ITS Training courses

What’s ITS all about?
Who We are and What We do.
There is much confusion over who is who within
Tufts Technology Services because of all the acronyms.
ITS – Information Technology Services
ITS is the dedicated technology end user service provider for the Schools of Arts and
Sciences, the School of Engineering and the Fletcher School.
UIT –University Information Technology
UIT is the central IT group responsible for much of the backend infrastructure, as
well as some front end services, for all three campuses of Tufts University.
These systems currently include the university high speed network, university
phone system, as well as the Exchange email system and Trunk course
management/collaboration service. UIT also provides Educational and Scholarly
services, as well as Research services. A complete service listing is available at :
Technology Outreach At Tufts
ITS and UIT both have Technology Outreach Programs.
The Outreach programs are working together to provide Medford Campus with the best possible
service for any and all needs.
The ITS program has Shawn Maloney as a dedicated resource for AS&E Faculty and Staff.
UIT has a liaison program where a selected UIT staff member is partnered with a designated
department representative .
We feel that the combination of these two programs will give the maximum exposure of
available technology options to the AS&E client base.
ITS Departments
Technology Services
Web Development
Departmental Server Support
Cohen Auditorium
Instructional Services
Computer Labs: Public and Instructional
Classroom Technology
Student Support for LAN and Email Accounts
Audio/Visual Services
ITS Training
ITS Technology Services
We are here to help the clients of
Information Technology Services
Faculty and Staff of:
The Schools of Arts and Sciences
The School of Engineering
The Fletcher School of Law And Diplomacy
Here is a FAQ about the role of ITS for our clients:
Technology Services
Helpdesk and Desktop Support
Helpdesk :
Call logging of computer, application, and email problems
Desktop Support handles:
Installation, troubleshooting and repair of computer hardware and
software for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix desktop machines.
Creating and maintaining Tufts Accounts
Managing access to Tufts resources (i.e. Network Storage - P: and Q: Drives)
Technology Services
[email protected]
Your single contact point for all computer questions and problems.
The Helpdesk technician will try and help the caller with simple questions and problems such as:
- Resetting a Tufts Username login Password
- Finding the “Right” person to speak to about technical questions not directly related to computers
The technicians of ITS Technology Services take turns staffing the Helpdesk.
We feel the time on Helpdesk keeps the technicians in touch with the pulse of the University.
The ITS Support Web page is located at
Technology Services
Please tell the Helpdesk:
Who you are – Full Name
Your phone number – If you are only available at certain times please say so.
Your Department – This more for the Engineering school than A&S
Your Location – Some departments are split into multiple buildings
What type of computer your using - PC, Mac, Unix, Linix
What your problem is - Please try to be as descriptive as you can
The Helpdesk gets many voice mails of “my computer is broken” when the
computer is working fine but email doesn't work or Excel can’t find a file.
We have upgraded the voicemail system to give you, the client, the option of either
staying in the queue for the next available technician or to leave a message and
you will be contacted by a technician .
Technology Services
Desktop Support
Your Technician
The ITS technicians are known by several names;
IA (Information Analyst), FSP (Frontline Service Provider), Desktop Support Technicians
ITS Technicians provide information and hands on help and service for assistance with:
Network issues
Email problems
Special computer configurations
Hardware replacement planning
Each Technician is on average responsible for 12 departments and approximately 300 users.
The ITS Service Standard’s details the time period that is considered a “Normal Response Time” to your problem.
Response Time is the duration of time from report of the trouble ticket to contacting you about your issue, not the time
from the report to the resolution of your issue.
The Service Standard is located on the ITS Standards page :
Technology Services
Computer Purchases
ITS will help departments with the configuration of all
new computers. If there is a need for a computer that
has unique requirements the technician will help make
sure that the components needed are included in your
- Research project requiring computer enhancements
- Interface with scientific or special use peripheral
- For a Faculty or Staff member with disabilities
The Arts and Sciences
Hardware Replacement Program
The Hardware Replacement program exists to help replace old computers.
Old Computers are defined as computer that are coming off the ITS Hardware Standard’s list.
ITS strongly recommends departments set up plans for replacing the old computers in their
inventories with their technician
Recently this offer to departments has been modified to include peripherals such as printers and
scanners if all computers are in compliance with the ITS Standard. *
The Hardware Replacement page can be found at:
The ITS Standards page is located at :
*There are restrictions on this portion of the program and departments should check the ITS website for full details .
Web Development
The ITS web development team offers web design, development, maintenance and hosting
support for the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering’s school level sites,
departments, centers, labs, and institutes.
ITS also offers hosting services (only) for student organizations within the School of Arts and
Sciences and the School of Engineering.
ITS will maintain a website if the ITS web development team has created the site in-house.
ITS will not provide maintenance services on sites that were developed via an outside design
There is no charge for the services noted above.
To update a website currently maintained by ITS, please send updates to
[email protected]
Web Development
ITS currently updates 110+ websites within the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering. Such sites include:
School of Engineering
Gordon Institute Maddox Psychology Lab,
School of Arts and Sciences
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Center for Science and Math Technology (CSMT)
Web Development
To request a new website within the School of Engineering, please contact Julia
Keller, Communications Manager, Engineering at [email protected]
To request a new website within the School of Arts and Sciences, please contact
Anne Fishman, Director of Communications, Arts and Sciences at
[email protected]
The Web Development Home page can be found at:
A listing of the Web Developments Customers can be found at their Web Portfolio
Departmental Server Support
Microsoft server consultation and support
Unix server, open source software, consultation and support
ITS offers Support to Departments that maintain in-house Windows and UNIX Servers.
Our Senior Server Specialist’s are ready to help with all aspects of Server Support
We can offer help with Virtual Servers or specifications for new equipment (Server, Storage, and Backup)
We can assist with maintenance such as Security and Driver Patches and software updates
We are able to assist with configuring backups
Please speak to our Server Specialist’s if you are interested in ITS hosting your :
mysql, postgres, and filemaker databases
Real Media and Adobe Flash Media Servers
As well as any specialized applications
We strongly suggest that any department that plans to set up a server of any kind please speak with ITS
We will work with you to set up and work on the Tufts Domain and with the Tufts University Network Group
Windows -
Unix -
Firewall -
Departmental Server Support
ITS Server support is currently creating and supporting Virtual Servers.
Here is a short list of the types that are currently actively being supported:
SQL database server
FileMaker database server
Peachtree database server
QuickBooks database server
Specialized web servers/services
File services
3rd party license management
Here are three servers that represent the wide range of specific uses that a virtual server is used
for in daily life at Tufts :
• Ticketing software for the Music, Drama and Campus Life departments
• Video streaming for the football program
• A specialized application used in Engineering for grad student grant applications
Shawn Maloney
ITS Outreach is a department for communication between
ITS and our Clients
ITS Outreach is in constant contact with all ITS departments and works to keep the Faculty and
Staff of the Schools of AS&E and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy informed and
involved in all IT matters that affect them on the Medford Campus.
Outreach communication works both ways, it is also here to make sure that ITS is aware of the
wants and needs of our clients.
Please feel free to contact ITS Outreach with any requests for help or services that you
feel ITS may assist you with.
Shawn Maloney
Assistant Director for ITS Outreach
[email protected]
• Beginning in the Fall semester of 2011 Tufts
Black Board Learning Management System
(LMS) will be replaced by the new TRUNK
LMS. Based on Sakai an open source
collaboration software effort.
• Sakai is used by over 350 schools around the
This effort is being led by UIT with assistance from ITS
TRUNK Resources
The TRUNK webpage:
TRUNK is Simplified Sign On (SSO) enabled so
your login to the TRUNK page is the same Tufts
username and password as your Tufts Domain
TRUNK Resources
TRUNK Support:
Through this site you can see “How To” video’s, tip
sheets and register for workshops.
Instructors can also request content from existing Black
Board sites be ported to their TRUNK sites.
Additional questions about TRUNK may be directed to:
[email protected]
Cohen Auditorium
Cohen Auditorium is the largest auditorium/lecture hall on the Medford Campus
The Auditorium seats 616 with 486 seats in the orchestra and 130 seats in the balcony.
The Auditorium is a multi-use facility serving as a classroom from morning through mid-evening,
Monday through Thursdays, and a performance or conference space on weeknights and weekends.
The Cohen Auditorium web page:
Instructional Services
Groups within Instructional Services
• Computer Labs: Public and Instructional
• Student Support for LAN and Email Accounts
• Classroom Technology
• Audio/Visual Services
• ITS Training
Instructional Services
Computer Labs: Public and Instructional
Eaton Computer Lab – Public lab for AS&E with over 150 computers
(Mix of PC and Mac)
Mugar Computer Lab – Lab for Fletcher Students
(ID’s are checked at the door.)
(Pay for Print Printouts in both labs)
Braker 002 – Instructional Lab, Macintosh computers only
Eaton 208 - Instructional Lab, PC computers only
(Both rooms are reserved through R25)
Computer Lab web page at:
Instructional Services
Support for Student LAN and Email Accounts
Support for Student LAN and Email Accounts is handled at the
ITS Computing Center at Eaton Hall
Students can come during walk-in hours:
“Monday - Friday between 1-5pm with a government issued photo ID card or official Tufts University ID card”
Students may also make an appointment or contact the support personnel
Calling from campus: x7-3701
Calling from off campus: 617-627-3701 or 1-800-207-2194
Emailing: [email protected] or [email protected]
The Student Support web page is at:
Instructional Services
Classroom Technology
ITS has been providing in classroom AV support and equipment since 2001
Classroom Connection page lists all rooms with information about the room
(Rooms are reserved through R25)
Classroom Technology web page at:
Classroom Technology Support Web Page at:
Audio/Visual Services
ITS AV Services supplies equipment and technical knowledge for events in locations without built in resources.
AV Services assists with indoor and outdoor events for the full calendar year.
This a pay for use service open to all Departments, Centers and Student Groups.
The Audio/Visual Services page:
Email - [email protected]
Instructional Services
ITS Training
• Offers more than 20 training courses
– Windows and Mac platform
– Current and previous version
• Individual or small group skill coaching
sessions are available upon request
• Check ITS training calendar online to find
courses of interest to you and to register for a
Courses Offered
• Office Productivity Classes
– Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Content ranges from introductory level to more advanced topics
– Email and Calendaring
• Outlook or Thunderbird client
• Design and Media Classes
– Adobe Acrobat (creating PDFs and forms)
– Adobe Photoshop
• How to manipulate photographs
• Database Classes
– Access (PC) or FileMaker Pro
• Basic setup and design and implementation
How do I sign up for courses?
• Sign up online at
• Get training announcements by email
– Subscribe to the ITS Training email list at
• Check out the training calendar for current
and upcoming courses at
Who do we support?
• School of Arts & Sciences
– Faculty, staff and students
• School of Engineering
– Faculty, staff and students
• Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
– Faculty, staff and students
• Classes are offered in the Mark Computer Lab on
Level 1 of Tisch Library unless otherwise noted
• Documentation for all courses can be found
on the ITS training website
• ITS Training offers free ElementK accounts to
our clients who may not have time to attend
courses or prefer to learn on their own
– Accounts are not unlimited and requests are
fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis
– Accounts are periodically culled to determine
inactive accounts
Learn While You Eat
• ITS Training offers learning brunches and
lunches a few times a month on specialty
– Informal environment
– Designed to be more of a question and answer
period from our audience
– Stay on top of latest trends in technology and
learn from other members of ITS
Helpful ITS URLs
Here is a FAQ about the role of ITS for our clients
The Service Standard is located on the ITS Standards page.
ITS Hardware Standard’s list.
ITS Training website
TRUNK Webpage
TRUNK Support
Email [email protected]
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