Updated: October 1, 2014.
Some data about Nurses in Canada
• In 2008, there were ~280,000 nurses in Canada
▫ Giving us a ratio of one nurse per 127 persons
• 6% of Canadian nurses are male
▫ up from 2.4% in 1985 and 3.8% in 1995
• 10% of UBC School of Nursing students are male
• From a blog by a male nursing student:
 “Nursing is a dynamic profession that is in need of 'a
few good men'. The act of care knows no gender.”
Nursing as a Profession
“ Thinking about a career as a registered
The possibilities in nursing are limitless.
Nursing offers everyone a wide range of
opportunities for career challenges, travel,
professional development and the personal
satisfaction of working in a caring profession
that helps people to get well or to stay healthy.”
–Canadian Nurses Association, 2009 (revised)
practice, education, administration, research and policy
• health clinics
• schools
• wellness programs in the
• doctors’ offices
• home care
• family planning clinics
• poison control centres
• prenatal and well-baby clinics
• rehabilitation centres
• sexually transmitted disease
• AIDS hospices
intensive care
operating room
cardiovascular (heart)
oncology (cancer)
pediatrics (children)
palliative (dying people)
geriatrics (seniors)
Admission Requirements
• Eligible applicants have
completed a bachelor's
degree or significant progress
(minimum of 48 UBC
transferrable non-nursing
credits) toward a degree in
another field of study at a
recognized university and who
will complete the prerequisite
courses by June 15 of the year
they apply for entry
ie June 15, 2015 for entry in
September 2015.
Admission Requirements
• Since Nursing is an
undergraduate degree graduate credit is not
• If you have a degree from
another country please send
[email protected]
• a) the name of the degree
• b)name of the institution
• c) name of city
• D) name of country
Admission Requirements
• All prospective students must
demonstrate a minimum level
of the English Language to
attend UBC
• Look at www.ubc.ca and
then search under ELAS
(English Language
Admission Standard)
for the admission requirements
Admission Requirements
Criminal Record Check
When: within 3 months of
beginning the program
Why: Clearance to work with children
and vulnerable older adults
If you have a been convicted of any
offense - consult Ministry of Justice
for advice at 1-855-587-0185 or
[email protected]
CRNBC Requisite Skills and Abilities
• It is important that you review the Skills and
Requisites set out by our regulating body the
College of Registered Nurses (CRNBC)
• You will need to be able to meet this in order to
obtain your registration
CRNBC Website;
Immunization Policy Alert:
• The School of Nursing is updating their immunization
policies following a directive from the provincial
government regarding the new influenza immunization
infection control policy. These measures, for all health
care workers, include either receiving the influenza
vaccination (the preferred option) or wearing a
surgical/procedure mask during flu season.
• Questions or concerns about this or other required
immunizations, please contact, [email protected]
or call 604-822-9754
Admission Prerequisites
completed with transcripts in by June 15
• 3 credits of English at 100 level of higher
(no time limit )
• 6 credits of Human Anatomy &
Physiology (within the last 7 years)
-covers anatomy and physiology of all the body
Examples of two A & P online options:
1) Athabasca Biol 235 (6 credits)
2) TRU 1593 & 1693 (2 x 3 credits)
- For courses not listed - fill out PLAR form
link found on BSN admissions site
- Biol 155 is not accepted as 6 cred. of A & P
- Courses that transfer as Biol 155 credit
will be reviewed for equivalency to A& P
Admission Requirements
• Application deadline to UBC 3rd year BSN is
December 1st - previous and current UBC students
submit "Change of Faculty" . A new student – go to
youBC create an account and then do application
• Receive an email telling you what
transcripts are needed and how
to access supplemental.
>NB Change Transcripts normally due January 30
(are due Feb. 2, 2015) including interim transcripts
for prerequisite courses in progress).
Admission Requirements
• 2nd part of the application is a
**normally due Janaury 30
for 2015 are due Feb. 2
1. Resume
showcases your
education history, work experience,
volunteer/community service work,
leadership roles or activities and
extra-curricular activities
2.Personal Statement
introduces you to the committee
3. Referee Contacts (2 of them)
- not reference letters
Who gets an interview
• Based on
• 60% on GPA and 40% supplemental
• Minimum of 70% GPA based on the
last 30 credits up to December of the
year you apply.
Admission Requirements
• From about 500+
eligible applicants ▫ the top 200 are invited
for an interview in mid
April and then 120 are
offered seats in the
School of Nursing
Interview Process
• Multiple Mini Interviews
▫ 6-8 stations for 6-8 minutes each
What happens after the interview?
• Scores are tallied and by the 2nd week in May
offers are made 120
Accept offers by June 15 and all final transcripts
for courses in progress must have been received.
Accept all applications but in the final selection
process preference is given to Canadian citizens
and permanent residents.
School Fee Information
In addition to:
University fees (courses,
faculty, AMS, etc.)
There are Nursing
Specific Costs:
2) Frequently Asked Questions
• Books for the program cost
approx. $1800
• Uniforms
• Immunizations
• Medical equipment
(stethoscope, blood pressure
• Student Accident Insurance
• Photo ID
• Graduation fees
• CNA Registration Exam
• Total including books
= about
General Program Curriculum
• There are 5 consecutive terms beginning the first
Tuesday of September after a compulsory
Orientation the last week in August
2015 the dates are August 26/27
• No opportunities for
international placements
as part of the program
General Program Curriculum
• 1st term:
▫ a Foundations course N302 and N303 adult
older adult
▫ in clinical 3 weeks into the program
▫ 3 thread courses that run throughout the first 4
1)N304 Relational Practice
2) N305 Critical Inquiry
3) N306 Policy/Ethics/Leadership
General Program Curriculum
• Starting in term 2 and continuing through terms
3 &4 the students rotate through 5 professional
practice courses - 6 week rotations with 3 x 8
hour days of clinical per week in Maternity,
Pediatrics, Mental Health, Community and a 12
week rotation of Adult/Older Adult acute care.
• Need to be back on time for the beginning
of each term- classes start the first day of
General Program Curriculum
• The 5th term includes a synthesis project, a
major focus clinical rotation of 6 weeks and a
final 8 week practicum/preceptorship.
Other information:
• ~ 1281 clinical hours in the 20 months
very intense program- days, evenings
and in preceptorship night shifts
• Very low attrition rates
• Very high success rates in the Canadian
registration exam
• Commitment to the program is essential
▫ http://www.nursing.ubc.ca
Current student blog
▫ http://blogs.ubc.ca/bsnhandbook
EMAIL: first contact the information email
▫ [email protected] or call
822-9754 (Ruxandra)
▫ Admissions advisor
[email protected]