Yukon Asset Advisors I

Spring, 2011
 Yukon Asset Advisors I (“Yukon”) will acquire at deep discounts final nonappealable uncollected US based legal judgments, locate the judgment
debtor’s secreted assets, and enforce and collect on those judgments.
 Yukon will seek to purchase judgments with the following characteristics:
 Judgment size: ranging from $5-75 million per judgment
 Expected average recovery period per judgment of approximately 13 months
 The management team of Yukon Asset Advisors I will be led by Juval Aviv,
an internationally-renowned expert on security and asset location and
recovery. Mr. Aviv is the founder and chairman of Interfor, Inc., a security
consulting firm located in New York with offices and affiliates globally
launched in 1979.
 Yukon will retain Interfor to assist in identifying judgments, providing
investigative services and working for legal counsel, to acquire the
judgments, locate the secreted assets, enforce, and collect on these
 The judgment collection business is a fragmented yet pervasive business.
While some detail of the terms of legal judgments are part of the public
domain via court decisions, the pursuit and recovery of these assets are
outside the public domain principally due to the desire on the part of the
client (the judgment holder) and the client’s legal counsel to keep this
information confidential.
 A typical process will include the following steps:
1) Identify a seasoned, final, non-appealable judgment or fine rendered
by a court in the United States
2) Perform preliminary due diligence to determine the enforceability of
the judgment and the likelihood that there are sufficient attachable
assets to satisfy the judgment
3) Negotiate and purchase the judgment for pennies on the dollar
4) Investigate the location of secreted assets and freeze the assets with
the support and assistance of local legal counsel
5) Negotiate a settlement of the judgment and/or collect the assets. If
the assets are not in the form of cash or cash-equivalent securities,
liquidate the assets and collect the cash.
1) Note: It may be a better risk/return profile for Yukon investors if some judgments
are settled in a negotiated manner rather than prosecuted to their conclusion.
 Juval Aviv - CEO and Director: Mr. Aviv served in the 60s and 70s in the
Israeli Defense Force, leading an elite commando/intelligence unit, and
was assigned to the Israeli Secret Service for which he participated in a
number of intelligence and special operations. Now a US Citizen, he
founded Interfor in 1979. He regularly consults with intelligence and law
enforcement agencies and supervises all investigative matters for Interfor.
Mr. Aviv received a B.A. from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of IDF
Strategic Intelligence Program and NYPD Academy Management Program.
He is also a member of American Society for Industrial Security.
 Robert Castro, CPA - Chief Financial, Operating Officer and Director: Mr.
Castro has more than 30 years of audit, tax and business advisory
experience. Prior to Yukon Asset Advisors I, Bob was an Assurance Partner
and the Managing Director of the Financial Services Group at the
international accounting firm of BDO Seidman, LLP, New York (now known
as BDO USA). In Bob’s role as Managing Director he oversaw the delivery
of audit and tax services to over 400 hedge funds with assets under
management exceeding 55 billion dollars. Some of Bob’s clients included
some of the worlds largest and most respected funds including
Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund, Fir Tree Capital Partners and
York Capital.
 Nathaniel Weisel, Esq. - Attorney: Nathaniel Weisel has been an attorney
since 1998 with extensive experience in matrimonial and intellectual
property law. He joined Interfor after being in private practice for over ten
years. He holds a J.D. from New York Law School as well as a B.A. from
Columbia University. Nathaniel, who is currently employed by Interfor, will
devote the majority of his time to Yukon Asset Advisors I.
 Davin Goldsztajn, Esq. - Investigator: Mr. Goldsztajn is currently the
Director of International Investigations & Recoveries at Interfor, where he
oversees asset detection efforts encompassing all international and
domestic jurisdictions. Prior to joining Interfor, Mr. Goldsztajn practiced
law representing major financial institutions in the enforcement of
security interests and in the defense of regulatory investigations. He holds
a J.D. from Northwestern University as well as a B.A. in Political Economy
of Industrialized Societies from U.C. Berkeley. Davin, who is currently
employed by Interfor, will devote the majority of his time to Yukon Asset
Advisors I.
 Ted Raboy, Vice President - Investigations: Mr. Raboy is an industry
veteran with more than 30 years of professional Marketing/Business
Development experience. Over the years, Ted has initiated thousands of
contacts among lawyers, accountants, bankers, equity funds, real estate
developers. In prior roles, Mr. Raboy was instrumental in raising over $120
million for investment banking and real estate transactions. Ted has a
Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin and has
participated in executive programs at CUNY and NYU.
 Selvyn Seidel, Esq., Director - Selvyn Seidel is the non-executive Chairman
of Burford Group Limited. His background includes 40 years as legal
counsel representing businesses in the United States and abroad.
Most recently, as a senior partner at Latham & Watkins, Mr. Seidel
management responsibilities include Chairman of the International
Practice, Chairman of the International Litigation and Arbitration Practice
Group, and Chairman of the New York Litigation Department. In 1985, he
co-founded the New York office of Latham & Watkins, an office which
today is the largest among the firms 27 offices; he founded the
International Litigation and Arbitration Group, which is now an active and
significant part of the firm's practice areas; and when he was Chairman of
the International Practice Group, the first offices abroad were established,
London, Hong Kong, and Russia, with the offices abroad now numbering
Mr. Seidel graduated from the University of Chicago (1964, B.A.,
economics), the University of California (Berkley) Law School (1967, J.D.,
California Law Review), and the University of Oxford, (1968, Dip. Law,
Linacre College). Selvyn will serve as a Director of Yukon Asset Advisors I.
 Seth Taube, Esq., Director - Seth Taube is head of the trial section in the
New York office of Baker Botts LLP. Mr. Taube handles commercial and
securities litigation, SEC and state attorney general defense, corporate
governance and white collar criminal defense matters in federal and state
courts. He has also handled bankruptcy litigation and energy disputes.
Mr. Taube has recently acted as liquidator's lead counsel for a significant
hedge fund collapse; has defended senior management of a leading stock
research company in SEC investigations; and has handled FCPA
inquiries, option back dating investigations, mortgage backed securities
matters and inquiries of major mutual funds and their senior executives by
the SEC and state attorneys general. Mr. Taube has extensive experience
in securities-related regulatory and internal investigations as well as
securities and international arbitrations.
Mr. Taube served as Branch Chief of Enforcement at the Northeast
Regional Office of the SEC. He was awarded the Manuel Cohen
Distinguished Lawyer Award by the Commissioners in 1982 and served as
a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Securities Crime Unit of
the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York.
Seth will be a Director of Yukon Asset Advisors I.
 Adam Frieman, Director - Adam is a Co-Chairman of Etico Capital, a
merchant bank focused on investing its own capital and raising third party
capital for small cap, growth-oriented investments in the financial
services, consumer and technology space. Adam has over 25 years of
equity capital markets and risk management experience, having been
Deputy Head of Equity Capital Markets and Head of Equity Risk
Management at UBS for 12 years. Adam chaired the Capital Commitment
Committee for UBS’ Equity Capital Markets and was responsible for
developing and running the firm’s equity derivatives business. Adam has
been a guest lecturer at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
on various topics in equity risk management. Adam has a Bachelor of Arts
from Brandeis University and an MBA from the Wharton School, University
of Pennsylvania. Adam will be a Director of Yukon Asset Advisors I.
 Robert Fallah, Director - Bob is a Co-Chairman of Etico Capital, a merchant
bank focused on investing its own capital and raising third party capital for
small cap, growth-oriented investments in the financial services,
consumer and technology space. Bob has over 28 years of experience in
the investment banking and financial services sector. Among his many
accomplishments, Bob has served as Co-Chairman of Arjent Capital LLC, a
multinational emerging growth financial services organization, he was
founder and CEO of Robert Todd Financial Corp, a broker-dealer and smallcap underwriter and Co-Founder and CEO of Life Group, an investment
banking and financial consulting firm which went public in 1985. Bob has
also served in various senior management roles at companies for whom
he has raised capital including Spiderfuel Inc. and Silicon Island Equities, a
venture capital and merchant banking firm. Mr. Fallah has a Bachelor of
Arts from Adelphi University. Bob will be a Director of Yukon Asset
Advisors I.
 Dan Ventricelli, Director. Mr. Ventricelli is a Managing Director of
Capstone’s Litigation and Forensic Practice Group and is based in
Capstone’s New York office. Mr. Ventricelli has over 22 years of experience
working with counsel to conduct accounting and financial investigations,
provide litigation consulting and expert witness services in complex
commercial disputes and serve as forensic accountant/financial advisor to
trustees, debtors, lenders and committees. Prior to joining Capstone, Mr.
Ventricelli was at Protiviti where he serves as a Managing Director in the
Litigation, Restructuring and Investigative Services practice. Prior to
Protiviti, he was a Senior Managing Director in the Forensic and Litigation
Consulting segment at FTI Consulting. Mr. Ventricelli received both his
Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and his Juris Doctor from St.
John’s University. He is a CPA a Certified insolvency and Restructuring
Advisor (CIRA) and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Dan will be a Director of
Yukon Asset Advisors I.
 Yukon will be managed by:
 Juval Aviv, CEO
 Robert Castro, CFO
 Nathaniel Weisel, Esq.
 Davin Goldsztajn, Esq.
 Ted Raboy, Vice President, Investigations
 Yukon will enter into an arms-length agreement with Interfor, Inc. to
provide support on identifying, analyzing and evaluating judgments. The
day to day oversight of this agreement will be managed by Robert Castro.
 Yukon will retain law firms to process and recover judgments who will hire
Interfor to locate secreted assets.
 Yukon will purchase a $7.0 million key man life policy on Juval Aviv.
 Interfor is a worldwide corporate investigations and physical security
consulting firm with headquarters in New York, New York. The firm was
founded in 1979 and has offices in 23 countries throughout the world.
 Major lines of business include: asset search and recovery, corporate due
diligence, white-collar corporate fraud, physical security consulting and
assessment and corporate due diligence.
 Interfor’s asset investigation services have been used by major law firms,
banks, corporations and governmental agencies to trace and locate assets
concealed or undisclosed in the U.S., the Caribbean, Cook Islands
Switzerland, Lichtenstein and other offshore “safe havens.”
 Interfor’s due diligence services provides intelligence gathering concerning
U.S. and international companies, business transactions and ventures, pretransaction intelligence and competitor assessments.
 Etico Capital, a Division of Halcyon Cabot Partners, has conducted
preliminary due diligence on Interfor and Juval Aviv. Our review included a
limited review of judgments that Interfor has worked on for clients, a
discussion about both Interfor and Juval Aviv with a number of prominent
law firms that regularly retain Interfor and Mr. Aviv to assist in judgment
recovery, and a review of the judgment collection process.
 Due to the confidential nature of judgment recoveries and the
unwillingness of the owners of the judgments (the clients) or their legal
counsel to disclose detail about recovery rates or levels, it is not
completely feasible to systematically review the end result of the
judgments that Interfor and Juval Aviv have worked on, on behalf of their
clients. The client/attorneys that spoke to us generally agree that
Interfor/Aviv have performed the search and recovery function very
effectively and they would continue to use Interfor in the future.
 Yukon has preliminarily identified twenty four judgments representing an
aggregate face amount of over $375 million as opportunities to purchase.
 Three near-term examples include:
 Judgment 1: A $40 million judgment where the assets have been identified by Yukon.
Preliminary review suggests that this judgment can be purchased for approximately
$100,000-$200,000 and a significant portion may be recoverable within the next 90-180
 Judgment 2: A $10 million judgment where Yukon believes the defendant, prior to
fleeing the U.S. wired money abroad. Interfor investigators believe that these assets are
traceable and can ultimately be recovered.
 Judgment 3: A $7 million judgment where Yukon has already identified assets including
real estate, inventory, factories and bank accounts.
 The following financial model highlights expected costs and expenses to
prosecute and recover judgments. General assumptions include:
 A capital raise of between $7.0 million and $10.0 million
 Term: 2 years
 Payments to Interfor for investigative work to be negotiated at arms
 Payments to law firms for collection services to be negotiated at arms
 Salaries/compensation:
 Juval Aviv, CEO - $100,000
 Robert Castro, CFO - $75,000
 Ted Raboy, Vice President - $50,000
 Average judgment face amount: $15 million
 Average judgment purchase price: 5.0% of face amount
 Total number of judgments purchased: 4-6*
 Assumed recovery rate: 50%
 Transaction costs, commission, organizational costs, G&A costs
* Size and number of judgments will be partially determined by the total amount of capital raised
in this offering. However, the term of Yukon Asset Advisors I is expected to be approximately two
 Yukon Asset Advisors I is a limited liability company, the Managing
Member of which will be owned Juval Aviv (44%), affiliates of Etico Capital
LP (46%) and certain employees of Interfor (10%).
 Investors in Yukon Asset Advisors I will be allocated the following
percentages of return of capital for the corresponding Internal Rate of
Return, with the balance allocated pro rata to the Managing Members.
up to 8%
from 8% to 25%
from 25% to 35%
above 35%
Percent of Net Cash Flow
Allocated to Investors
 Yukon intends to raise no less than $7.0 million and up to $10.0 million in
March, 2011 in order to proceed with the review, acquisition and recovery
of the judgments outlined in this presentation.
 The subscription agreement and operating agreement will be available for
investor review on March 15, 2011. If you are interested in receiving more
information including the subscription agreement you will be asked to sign
a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement.
 This presentation is for informational purposes only and is not intended
to be complete. Prospective investors, all of whom shall be “accredited
investors”, should carefully read this presentation in its entirety, ask
questions of representatives of Yukon , review the subscription
agreement , and consult with their own tax, legal and investment
personnel prior to making an investment decision. An investment in
Yukon Asset Advisors I involves a high degree of risk and should only be
considered by those who can afford to lose their entire investment.
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