Alcohol & Drug Counseling Orientation Session Powerpoint

Alcohol and Drug
Counseling Certificate
Orientation Session
August 5, 2014
College of Extended and
International Education
 Application
Official Admittance –no restrictions to
Provisional Admittance-will not be able to
enroll beyond this semester if request(s)
are not satisfied.
Program Overview
 Consists of 11courses
 27 extension units—upper division
Courses transfers to Human Services &
Human Services transfer to ADX.
SOC, PSY & Human Services
Prepares students for entry into the field
at a professional level
Well known by treatment centers in area
Approved by most state certifying agencies
CAADAC Approved program
 Introduction to Alcoholism-ADX 300
 Introduction to Counseling-ADX 301
 Counseling the Individual-ADX 302
 Perspectives on Drug Abuse-ADX 303
 Group Counseling Techniques-ADX 304
 Family Dynamics & Treatment-ADX 306
 Seminar in Counseling Fieldwork I- ADX 351
& Counseling Fieldwork I- ADX 352
 Seminar in Counseling Fieldwork II- ADX 353
& Counseling Fieldwork II- ADX 354
Courses-Electives Classes
 Ethical Considerations*
 Cognitive Behavior Treatment–ADX 309
(Domestic Violence )
 Process Additions - ADX 311
(Covers a wide variety of Addictive Disorders)
Class Schedule
 All Classes are offered in the evening only 6:30-
9:30pm Fall and Spring and 6pm to 10pm
during the Summer semester
 All classes are held one day per week for
 Classes are held M-Th on its assigned day
 All students must be registered in a given class
prior to sitting in, in order to participate in the
 You may register AS ADVISED for ADX
300, ADX 301 and/or the elective course
offered this semester (ADX 309 or ADX
311) ONLY
 Registration-A late fee will be charged of
$25 if not registered by 1st day
 Financial Aid-the total cost of the program
is $4625, plus $1300 for books/supplies;
subject to change. Must have 6units for
financial aid 310-243-3647
Registering for Classes
 No on-line registering ONLY in person or via telephone
 Be aware of when school/class start.
Fall, Spring and Summer : last week of the month for
 Attendance/Tardy and Grading
 Speak to instructor if something is going on, not the last
 Review your syllabus over the course of the semester to
ensure you are not missing anything
Class Rotation
 Importance of planning your schedule
 New students can ONLY enroll in ADX 300,
ADX 301 and/or the elective class offered, ADX
309/311. however, if instructed otherwise you
may only take what was advised
 The Introductory courses (ADX 300 & ADX 301)
are offered Fall and Spring semesters ONLY,
All other courses alternate between semesters
and/or course
Class Rotation
 Alternates between semesters:
Individual and Group (302/304), Drugs and
Family (303/306), and the Practicum
Courses (ADX 351/352 & ADX 353/354)
and the Electives Courses (ADX 311 or
ADX 302, 304, 351/352 and 311 are all taught in
the same semester.
ADX 303, 306, 353/354 and 309 are all taught in
the same semester
Class Rotation
 Alternates semesters and between courses:
The Field Work Courses (351/352 & 353/354)
ADX 351 & ADX 352 MUST be taken BEFORE ADX
353 & ADX 354
Fieldwork Classes
 The first Fieldwork Seminar/Internship Classes (ADX
351/352) should not be attended until you have
completed and successfully passed two semesters
 At minimum, you must complete at least 4classes in
the ADX program BEFORE you can enroll in the
Fieldwork I Class and its Internship (ADX 351/352).
 You must PASS Fieldwork I seminar and its
accompany internship class (ADX 351/352) BEFORE
enrolling into Fieldwork II and its accompany
internship class (ADX 353/354).
Fieldwork Classes
 Once enrolled in the Fieldwork Classes (ADX
351/352 or 353/354) you will be required to
affiliate yourself with a State Certifying Agency.
 State website
 Counselor Certification Requirements and
 list of certifying organizations
 You MUST pass ALL classes with a C or better.
 You MUST complete the ADX program courses
with a 2.5 GPA AND all 300 hours of Fieldwork
in order to request the Certificate.
 Consideration for the Certificate can be
submitted AFTER you have passed ALL classes
and grades are posted.
 Submit request to the ADX Administration
Disabled Students
 If you require special accommodations to succeed
in your educational goals while at CSUDH, please
contact Disabled Students at 310-243-3660.
 Please provide all paperwork to each Instructor at
the beginning of the course or as soon as
documentation indicating your need is received.
 Guidelines and Procedures
Professional Conduct.
Professional field, no judgment
Computer/information literacy expectations for
students that include power point presentation, etc.
CLASS for assistance with writing skills
 University Regulations-attendance, plagiarism
 Textbook list
 Parking: Semester pass or daily for $5
 Please refer to
 School Starts: Fall, August 25, 2014
 Veronica Bobe-Kollmeyer, MFT- Domestic Violence
 Dario Ghio, MFT- Introduction to Alcoholism
 Jean Henricks, Ph.D.- Intro to Counseling
 Timothy Hutson, MA- Perspective on Drugs & Process
 George H. Melgarejo, MA, CEAP, SAP- Group
 Victoria Scott, MS,CADC-II, LAADC- Individual and
 Toni B White, LCSW, CDVC-III- Practicum Courses
 Toni, Veronica and Timothy all have their ADX
Open Forum
 Questions and Answers
Thank you and welcome to
the beginning of your new
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