Dr W Chilengwe (Maj.)

Chainama Hills College Hospital
Making the most of International Partnership
05 October 2010
Presented by Dr W Chilengwe (Maj.)
Senior Medical Superintendent
Hospital and College Profile
• Referral National Psychiatric Hospital
• Built in 1962
• 210 Bed capacity with;
• Diagnostic Services
 Laboratory
 Radiology
• Rehabilitative Services
 Occupational Therapy
 Physiotherapy
Chainama College Profile
• College started training in 1936 (Medical
Assistants now Clinical Officers)
• Ministry of Health Funded Institution
• Offers:
Pre - service and Post-basic training programs
Short in-service courses
• Has 650 students training annually
Chainama College Profile
Programs offered (Pre – Service)
Clinical Officer General (COG)
Clinical Officer Psychiatry
Registered Mental Health Nurse
Environmental Health Technologist (EHT)
Psychosocial Counsellors
Optometry Technologist
Post Basic Programs
Ophthalmic Clinical Officer (OCO)
Ophthalmic Nurses
Medical Licentiate (ML)
Anaesthetic Clinical Officer ( Move to CCHS 2011)
MPH (With Leeds Met University)
Short in service courses – Public Health,
Reproductive health, HIV/AIDS
International Partnerships
Chainama Hills Hospital
Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust
 Link established about 7 years
 Benefits both College and hospital
 Supports the institution with critical materials
and equipment for knowledge and skills
update as well as technical expertise in the
area of clinical psychiatry and mental health
International Partnerships
Chainama College
• Leeds Metropolitan University - facilitates the
MPH program with Chainama
• JPHIEGO – Supports curriculum development
since 2005. COG, ML program
• Rehabilitated teaching clinic Theater 2010.
• Clinton Foundation – Educational Support to
COG training since 2009.
• Classroom construction 2010 to increase
intake 100 to 140 per annum.
International Partnerships
• Solidarmed (Swiss NGO).
• Support ML program since 2009. Increase
student intake from bi annual intake to
annual intake,
• Provide teaching Aids and supplies
• Constructed two student hostels at practical
sites – Kafue, Lstone
• Provide teaching staff – three specialists
International Partnerships
Swedish International Development Agency
• Provide Technical Advisor since 2007
• Provide Vehicle (s)
• Supported Regional conference on medical
licentiates roles in the health sector in April
• Capacity building of staff in teaching
International Partnerships
AMDD - Columbia University(USA)
Supported Regional conference on
development of Community of Practice for
Non Physician Clinicians in Africa July 2010.
International Partnerships
Sight Savers International
• Advocated MoH/College to start ophthalmic
training programs: ophthalmic clinical officer,
ophthalmic nurse and optometry.
• Support with training equipment, vehicle, books
and infrastructure – hostel, optical centre
• Support faculty staff development (2 in india
pursuing BSc optometry)
International Partnerships
University of Alabama (USA)
• support eGrainary library and staff
development. New Campus plan
Cape Breton University (Canada)
• Support environmental research program and
capacity building
Cordaid (Netherlands)– Support in-service
hostel rehabilitation 2010 and business plan
International Partnerships
• Supported Laboratory Rehabilitation.
• Supporting Teaching Clinic Rehabilitation
Leeds Met University/Manchester University
Support staff development – Masters, Phd
VVOB (Belgium NGO) – Supported the skills lab
development for skills training (2004-7)
International Partnerships
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
• Supported rehabilitation of the College
medical laboratory
Partnerships in Medical Education (PRIME)
• Has been providing training to Lecturers in
medical education and palliative care
• Technical assistance to occupational therapy
• Conduct periodic developmental visits to
support the education and training of staff,
patient care support and applied research
• Supports development of curricula and
evaluation of the impact of curricula on the
quality of service delivered by trained staff.
• Donation of various medical books for
students and staff
• Provision of Medical and Teaching Equipment
and Supplies
• Infrastructure development/rehabilitation
Benefits :
Exchange visits among the staff
Student exposure through exchange visits
Short refresher courses by visiting consultants
Advocacy for college development
Advocacy for human resources development
Promote South – North link
Exchange of Information and expertise
Lessons learnt from the
The links/partnership often do:
• Build the institutional profile and image
• Both partners benefit from information and
expertise shared
• Facility to meet institutional objectives
• Promote further links
Challenges of Partnerships
• Over ride the institutional objectives at times.
• Local institutions tend to adapt to partners
priorities which may not so on the ground.
• Partners bring with them own reporting
systems and are not willing to adapt to
• Some partners are inpatient with local
systems. Hence do get frustrated.
Thank You for listening
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