to each campus
• Using code 3594 on the SAT will send scores to
all 23 CSU campuses
• No personal statement or letters of
recommendation required!
University of California
• Apply Nov 1-Nov 30
• Sign up to attend the UC application workshop
on Oct. 15.
• $70 per campus—fee waivers available online
• One application for all campuses
• Personal statement required
• ELC (top 9% of the students)
For-Profit Colleges
• These colleges can be extremely expensive.
• Credits do not transfer to most universities.
• Because of the high default rate and low graduation
rates of many of these schools, the state of
California has eliminated these schools from the Cal
Grant program.
• Please check with Mrs. Brogan to see if the school is
on the list of schools not receiving grants.
• Many of the certificate programs offered at these
schools are offered at the local community college
for a fraction of the price.
How to Apply
• Apply online to CSU/UC
• www.csumentor.edu for CSU
• www.universityofcalifornia.edu/apply
for UC
• There are prompts, checks for errors, drop down
menus, tech support, etc.
• Private schools will have their own application or
the Common Application. Students applying to
private schools must attend the Common App
Workshop on October 3.
• Early Decision—students apply early
and find out early (December)—
binding agreement (must withdraw all
other applications)
• Early Action—students apply early
and find out early (December)—
non-binding agreement
How Do Colleges Decide?
• GPA—for CSU and UC GPA is based on 10th
and 11th grades only
• Must have C’s or better on transcript
• Can rescind offer if they don’t like what
they see at the end of senior year
• Eligibility Index (Combination of GPA and
test scores)
What do Colleges Look
Challenging Courses
Test Scores
Community Service (UC’s/Privates)
Leadership (UC’s/Privates)
Personal Statement (UC’s/Privates)
Which Schools Should I
Apply To?
• You should apply to a variety of
– Dream School (Far Reach)
– Middle of the Road School (Fairly Likely
you will be Accepted)
– Safety School (A Sure Thing)
The Waiting Game
• Students will find out sometime in
March whether or not they were
admitted to the colleges/universities.
• Students will let the colleges know,
by May 1, which school they plan to
• Internet based program offered through
Modesto City Schools
• Allows students to compare themselves to other
Modesto City Schools students who have been
admitted or denied to certain
• Students can take a personality test. It gives
students ideas of different careers they may
want to pursue
• Pick up personal code number from Mrs. Brogan
CSU Stanislaus
San Diego State
Stanford University
ACT/SAT Testing
• All testing must be completed by December.
(San Diego State, Long and Cal Poly want testing
done by October). Don’t forget to send scores!
• If applying to CSU’s only, take ACT without the
• If applying to UC’s take SAT Reasoning and/or
ACT with writing. SAT Subject Tests are now
optional. Only recommended for math,
engineering or science majors.
• Fee waivers available for students on free or
reduced lunch.
AP Classes
• AP classes offer the most rigorous
• If student passes the test in May with a
score of 3 or better they can earn college
credit at most universities.
• Cost is $86.00 per test. You can start
paying money to the SBO in $20
increments to help save.
• If you receive free or reduced lunch the
cost of testing is $5 per test.
NCAA Clearinghouse
• Must apply for the Clearinghouse if
planning to play sports at a Division I
or II school
• Must meet core requirements (A-G)
• Division 1 uses a sliding scale of GPA
and test scores
• Cost is $60 (fee waivers available)
• Apply now: www.eligibilitycenter.org
Financial Aid
• Enochs will file Cal Grants electronically (looks at
college GPA—10th and 11th grades)—
• Parents should fill out FAFSA (even if you make
too much money) from Jan 1-March 2 of senior
• March 2 is the deadline to file FAFSA in order to
qualify for a Cal Grant.
• I will be having a Financial Aid Night in November
to help parents with the process.
Financial Aid
Do taxes early!
Keep copies
Be careful of websites that are similar
because they will try to charge and can
have access to all of your financial info.
Filling out the FAFSA is FREE!
Financial Aid
• Junior College costs $46 per unit
• CSU—estimated cost $24,000 per year
(including tuition, books, room, board,
personal expenses)
• UC—estimated cost $34,000 per year
(including tuition, books, room, board,
personal expenses)
• Private—estimated cost $50,000
• College and Scholarship Bulletin available online on
the Enochs website. The bulletin is updated
monthly. Click on the counseling office link and
you will find a link to the College and Scholarship
• There is a great scholarship feature on Naviance!
• Parents employment good place to search
• Colleges/Universities have their own scholarships
• www.fastweb.com and www.cappex.com are good
websites to search for national scholarships.
• Many students do not take advantage of
scholarships because some require an
• Must be diligent and fill out all you qualify
• Keep copies and get certificate of mailing
• Keep track of deadlines!
Questions about college?
• I am on campus Monday-Thursdays.
Students can make an appointment to
see me by filling out an appointment
request in the Career Center.
• Parents can make an appointment by
calling 550-3410 ext. 2012 or
emailing [email protected]
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