Green Village and PEACE Program as ESD - RCE

Green Village and PEACE Program as
ESD Strategies in Bohol, Central
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Sustainable Development (SD) is development in the
environment, society and economy. SD rests on the
mutual relationship of these aspects so that one cannot
speak of SD with, say, development of society only at the
expense of the other two.
A functional measure that links these three pillars of
Sustainable Development is Education. It is education
that could ensure the coordinated, integral and mutual
relationship for development of these three pillars; thus
the term Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
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Rationale continued…
One specific ESD strategy could be realized in a
community where local residents plan and participate in
the realization of a Sustainable Society.
It is through its Green Village and PEACE Program that
RCE-Bohol implements SD through ESD in the upland
and coastal areas in Bohol Region.
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Project site
Lagiwliw, Zamora, Bilar
Interior part of Bohol Province
Agricultural Community
Profile of residents
34 households; 46 families
47% tenants, 47% landless,
6% landowners
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Collaborating Organizations
 The Regional Climate Change Center of Bohol
Island State University (RCCC-BISU)
 The Provincial Agriculturist Office of Bohol (PAO)
 The Local Government Unit of Bilar (LGU-Bilar)
 The Department of Environment and Natural
Resources (DENR)
 The Barangay Unit of Zamora
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Project Description
Green Village is a collaborative project that promotes
livelihood, local economy and environmental protection
respectively addressed as areas of concern of the
Regional Climate Change Center (RCCC) of Bohol
Island State University (BISU) and the Provincial
Agriculturist Office (PAO), the Local Government Unit
of the Municipality of Bilar (LGU-Bilar) and the
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
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Project Description continued…
On the part of the RCCC of BISU, PAO and DENR,
Green Village is a strategy to equip the local community
to better manage their livelihood given the global
challenges of poverty, climate change, food insecurity
and lack of alternative livelihood. The entry project is a
community-based conservation gardening where BahayKubo concept is adopted and the genetic conservation of
traditional rootcrops for climate change adaptation and
the promotion of “Clean and Green” in support to Solid
Waste Management Program of the government.
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Project Description continued…
On the part of LGU-Bilar, Green Village is a community
where Green Economy is pursued to protect and preserve
the environment including its natural resources to realize
social justice and to vitalize local economy. Green
Village is served by “green economy” where citizens live
healthy and secured lives regardless of age, gender,
disability, religion and political affiliation.
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Contribution to ESD Implementation
ESD is realized in the Green Village project through the
active participation of the local residents of the
community of Lagiwliw from the planning until the
launching of the project and the operation of the
community-based conservation gardening. Dialogue and
consultation transpired among the stakeholders with the
local residents informing the latter of the objectives and
proposed course of project implementation. They were
also involved in the conduct of survey for baseline data.
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Contribution to ESD continued…
Residents were also consulted of the site of the
community garden which they rendered voluntary service
for its continued cultivation. Before the formal launching,
local government officials and other community
representatives were invited to a pre-MOA conference
where they were given the chance to suggest additions
and omission to the MOA draft. Finally, together with the
representatives of the project stakeholders, the local
residents of the Lagiwliw were invited during the
launching of the Green Village Project.
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Program Description
Productivity and Environmental Awareness for
Community Empowerment or PEACE Program is an
overarching program designed to effect development in
the three aspects of environment, society and economy.
Program Site
The project site is Bool District, a coastal barangay in the
City of Tagbilaran
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Collaborating Organizations
Bohol Island State University (BISU),
Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR),
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)
Institute for Environment Rehabilitation and ConservationJapan (ERECON)
Association of Environmental and Rural DevelopmentThailand (AERD),
City Government of Tagbilaran,
Barangay Local Government Unit (LGU) Bool District,
Bool Elementary School
The People’s Organization of Bool.
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Component Project 1
Mangrove Planting. There are presently 9000 live
mangroves thriving in a 3-hectare are in Bool shores. These
were jointly planted by the local residents and the students of
Bohol Island State University (BISU). The growth of the
mangroves is continuously monitored by the office of the
Barangay Captain of Bool District and the RCE-Bohol Office
in BISU. Plans are well underway to supplement tourism
activity in the area by constructing a board walk amidst the
growing mangrove. The project will not only function to
educate tourist about coastal management but will also
provide additional source of income for local residents.
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Component Project 2
Mudcrab culture is another project that is fully
operational in Bool District. With available space amidst
the mangroves and other endemic trees that thrive in
Bool shore, a 200 meter square enclosure was
constructed for mudcrab culture. Materials for the
enclosure were provided by BFAR and DENR while the
labor for the construction was jointly provided by BISU
students and personnel and the local residents of Bool
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Component Project 2 continued…
An initial capital of fifty two thousand pesos (Php
52,000.00) was given by BFAR for the purchase of small
crabs for fattening and its feeds. After 15 days of
operation, the local residents have already harvested the
crabs which were competitively valued in the local
market. This has yielded better income for the local
residents who were actually involved in the operation of
the mudcrab culture.
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Contribution to ESD Implementation
The local residents of Bool District were involved from
the conceptualization, to the MOU signing and the
continued operation of the two component projects of the
PEACE program.
ESD is seen at work in the mangrove project not only
because the whole local community is involved in the
planting and the growth monitoring but also because the
site has functioned to educate school children and tourists
alike about environmental protection and conservation.
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Contribution to ESD continued…
Mudcrab culture for its part has not only provided
alternative livelihood for local residents as they comanage and co-operate the project and benefit financially
from the sale of the fattened crabs. It has also made them
realize that protection of the environment by preserving
mangroves and other endemic trees in the area could
come together with economic and social development.
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Pictures continued…
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Both the Green Village and the PEACE Program and its
component projects are still on going.
They are not only ESD strategies for the local residents
of site communities but are also potential ESD strategies
for the region. Though they generally function for the
moment as demonstration measures benefitting local
communities, they will eventually be replicated in other
areas in the region as soon as their success is ensured.
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Thank you for listening!
-End of presentation-
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