Student Veteran Support - University Advisors and Counselors

Advisor Briefing Day 2013
Student Veteran Support
Col. Jerry Smith ’82, USMC (Ret.) - Veteran Resource & Support Center
Nick Kilmer - Veteran Services Office (VSO)
Karen Cambronero - Military Admissions
Serve Well Those Who Have Served!
First things first…
The 2014 Military Friendly Schools® List is out…
– Honors the top 20% of colleges in the country that are
doing the most to embrace America’s military service
members, veterans, & spouses as students & ensure their
success on campus…Texas A&M MADE THE LIST!!!
Today’s Mission…
TAMU Veteran Support Offices
Our Student Veterans & Dependents
Military-Affiliated Student Financial Update
Military Admissions Update
New VRSC Support & Resources
What else do you want to know? Q & A
VSO, VRSC, & Military Admissions
The Veteran Services Office (VSO)
• Responsible for veteran educational benefits, scholarships &
financial aid advising.
• Pavilion, Room 205
The Veteran Resource & Support Center (VRSC)
• Identifies, develops & provides uniquely tailored resources for
military affiliated students & their families…the “one-stop”
referral shop!
• Koldus, Room 112
VSO, VRSC, & Military Admissions
Vet Success On Campus (VSOC) Counselor
• A collaborative effort between the host university & VA to
provide on-campus support for Veteran students.
• VSOC Mission - Provide supportive services necessary to
ensure that Veteran students are successful in their academic
pursuits, adjust to the campus environment, & eventual
transition to civilian employment.
• Koldus, Room 112 & Pavilion (Email Lynne for office hours)
• Lynne McIntrye ‘91
• [email protected]
VSO, VRSC, & Military Admissions
Military Admissions Liaison
• Counsel/Advise prospective military students on
admissions process, policies & veteran programs.
• Connects prospective military students with college
/department advisors.
• Coordinates with Deans/Dept Heads/Advisors to resolve
military student admissions (or other) issues.
• Initial contact for Military Service Credit questions & the
new VETS Program.
• Koldus, Room 112 (now in the VRSC)
• [email protected]
VSO, VRSC, & Military Admissions has been upgraded…It is the
starting point for connecting anyone to veteran related
information & services provided by these offices.
Our Student Veterans & Dependents
Students Receiving Veterans’ Benefits
(as of 11 Sep ‘13)
Veterans* – 521
Active Duty Service Members – 22
Total Current or Former Military - 543
Dependents of Veterans – 1,616
Total Military Affiliated Students – 2,159
*This figure does not include student Veterans
not receiving educational benefits. We estimate
that there are over 700 student Veterans on
The Typical Aggie Student Veteran
• Older (26 average)
• Married/Families (40%)
• Still serving (Reserve/Nat’l Guard) (30%)
• Combat (55%) 15% with 20+ months deployed)
• Transfer Student (69%)
• Time in Service (5.4 years average)
• 36% Grad Students
• Plus…400+ Faculty/Staff Veterans
Typical Issues & Challenges
• The BIG 5: Benefit Processing, Health Care, Insurance,
Academic Advising, & $$$ (bills, billing cycles, living expenses)
Isolation, Alienation or Loss of Identity
Transition to a large campus/classes
Time Management
– Anger Management
– Relationship & Trust Issues
– Substance Abuse
• Transfer Student GPA Drop
Military Admissions Update
• The new “normal...”
• Over 130 new contacts per month!!!
• Most requested academic programs
• My Role
• Listen to these “Non-Traditional” Students
• Stress research into major selection
• Reduce the “unrealistic” academic pursuits
• Connect them with the experts…YOU!!!!
• Military Service Credit Requests
Military-Affiliated Student
Financial Update
Financial Resources Available
• Veteran & Dependent Benefits
• Can be used at other institutions while degree seeking at A&M.
• Can be used for UG, GR, or PR/PL.
• Federal (VA Chapter) Benefits - Pays either T/F, Books, & Housing, or a
Monthly Stipend. Tutoring assistance also available.
• State Benefits (Hazlewood Exemption) - Pays T/F Only!!!
Veteran & Dependent Scholarships
• Must submit University Scholarship Application.
Financial Aid
Military Affiliated Non-Resident Tuition Waivers/Payments
• Military Personnel & Dependents Waiver
• Yellow Ribbon Scholarship
Military-Affiliated Student
Financial Update
Applying for Veterans’ Benefits
• Apply for benefits every semester.
• First-time recipients can apply after being admitted (don’t
have to be registered for courses).
• Renewal recipients can apply after registering for courses.
• Explains the documents required for each benefit.
• Explains how students apply for Federal or State Veterans’ Benefits.
• Students must put their UIN on each page of every document.
• Documents will only be accepted via fax, mail, & in-person.
They will not be accepted via email for security reasons.
Military-Affiliated Student
Financial Update
Benefit Processing Timeline
• VSO processing time is only 5-7 business days…but the VA
may take several weeks to send deposits/checks.
• The Status Tab of the Financial Aid Portal shows the
processing status of student documents (Requested, Missing,
Incomplete, Complete, etc.).
• While students can submit their
benefits documents after being
admitted, their benefits will not be
processed until after they have
registered for courses.
On-Campus Services & Support
Academic Advisors
Just like a military
Faculty & Staff
base…at TAMU the
Peers & Peer Mentors
resources are
Veteran Services Office/VSOC
VRSC/Military Admissions/VSOC
Academic Success Center
Student Counseling Center
Disability Services
Residence Life
Student/Professional Organizations
Aggie Veteran Network
They just need to
New VRSC Support &Resources
The Aggie Veteran Network
Connects Aggie student vets, dependents,
military families, & veteran faculty/staff
with each other & with external
The Mission: First, to connect those who
provide, resources & support to our
students. Second, link our military
affiliated students with high-impact
opportunities to support each other & the
local community.
New VRSC Support & Resources
New Student Conference & Vet Camp
Vet Connect Events
VETS Program (w/ Blinn)
Vet Only History Course
Student Veteran Association & Delta Company Programs
Aggie Veteran Adaptive Sports Club
Riding Therapy - Equine Services for Heroes Program
Peer Mentoring Program
Student Veteran Recognition Programs
Scholarships, Event Tickets & Aggie Rings
Faculty/Staff Veteran Awareness Programs
What else do you want to know?
Serve Well Those Who Have Served!
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