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Research & Technology
New Faculty Orientation
August 12, 2013
Welcome to ASU!
Researchers at Arkansas State are at the forefront of
posing innovative solutions to some of the most
challenging questions facing today’s society.
From high performance computing platforms to plantbased bioproduction to cultural heritage projects, ASU
continues to make the world a better place.
Overview of Research Administration
 People
 Who does what and where are they?
 Systems
 What is in place and how does it work?
 Developmental Activities at ASU
 What is available and how do I utilize it?
Overview of Research Administration
Overview of Research Administration
Office of Research & Tech Transfer (ORTT)
 We are the “pre-awards” office for ASU.
We assist with the preparation, submission,
and tracking of all proposals. We also negotiate
all award contracts.
• All external funding requests must be submitted through our
office. We are the official point of contact for ASU.
• It’s never too early to contact our office. Call or email Cheryl,
Carla or Rebekah to assist you with your proposal preparation
and submission.
Office of Research & Tech Transfer
Cheryl Dison, MPA
Director of Research Development
[email protected]
Location: 6th Floor Library
Office of Research & Tech Transfer
Carla Borden
Research Development Specialist
Business, Communication, Education, Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Nursing & Health Professions, University College
[email protected]
Location: 6th Floor Library
Office of Research & Tech Transfer
Rebekah Craig, MPH
Research Development Specialist
Arkansas Biosciences Institute, Agriculture, Engineering, Sciences & Mathematics
[email protected]
Location: 6th Floor Library
Office of Research & Tech Transfer
Latonya Tidwell
Research Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Location: 6th Floor Library
Office of Research & Tech Transfer
Kimberly Marshall, MPA
Director of Research Compliance
Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)
Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
Radiation & Laser Safety Committee (RSC)
Laboratory Safety Training
Export Control
[email protected]
Location: 6th Floor Library
Office of Research & Tech Transfer
Brian Rogers, Esq.
Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer Manager
[email protected]
Location: 6th Floor Library
ASU Grant Proposal Process
Departmental/College Pre-approval
Contact ORTT
Prepare the Proposal
Route Proposal through the Cayuse Approval Chain
Award Notification
Hand-off Meeting
Award Setup-Sponsored Programs Accounting
ASU Grant Proposal Process
 We (ORTT) can help :
 review the solicitation
 ensure eligibility
 examine basic requirements, etc.
 Early communication also helps us:
 manage work flow
 properly review the proposal and budget
 leaves time for questions, errors, etc.
 Should be done when/immediately after you
contact your supervisors!
And the Winner is… YOU!
Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA)
Nikki Turner, Director ([email protected], x2788)
• Jenny Estes ([email protected], x8289)
Sciences & Mathematics
• Whitney Lumpkin ([email protected], x4027)
ABI, Business, Delta Heritage, Engineering, Finance & Administration, Humanities & Social
Sciences, Museum, Nursing & Health Professions, Student Affairs, University College
• Jessica Daniels ( [email protected], x2448)
Academic Affairs, Agriculture, VP Research, Communications, Education,
Fine Arts
• Chelsea Gambill, Account Technician ([email protected], x2400)
Desperately Seeking…
 Professional Development
 Student Opportunities
 Internal Funding
Research Development Programs
• Professional Development Workshops at ASU
• Institute for Research Development
• MEASURE Magazine
• Create @ STATE
• Student Undergraduate Research
Fellowship (SURF) Match & Internal
• Undergraduate Student Travel Awards
• Graduate Student Travel Awards (Graduate School)
Internal Funding Opportunities
• Faculty Research Awards Committee (FRAC)
• Shared Governance Committee – one faculty rep from each academic
• Advisory for four faculty opportunities:
Compensated Leave (October)
Faculty Development Endowment Fund (October & February)
Faculty Reassignment (February)
Faculty Research Fund (February)
Compensated Leave
 Compensated leave may be granted for research, writing, other
professional creative activities, graduate study leading to advanced
degrees, travel for study/research, retraining tenured faculty
members who teach in programs being phased out, or for further
study to upgrade specific program(s).
 Six academic years of service must be completed for traditional
(research, writing, creative activities) sabbatical eligibility.
 Fall Competition
 Submit proposals to ORTT
Faculty Development Endowment
Lane: international travel up to $1000
Deutsch: domestic travel and other activities up to $500
Contingent upon health of stock market
Applicant has not received an award from the fund for 3
 Fall and Spring Competition
 Submit proposals to ORTT
Faculty Reassigned Time
 Semesters of reassigned time provided by
Office of Research & Technology Transfer
 Spring Competition
 Submit proposals to ORTT
 Fall, Spring, or full year
Faculty Research Award
$40,000 provided from E&G
Seed money for larger grants
Used to expand scholarly activity
Only one proposal per PI
Encouraged to include students in proposal
Consult with your college faculty representative
Spring competition for next fiscal year
Submit proposals to ORTT
Contact ORTT for:
All grant proposal submissions
Intellectual Property
Proposal Development Opportunities
FRAC funding opportunities
Thank you!
Cheryl Dison
Director of Research Development
Office of Research & Technology Transfer
[email protected]