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FY 2015 P-CARD
Krishna Nichols – P-Card Administrator
[email protected]
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
New cards and all replacement cards will now feature
the new card design
• Light Grey/Blue with GRU logo
• “Tax Exempt” and FEIN printed on front
• Cardholder Name followed by Georgia Regents
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
Approval Process in Works:
Cardholder – Approver(Manager) – Auditor (Krishna)
P-Card cycle starts and resets on the 28th of each month
Balances become available once the Approver signs off
All transactions that post to Works must be allocated
and signed-off.
– Exception: the charge is in dispute and Krishna/BOFA has been
• All transactions must be allocated and signed-off around the 5th
of each month.
• Activity schedule available online for monthly deadlines
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
Review (continued)
• Be sure to allocate all charges in Works to the correct
PC#/CFC/account code combination
• Add comments in Works and on paper documentation
• Comments in Works CANNOT be edited so be mindful
• All charges on the Bank of America statement must
match the charges on your Monthly Report/Activity Log
• Include special approvals or any additional
documentation with your receipts
• Sign Bank of America Statement
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
Review (continued)
• Statement Packets need to include the following items
(in order)
- SIGNED Bank of America Statement
- Activity Log/Monthly Report from Works
- Detailed Receipts and related paperwork(in
statement order)
- Documentation of FedEx/UPS charges for
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
P-Card “Don’ts”
• No Food
• No Travel (Registration is still allowed)
- Don’t even use it to hold a room
• No Furniture
• No equipment over $2,999.99 (including
• No personal items such as
- Hand sanitizer, facial tissues, dust busters, fans,
heaters, microwaves, coffee makers
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
P-Card Don'ts (continued)
• No orders over $4,999.99
• No splitting purchases
– This means splitting an order to avoid the single
transaction limit. This is NOT ALLOWED and can
result in loss of P-Card.
– If you have an order that is more than $4,999.99
please contact the P-Card Administrator (Krishna) to
discuss the best means of making the purchase.
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
P-Card Do’s
• Below is just a small list of the allowable purchases.
Please refer to the P-Card Purchasing Do’s and Don’ts
handout that was given to you in training and available
on the website.
– Books, Reprints, Pre-printed Matter
– FedEx/UPS (All receipts must include the ship to address)
– Dues/Membership (Must include the Accounts Payable
Memorandum Form; Cannot be an automatic renewal
(No Amazon Prime Membership!)
– Registrations (Use of the P-Card is strongly encouraged, except
where this includes food & lodging that is priced separately)
– Software (Less than $999.99 per item and does not store PHI or
IPI data elements)
Sales Tax
Georgia Regents University is a tax
exempt entity. The P-Card holder needs to
inform the vendor of our tax exempt status
prior to purchase. The tax exempt form is
available on the website below.
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
Cardholder Responsibilities
• Use P-Card for legitimate business purposes only
• Safeguard the P-Card
- Keep in a locked drawer/file cabinet that only the
P-Card holder has access to.
• Do not allow others to use your P-Card
• Obtain a receipt for all transactions.
• Understand allowable purchases and non-allowable
purchases (If in doubt, always check with Krishna)
• Make sure that GA sales tax is not charged when
making a purchase with the P-Card
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
Cardholder Responsibilities
• Reconcile statements and receipts every month around
the 5th.
- Failure to meet the deadlines in place will result in
infraction letters and possible suspension of PCard use.
• Immediately report lost or stolen cards to BOA and
P-Card Administrator(Krishna)
• Immediately report fraudulent charges to BOA and
P-Card Administrator(Krishna)
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
Approver Responsibilities
• Be familiar with GRU’s purchasing card policies and
• Review and approve monthly transactions in WORKS
by the deadline (Not just sign the statements)
• Approvers must be aware that they are just as
responsible as the P-Card holder for transactions
• Attend annual training for review of P-Card policies and
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
• What is the difference between my monthly credit
limit and my available funds?
– Monthly Credit Limit is the line of credit that you have
been authorized to spend within a cycle period
– Available Funds is the Monthly Credit Limit minus any
outstanding transactions that have not been signedoff by an Approver…it doesn’t matter when the
transactions posted…two months ago or two days
– Pending charges will also be included in the
“Balance” or total spend
• Why is my card declining?
A card can decline when it does not have available credit.
Exceeding the single transaction limit.
It can also decline if cardholder is trying to purchase something
over the internet and does not enter the address on the card
exactly as it appears with the Financial Institution.
– Your card will decline if you have not allocated your transactions.
– The Merchant Category Code (MCC) is blocked. Each merchant
that accepts a credit card has an assigned four-digit Merchant
Category Code that identifies the type of goods/services provided. If
An MCC code is blocked, the P-Card will decline.
Q & A continued
• If your P-Card is declined
– Contact BOA at 1-888-449-2273.
– P-Card Administrator 706-721-9441.
• I need to make a purchase that is greater than my
single transaction limit or exceeds my available
balance. How can I place the order without splitting
the transaction?
– At any time, a temporary increase in either the Single
Transaction Limit or the Monthly Limit can be done at
the request of the Approver, if within P-Card
– The increase is nearly instant.
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
• What happens if I do not allocate and sign-off on my
transactions in a timely manner?
– If you do not allocate and sign-off on transactions, it
could cause problems if the transactions post to the
wrong budget or under the wrong account number
– Your available credit will not be refreshed, eventually
causing problems with vendors when your card is
– Habitually late allocation and sign-off could result in
infraction letters and revocation of p-card privileges
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
• How can I change the allocation information or add comments
to a transaction that I have already signed-off on?
– You can’t change the allocation information…email Krishna with
all the information and she can do it
– However, you can see the transactions after signing-off and you
can add further comments:
• Click on Tools, then Search, then Transactions
• Click on the calendar beside “Posting Date” and select a date
range for the search, click finish
• You can also enter an amount range to narrow down the
• Click Search, then select the transaction you need from the
results pane at the top to review the details
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
• What do I do if I see a charge in Works that I did not make?
– Fraudulent charge - call Bank of America at (866)500-8262 to
report it
• They will review recent charges on your account to verify
which ones are valid, issuing a credit for those that aren’t
• May send you a form that must be submitted back to them
• A new card will be issued with a new number and mailed to
– Disputed charge – call Bank of America at (866)601-9490
• Documentation must be submitted for the disputed charge
• Temporary credit may be issued until dispute is resolved
– Notify Krishna in either circumstance, as these fraudulent or
disputed transactions must be noted on the master reconciliation
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
• What do I do if I get charged sales tax?
– Contact the vendor to get a refund
– Email or fax a copy of the sales tax exemption form to
the vendor if necessary
– Put comments on P-Card documentation
– Put comments in Works
– Sign-off on transaction…don’t leave it pending
– When credit posts for taxes, allocate to the same
account as the original charge
FY14 P-card Refresher Training
• Do I need to get a credit for a returned item or sales
tax in the same month as the original charge?
– No
• Put comments in Works and on documentation
• Allocate and sign-off on original charge
• When credit posts, allocate to same account as
original charge
• Why do I need an Activity Log and a Works Summary
Report/Transaction Log? Aren’t those the same?
– The purpose of the Activity Log is to provide
documentation that you are keeping track of the
orders that you are placing, including expected
delivery dates and actual received dates…even
orders that you have placed, but have not received
– The purpose of the Works Summary Report is to
ensure that you have allocated the transactions to the
correct budget and to serve as a summary to provide
additional details to approvers
• Do I need to do anything when I notice that my PCard is about to expire?
– Renewal cards are automatically sent each month to
– You will be notified by email if there are any
requirements to be completed prior to receipt of the
replacement card
• What do I need to do if my approver is on an
extended leave of absence?
– Contact Krishna to setup a secondary person in
charge of the department
– The secondary person can be set up in Works as a
backup approver and trained on p-card regulations
– If there are transactions that “disappear”, those can
be swept and allocated appropriately by Krishna, then
the Activity Log and Statement can be signed by the
backup approver to show review and “sign-off”
Q& A
• Can I use my P-Card instead of going to Health
– No - if the vendor is a Health eShop vendor, or if there is
a vendor in Health eShop that offers a comparable item
• Exceptions require prior approval and comments
should be added to documentation and Works
– No – if the item is from a Health eShop vendor, but not
available in Health eShop (“restricted” items), then a
“regular” special request requisition needs to be entered
– Yes – if the item, or comparable item, is not available
from a vendor in Health eShop
• Can I pay for a membership with my P-Card?
– Yes. If it is an institutional membership that is in the
department’s name or if it can be transferred to a
different person if needed
– What if it’s an individual membership?
• Fill out an Individual Membership Form showing
authorization from the department head and attach
to your documentation
• If in doubt…fill out the form
State Procurement Revisions
Updates to the Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM)
This communication is to announce there will be no changes to the Georgia
Procurement Manual (GPM) effective July 1, 2014. Since there were no
legislative changes affecting procurements during the last legislative session,
no changes to the GPM will be made at this time.
The State Purchasing Division is reviewing the GPM at this time for efficiencies
that can be made to improve specific procurement processes for all state
entities. Any change to procurement processes will require the GPM to be
revised; however, it is anticipated those changes will be identified and detailed
for your information by Official Announcement by mid-August along with a
publication date of the revised GPM.
GRU P-Card Policy Revisions
The GRU Purchasing Card User’s Guide was revised
on December 3, 2014.
• The revision includes:
• Specific information regarding who’s designated to have
• UPS/FedEx charges/receipts
• Non-Allowable purchase- Memberships from Wholesale
Warehouses e.g. Amazon Prime
• Inactive Cards
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