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Doctorate Extension Scheme
Teresa Ashley
Student Adviser
Kent Union Advice Centre
10th April 2014
Rebecca Blight
Compliance Manager (Overseas Students)
Academic Division, University of Kent
The Presentation was given to students on 10th
April 2014
The UKVI changes its rules in relation to Visas
and Immigration frequently.
The information in this presentation is correct as
at the 10th April 2014.
It is YOUR responsibility to check that you meet
the requirements that are in place at the time you
make your application.
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The aims of today’s workshop
To provide PhD students who are nearing the end of
their course with information about the Tier 4 Doctorate
Extension Scheme (DES). To include:
Page 3
What is the DES?
The benefits of applying
Eligibility requirements
When to apply
How to apply
What happens after you have made your
What is the DES?
Page 4
The DES was introduced in April 2013 as a new visa category
to enable PhD students to remain in the UK for 12 months after
completion of their course to gain work experience or look for
skilled work.
The student remains in the UK under Tier 4 of the points based
The University continues to sponsor the student and must
maintain contact with the Student at regular intervals during the
12 month period.
The student will be allowed to work full time but ONLY once the
University has confirmed to the UKVI that the student has
successfully completed their course and has been awarded
their PhD.
If you do not maintain contact with the University or your
Immigration status changes the University is required to report
this to the UKVI and sponsorship will be withdrawn.
The benefits of DES
If your DES application is successful:
Page 5
You will be allowed to work in any role (Except
as a Doctor or Dentist in training or as a
professional sportsperson)
You can work full time without restriction as to
You can bring your dependants to the UK or
apply to extend their current visas when you
make your application
• You must have a valid Tier 4 student
visa on the date of your application.
• You must be a current student at the
University of Kent.
• You can only apply from within the UK
• Your course end date must be no more
than 60 days after the date of your
• You must have evidence that you have
the required funds for your living
Page 6
Page 7
If you have financial sponsorship for your
course you must obtain your sponsors consent
to your DES application
If you have an ATAS certificate for your course
you must make an application to renew the
certificate UNLESS you will be making your
DES application less than 28 days before your
expected course end date.
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Extensions to current Tier 4 visa to qualify for
Page 8
The University is unable to extend sponsorship on
current Tier 4 visas for the sole purpose of qualifying
for the DES
PhD students are sponsored for 4 years (previously 3
years plus a 1 year continuation year)
The University does not extend sponsorship past this
period, as it’s the maximum period of registration as a
PhD student under University regulations and the
expectation is that students will complete their
studies (including viva and corrections) within this
time frame
Requests for sponsorship are considered on an
individual basis. Factors taken into consideration by
the University:
Page 9
No outstanding tuition fee debts with University
Prior visa refusal history
Engagement throughout doctorate
Breaching current visa conditions
Acting dishonestly and not cooperating with the University
When can I apply?
• You can apply for the DES no more than
60 days before the expected end course
date but you must apply
• before the expected course end date
• before your current Tier 4 visa expires.
• The University cannot issue your CAS
more than 60 days before the expected
course end date.
Page 10
When is my course end date?
This is not the same as the course end date which
was set at the start of your current visa.
The University defines your expected course end
date as the date on which your name is entered on
the pass list and is signed off by the Dean
 “…..[students] will be regarded as having successfully
completed their course on the date that their Tier 4 sponsor
formally confirms that their PhD is completed to the standard
required for the award of a PhD….” (para 57, Document 2
Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance 04/2014)
Your course end date will be calculated once you
have taken your Viva and will be based on the level of
corrections you need to make to your thesis.
Page 11
How to apply
Make sure you have read the Tier 4 Policy guidance paying
particular attention to the DES requirements:
You must apply to the Student records and Examinations office
for a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). You can
find more information about this here:
The University cannot issue your CAS more than 60 days
before the expected course end date
Page 12
The application form
You can submit your Tier 4 DES visa application (including any
Dependants) online. Follow the steps below to access the UKVI online
application form:
Go to the UKVI website:
e&_nfls=false&formId=Tier4&rpl=formList and click on ‘Apply Online’
on the menu to the left of the screen
Click on ‘Register’ in the top right hand corner and follow the steps
The UKVI will then send an email for you to activate the account and
log on
Click Apply online, click on Forms A-Z, then click on T and select the
Tier 4 Student online application DO NOT use the “Tier 4 Print and
Send” form as this is due to be deleted.
Click Apply online at the bottom of the page and complete the form
Page 13
The application form
The application is on the same form completed by all
students applying for a Tier 4 visa. The only
difference is in the section “course details” –
See the screen shot on the next slide:
• When you submit your application online you will be
required to pay the fee of £422 by credit or debit
card. If you have dependants you will need to pay a
further fee of £422 for each dependant.
Page 14
The Application Form
Page 15
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What documents will you need for your DES
Your CAS
A valid ATAS certificate if this applies to you
Your current passport and any old passports used for travel to
the UK
Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you have one
Up to date Police Registration Certificate (PRC) if you are
required to register
2 recent passport photos that meet the UKVI Photo guidance
Evidence of required funds for living expenses
Letter of consent from sponsor
All documents MUST be ORIGINALS. If you have dependants
you may need to submit extra documents
Page 16
After your application
You will receive a biometric appointment letter from the UKVI
and will need to take the letter and barcode to your nearest Post
Office to give your biometrics. A further fee of £19.20 is payable
at the Post Office.
Once you have given your biometrics the UKVI will look at your
paper application.
Processing times can be anything from 3-8 weeks from the date
on which you give your biometrics. (The UKVI target is 20
working days)
If your application is successful the UKVI will write to you to
confirm this and will return your passport and all your other
Your new visa will be in the form of a BRP which will be
returned to you separately by courier. The new BRP should
state that you have been granted a “Tier 4 (G) DOCT EXT
SCH” visa.
Page 17
After your application - continued
Check that all the details on your BRP are correct!!! Errors
must be reported within 10 days or you may have to pay a
Inform the University that your visa has been granted and
show the Student Records and Examinations office your new
Inform the University of any changes to your contact details,
visa status or if you leave the country before your visa expires
and you don’t intend to return.
Make sure that you respond to all contacts from the
University throughout the duration of your DES visa.
You cannot extend a Tier 4 DES visa. You must apply for a
new visa in another category or leave the UK before your
DES visa expires
Page 18
Para 80 Document 3 Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance
You must maintain contact with them. At a minimum, there must be at least two
contact points at regular intervals during the time the migrant is on the scheme. You
should determine the most appropriate format for these contacts…..Skype,
telephone contact or contact by email. You must tell us if the student misses a
scheduled contact with you …….
The University will contact you at least three times
throughout year
 Beginning, middle and towards the end of the year (review
Missed contact points:
Page 19
 Two further attempts, if no response or not able to reestablish contact then sponsorship is withdrawn
University Expectations
Page 20
You will provide us with your biometric residence
permit and passport (we are required to keep copies)
Keep your contact details up to date (through SDS or
Student Records office [email protected])
Abide by the conditions of your DES visa
Notify the University if you switch to another type of
visa (eg. Tier 2 or spousal)
Maintain contact with University through established
contact points so the University can comply with its
monitoring duties
Further help:
Page 21
Kent Union Student Advice Centre
UK Council for International Student Affairs
Mandela Building
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01227 827724 (9am to 12 noon weekdays)
Drop in: 1pm to 3pm each weekday
Appointments: Ring reception on 01227 824200
Student helpline: 020 7788 9214 (1- 4pm weekdays)
Page 22
Any questions?
Thank you for attending today – please
complete the feedback form and leave on the
table for us to collect.
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