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Geography Grad Student Computing Resources (and stuff)
September 23, 2013
Geography Computing Team Introductions
• Dylan Parenti – I.T. Manager / Interactive Campus Map
(ICM) Director
• Guylene Gadal – Web Developer & Linux/UNIX Admin.
• Bryan Karaffa – Research Computing Specialist / ICM
– Supports the following research groups:
• VIPER Lab (Roberts);
• [email protected] Center (Kuhn/Hegarty);
• Soils Group (Chadwick);
• Human-Environment Dynamics Group (Lopez-Carr);
• Sustainability (Maynard);
• GeoTransportation Group (Goulias).
• Computing Lab Supervisor (currently vacant)
Department Network
• Three major subnets, 128.111.nnn.0/24 (where nnn
= 104,106,234)
– Unless, you decide to be fully wireless, your office computer will be on one
of these, and your IP address is assigned via DHCP, and does not change.
• Three computer instructional labs
Jeffrey L. Star Lab (Ellison Hall, Rm. 2610)
 Descartes Lab (Ellison Hall, Rm. 3620)
 Physical Geography Instructional Lab (PGIL) (Phelps
Hall, Rm. 2525)
• One grad student-only computing lab
 [email protected] Lab (Ellison Hall, Rm. 2616)
 Occasionally, undergrads working on grants are allowed access
Departmental Computing: 2013-2014
• Classrooms 2609, 2620, 3621,Descartes Lab, Star Lab,
Physical Geography Instructional Lab (4824 & 5824 possibly to be
upgraded this year, but likely in January-February 2014):
 Multimedia-ready
 New MacMini computers running Windows 7
 Wall-mounted speakers and audio-jack inputs
 Greater video flexibility for guest laptops (Mac or PC)
 Combo VHS/DVD player
 Push-button media switcher on top of podium
 Automatic switcher amp
 VGA cabling from projectors to podiums
Computer Labs
Computing Lab password matrix
Podium Laptops
student (user)
(power user)
The Star Lab is on a Windows domain; others are not
Domain controller has the globally-accessible L:\labs directory (a great place for lab/project data)
Only use the instructor account if you must change permissions during a class
Not a good idea to save stuff on the computers’ desktop or C: drives in the labs
Please do not install non-work-related programs on University-owned computers
– However, ask for I.T. help for something you want installed on computing lab
computers for sections that you teach
Security vigilance
– Non-Geography enrolled students are not allowed in computing labs
– Mind your laptops and belongings
Computer Labs
• Labs webpages: http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/computing/labs/
• Use electronic door access card required during non-class times
• Schedule matrix of labs and classrooms:
– http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/computing/labs/index.php
• PCs in the teaching spaces should be left on at all times; don’t shut them
– Please refrain from changing the resolution of podium laptops and PCs
• Bikes not permitted in the labs (fire codes: “potential obstacles to egress”)
Computer Labs
• Descartes Lab
 Software changes every other quarter, but contains all sitelicensed software, including:
Hydrology programs (e.g., Visual MODFLOW Flex 2013)
 UPS protection
 Computers
 20 i7 SSD workstations (Win7 64-bit) + 1 in the podium for the
 22-inch LCD displays
Computer Labs
• Star Lab
 Open 24/7 for grad students
 Air conditioned
 Software changes every other quarter
 Adobe Design Premium CS5 installed on stations #33 - #36
 UPS protection
 Sometimes remain off after power outage
 Computers
 35 Intel i7 CPU for students (Win7 SP1 32-bit)
 1 Intel i7 CPU for the instructor (Station #32, by the podium)
 Station #32 is for the instructor, and linked directly to the
projector. Use the podium to connect your laptop, if needed.
Computer Labs
• [email protected] (“Spatial”) Lab
 Classes are usually not taught there
 Owned by the [email protected] Center; managed by Geography
Department IT staff
 Open 24/7 for grad students
 Installed software similar to Star Lab computers
 UPS protection
 Computers
 15 Core 2 Duo CPU for students (Win7 64-bit)
 Laptop in the podium
 Mixed, dual- and single-22-inch LCD monitors
 May be replaced in January to match other computing labs
 Campus help-desk for GIS inquiries on Wednesdays, 12:30 – 5
p.m., staffed by a [email protected] Center grad or visiting
Computer Labs
• Physical Geography Instructional Lab (“PGIL”), Phelps 2525
 Intended for hydrology, optics, and pedology classes and
 Requires physical key to enter – check out from Bernadette for
the quarter. Make sure you lock room before leaving.
Installed software similar to Star Lab computers
UPS protection
 24 Intel i5 CPU ”all-in-one” PC for students (Win7 SP1 32bit)
 1 PC at the rolling podium
Has water-resistant keyboards, mice, and computer screens
What Services Do I Get?
• Geography Department email alias to your U-Mail or
third-party email account
– As many as you want to point to one address
– Default prefix of your U-Mail account is the same as your
Geography alias (e.g., [email protected] ->
[email protected]
• Hardware troubleshooting/upgrading for grant-owned
research computers (on recharge basis)
• Poster printing at the UCSB Institute for Quantum &
Complex Dynamics (iQCD) at $40.00 per poster:
– http://www.itst.ucsb.edu/computing.html
• Best address for computer help is:
[email protected]
Department Resources
• For-purchase software on funding sources through UCSB Gateway
– https://secureweb.ic.ucsb.edu/softwaredepot/login/
• Site-licensed software
– for personally-owned machines, through Geography Department:
• Esri ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2, one-year “Education Edition” license
– for University-owned machines, through UCSB CoSL (some may be installed on
personal machines – check CoSL website):
(requires your UCSBNetID and password)
• Wolfram Mathematica
• ftp.ucsb.edu : Skype
• ftp.ucsb.edu : FreeBSD Unix
– for University-owned machines only, through the Geography Department:
• The MathWorks MATLAB
• Exelis Visual Systems ENVI+IDL
• Esri ArcGIS for Desktop (much of this is stored as ISOs on LDAP server, longitude)
• MCCA Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 (32- or 64-bit) , and Office Pro
• Microsoft DreamSpark (hopefully, you’ve received an email with details today)
Department Resources
• Community server (called “california.geog”) for remote desktop
– Request an account through the request queue
– Windows Server 2008 R2
• NLOGIT 4.0
• MATLAB R2012b
• ENVI+IDL 4.8 & 5.0
• Google Earth Pro
• ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1
• EndNote
• MS Office Pro 2010
• Cygwin
• MS Visual Studio 2008
• R 2.14 64-bit
• STATA 11
Department Resources
• Community PC station (called “eclipse.geog”) in Ellison 1832
– Windows XP Professional
• Most of what’s on california.geog
• SAS 9.2
• SPSS 18
• R 2.7 32-bit
• Adobe Design Premium CS5
• ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1
• DNRGarmin (offload data from a GPS unit)
• Most hydrology programs that are installed in the Star, Descartes Labs, and
PGIL (Phelps 2525)
• ImgBurn (for burning CDs and DVDs)
– Attached scanner
– Ideal as a station for printing a master of TA materials (then use the Ricoh copying
machine in Room 1829 to duplicate – ask Beilei Zhang for an account on the
Department Resources
• Printers
 Expensive
 On 3rd (Ellison Hall North Wing), 4th, & 5th floors
 Rely on research group printers first, if you have access
 Color printing for TA/coursework support only
 Double-side printing jobs every chance you get
 Get heavy use – email [email protected] when it goes down
 Refrain from using printers for personal printing
 Guidelines and installation of network printers:
 http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/computing/help/printing.html
Department Resources
• IP Address
Never edit your IP address information, or use an IP address not assigned
to you!
• Mailing Lists
 Official public lists:
 [email protected] (includes adjunct faculty)
 [email protected] (Geog Dept. faculty only)
 [email protected] (you are on this by default)
 [email protected] (goes to everyone except undergrads)
 [email protected] (goes to all mailing lists – use with caution)
 Psuedo-private list:
 [email protected]
 Private list:
 [email protected] (private grad student list/forum only)
• Programming Wiki site: http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/programwiki
Department Resources
• Optional (but recommended) LDAP Linux network accounts
– LDAP login server via SSH/SFTP client: longitude.geog.ucsb.edu
Good place for backups of thesis/dissertation material, but not huge amounts of data
Account storage limit is currently 2 GB per user  will increase to 8 GB soon
Backup server is in Bren Hall
Will soon have MATLAB, IDL, and SAS installed for open access
You account has been established; your default username is your U-Mail prefix
Initial, randomly-generated password will be given to you, and may be changed
Email the request queue to have your password changed/reset
Do not share account information with others
Persist as long as you are here, but may be deleted 6 months after you leave
• Personal web pages (created & managed by you)
Must have an LDAP Linux account
Basic content, work-related stuff, research topics and interests, etc.
Create public_html folder/directory to make this happen
index.html – your default ~username page in public_html folder
 Use SFTP/WinSCP/FileZilla program etc. to transfer content
Campus Resources
• Free ESRI Virtual Campus courses for UCSB faculty, students, and staff
– http://training.esri.com/gateway/index.cfm?fa=aul.premiumCourses
– Requires a “Global Esri account”:
• https://webaccounts.esri.com/CAS/index.cfm
• Wireless
 Managed by campus, NOT Geography
 Requires a UCSBnetID (hopefully, you have one by now)
 Select areas on campus; Geography classrooms, Ellison 4th & 5th floors, all
instructional computing labs and conference rooms
 1st floor Ellison Hall has wireless only in 1800 wing and foyer
 https://noc.ucsb.edu/wireless for more information
• Library
 Alexandria Digital Library: http://www.alexandria.ucsb.edu
 Map and Imagery Library (MIL): http://www.library.ucsb.edu/mil
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