CAH Undergraduate Curriculum Support

Academic Programs
◦ Associate Dean Lynn Hepner,
[email protected]; (407) 823-2251
Undergraduate Curriculum:
◦ Assistant Director Trisha Farmer
[email protected]; (407) 823-4239
◦ CAH Undergraduate Curriculum Website:
Course Approval Process
◦ Special Topics & Course Action Requests
◦ Materials & Supplies Fees
◦ Equipment Fees
Curriculum (Program) Requests
◦ UC2
◦ Program Change Requests
Catalog Updates
Wrapping it Up
Lynn Hepner, Chair – CAH Dean’s Office
Pat Angley– English
Patricia Farless– History
Anne Prucha– Modern Languages and Literatures
Ann Gleig – Philosophy
Thomas Potter – School of Performing Arts
Mark Price – School of Visual Arts and Design
Blake Scott – Writing and Rhetoric
Faculty &
 Proposed changes (program changes, new course proposals, course
revisions, etc.) are approved at the department/program level.
Honors courses should be approved through the UHC. Then, they:
 Move to the college level. Signed, hard copies of forms go to Trisha
Farmer (CAH 190F), and electronic copies go to
[email protected] We review and distribute to the C&S
committee. Once approved there, they:
 Move to the appropriate University committee: UPCC (for program
changes) or UCRC (for Course Action & Special Topics requests).
Once approved there, they:
 Go to Tallahassee for final review.
Course Action Request (CAR) and Special
Topics (ST) forms
◦ Completing the forms: the checklist.
◦ Required documents – CAR, syllabus, and email
correspondence with other units (if applicable)
◦ UC2 requirements for syllabi
 Texts/Readings/Books
 Objectives/Outcomes
 Topics
Honors Courses:
Must be approved by BHC/UHC before submitting to
Team-taught seminars: syllabi & forms must be
identical; must be approved together
Honorized courses: Honors content must be clearly
labeled on syllabus
On CAR/ST: Include “Consent of Honors” (in
prerequisites) and “With Honors content” (in course
Also include “Honors” in the title.
Equipment Fee Request
Applies to all students in a program
For equipment (purchase, maintenance, and/or
Fee limit
May not exceed $90
Deadline for C&S is TBA (October likely).
Submitting an Equipment Fee:
Must include a memo of rationale
Form available at Undergraduate Studies website
Materials & Supplies Fee Request
◦ Fees tied to specific courses; used for items that are
“expendable or consumable.”
◦ Fee limit: $70.00
◦ Completing the form – itemizing
◦ Deadline for C&S is TBA (October likely).
◦ Form available at Undergraduate Studies website
The Process:
Program changes appear in the catalog
the year after they are approved; UC2 is
the first step of this process.
In UC2, approved users will review and edit catalog copy,
upload rationale (a program change memo) for changes,
and submit programs to the college level.
Program Recommendation Forms are the
other part of this process.
Changes made to courses appearing in a
program will need to be approved by the UCRC
before the program changes are given final
You must submit a memo even if you are only
making cosmetic changes.
Send electronic & hard copies of all program
change documents to CAH:
◦ Program change memo
◦ Signed program recommendation form
◦ Catalog copy (“Comparison Document” in UC2)
Estimated deadline for next round of catalog
changes (for the 2015-16 catalog): October 2014
Due to CAH transition, GEP changes, and transition of
undergraduate audits from DARs to PeopleSoft there will be no
major program revisions for this upcoming year.
Start planning now:
Plan your changes carefully since program revisions must
remain in place for a minimum of two years (excluding
extenuating circumstances)
Meetings with Delia, Ashli, Trisha, and Lynn as needed
Program Recommendation Forms:, under
the “Forms” section
Submitting your forms:
Save documents as follows: Course prefix and
number (substitute with Program name for
program changes), title, and document type.
MUH2019_Amer Pop Music Syllabus;
Theatre BFA_Program Rec Form.
Ecopies: [email protected]
Hard copies: Trisha Farmer, CAH190F
UC2 is open!
C&S Server
Website – updates coming soon!