Programs Involving Children Policy

Programs Involving Children Policy
University Office of Public Safety
Policy Background
 Letter from President McRobbie – Jan., 2012
 Policy working group meeting – Jan. 2012 – present
 Policy issued as an interim policy, but in effect –
April, 2012
 Revised policy issued in final form – May, 2013
What does my program have to do to be in
1. Everyone, whether associated with a program or not, has the duty to report suspected
abuse of a minor to Child Protective Services (1-800-800-5556) or local law enforcement
2. Anyone associated with the program that works with children must have a background
check at least every five years (including staff, hourly employees, students, academic, faculty
and volunteers).
3. Someone from your department must fill out the online form to provide information about
the program. The form can be found on OneStart under Services, Protect IU and also
through the site.
4. Your program must have policies and/or procedures covering the areas listed in the
Programs Involving Children policy.
Is my program covered by the policy?
YES, if:
The program is directed at children under 18.
NO, if:
The program is directed at all ages or the general public, such as a varsity athletic event, or a
concert or play.
The program is intended for enrolled IU students.
The state law requirement for reporting abuse applies for anyone under 18, whether or not
they are covered by this policy.
A. Indiana state law requires any person who has reason to
believe that a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect has
an affirmative duty to make an oral report to Child Protective
Services (CPS) 1-800-800-5556 or to their local law
enforcement or to the IU Police department. Failure to report
may result in criminal charges.
B. In addition to notifying CPS and/or local law
enforcement, state law and the university also require that
faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and other university
personnel report any suspected abuse of minors to the
Indiana University Director of Public Safety
C. Indiana University law enforcement and the Director of Public Safety have the
obligation to report any suspected abuse to CPS, which will conduct an
Campus police department;
Campus provost or chancellor;
Office of the VP and General Counsel;
If staff or hourly employees involved – University Human Resource Services;
If students involved – Dean of Students or the campus VCAA, as well as the head of
the student’s department or school;
• If academic – Vice provost or vice chancellor of academic affairs (VCAA) and dean;
• Parents or guardians of child, unless under the circumstances they are the alleged
Background checks
 All faculty and academic staff, staff, students,
volunteers, or other personnel who will work with
 Employees: Human Resources
 Faculty: Academic Affairs
 Volunteers: Director of Public Safety
Program information
Someone from your department must fill out the
online form to provide information about the
program. The form can be found on OneStart under
Services, Protect IU and also through the site.
Program information
To document the system’s programs that involve children
Used as a reference for others, i.e. - VCs, IUPD
Others can be given management rights to see the programs and
associated information
contact info
size and scope of program
not relational to any other database or form
not an approval request.
Program information
Program policies
All programs:
 Transportation
 Plans for weather emergencies
 Appropriate levels of access to and supervision of children
 Appropriate physical contact and communication
 Appropriate forms
 First aid and medical treatment
Programs including overnight stays must add policies about:
 Identification to be worn by staff members, and participants if appropriate
 Curfews
 Code of conduct for participants
 Substance-free housing and facilities
 Residential supervision
Where are we now?
 Revised and updated policy as of May, 2013
 Since Programs Involving Children policy issued: 727 programs registered
 Additional training in development
 Planned improvements to background check system
 Internal Audit has started to consult on PIC policy compliance
 Improve access for students and incorporate into class requirements where needed
Clery and the DOE
 Campus Security Authority
Identify Institution CSAs:
Message sent to employees to register based on their role.
The form can be found on OneStart under Services, Protect IU and
also through the site.
CSAs and their supervisors are required to take an online training
module annually.
As a CSA, you must contact IUPD and complete a Campus Security
Authority Crime Report form.
Clery and the DOE
Campus Security Authority
 Policy Website –
Programs Involving Children Policy
(under “Administration & Operations” or “New Policies)
 Programs Involving Children – online form:
Services Tab  Protect IU radio button Programs Involving
 Campus Security Authority  Protect IU
CSA Registration is on the left in a drop down menu
Jerry Minger – University Director of Public
Safety ([email protected])
Nicholas DauSchmidt – Assurance Programs
Specialist ([email protected])
Kasey Hayes – Assurance Programs Specialist
([email protected])
Jenny Kincaid – Director of Policy Administration
([email protected])
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