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Overview of Civil Service
Presentation Contents
Legal Authority of the Civil Service System
Titles, Classification, Testing, Desk Audit and Certification
Recruitment, Selection and Probationary Periods
Civil Services and M S YOU!
• Performance Evaluation
The College of New Jersey
Civil Service Administration
Staffing Services
Gregory Pogue – Vice President
• Susan D’Angelo – Director
• Erika Worthy – Assistant Director
• Heather Boccanfuso – HR Assistant/Staffing
Overview of the
Civil Service System
State of New Jersey
Civil Service System
New Jersey Civil Service is a system of public employment designed
to select and promote employees based on merit, safeguard the
employment rights of permanent employees and ensure equal
employment opportunity.
Title 4A
Title 4A of the New Jersey Administrative Code contains the rules
that govern the Civil Service for public employment in New Jersey.
New Jersey Civil Service Commission (NJCSC) is charged with
administering the provisions spelled out in the Title 4A of the New
Jersey Administrative Code. It regulates the employment practices of
NJ Civil Service employers, such as The College of New Jersey.
Employment practices are policies involving the hiring and firing of
employees as well as policies concerning paid and unpaid leave,
layoffs, EEO, compensation, disciplinary matters, job duties and job
performance evaluation.
Title 11A
NJ State Law Title 11A sets the foundation governing the Civil
Service System
“Including testing, hiring, classification, compensation, and other
employment issues”
Title 11A Objectives
Select and advance employees on basis of knowledge,
skills, and ability
To retain and separate employees on the basis of the
adequacy of their performance
To ensure equal employment opportunities
Civil Service Titles &
Civil Service Titles &
 Non-Competitive titles
 Open Competitive titles
- Subject to examination process
- Successful completion of a working test period NJAC 4A:4-2
Characteristics of NonCompetitive Titles
 These titles do not require a state competitive exam due to the
nature of the knowledge, skills & abilities associated with the job
or difficulties associated with recruiting. (NJAC 4A:13-1.2)
Appointee must meet the minimum requirements set forth in
the job description
 Four (4) month working test (probationary) period begins
at the date of hire
- Performance evaluated twice on a pass/fail basis during the
probationary period
- Probationary period may be extended if performance warrants
 Appointing Authority certifies employee to position after
completion of probationary period if employee meets
performance expectations or employee may be dismissed for failure to
meet performance expectations
Examples of Non-Competitive
 Clerk (Typist, Transcriber)
Program Assistant
Professional Services Specialist
Grounds Worker
Senior Building Maintenance Worker
Security Officer
Characteristics of Open
Competitive Titles
 All require an Examination
- Written, Performance or Skill
 OR evaluation on Education and Experience
(E + E)- determined by the NJ CSC
 Fee Required ($15.00 or $25.00) for the Exam
 Competition is statewide
 After passing exam, employee must serve a 4 Month Working
Test (Probationary) Period
 Appointing Authority certifies employee to position upon
successful completion of the working test period (NJAC 4A:4-1.1)
Examples of Open
Competitive Titles
Senior Clerk Typist
Senior Clerk Transcriber
Secretarial Assistant (3, 2, 1)
Principal Clerk Typist
Campus Police Officer
Two (2) types of examinations are administered by the Civil
Service Commission
- Open Competitive: Announced on the internet and are
open to members of the general public who meet the
requirements for admission
- Promotional Exams: For positions in competitive titles
and are open to employees working within a specific
department or unit in a specified title
 New Jersey Civil Service Commission (NJ CSC) is responsible
for administration of:
- Written and Performance Examinations
- OR Evaluation on Education and Experience
- Ranking of Eligible's by score
- Notification of Eligibility/Ineligibility
- Sending Lists to Appointing Authority
Certification: The Process
 How do I become certified in my position?
- Examination Announcement from NJCSC
- Written and/or Performance Exam
- Employee or Agency makes a request for Exam
- Take Exam or application is evaluated on education & experience
- Ranking of Eligible's by score on Civil Service list
- NJCSC sends Notification of Eligibility/Ineligibility
- Agency Appoints, the certified employee to Position
- NJCSC approves certification
- Employee is then certified as permanent
Why does it take so long to
become certified to my position?
The barriers that may cause a delay the certification process include,
but are not limited to:
 The type of test required (Open Competitive or Promotional)
 Ranking of Eligible's (and the employee) on the lists and the
rule of three
 Existing certification lists
Recruitment & Selection
The Recruitment Process
begins with…
Current Job Description
Position Request Form (PRF)
Organizational Chart
These signed documents are forwarded to the Office of Human
Resources for approval and processing.
The College of New Jersey
Job Description
A detailed description of the responsibilities and duties of the position in
a department or unit and its reporting structure (This includes a list of
specific knowledge, abilities and skills required for the position).
New Jersey Civil Service
Commission Job Specification
A general outline and description of a title or group of titles, their
purpose and function including education and experience
requirements and examples of duties performed.
Recruitment Notes
 Positions must be posted for 14 calendar days.
 Applications must be forwarded to the Hiring
Manager/Supervisor before the closing date.
 Internal applicants meeting the minimum qualifications
must be interviewed.
 External advertising (newspaper) is rarely done for classified
The Selection Process for
Classified Staff
 Screening
- All candidates must meet the minimum qualifications
- Equal Employment Opportunity via standardized screening process
 Selection
- Interviews
- Reference Checks
- Salary Offer:
- Internal Candidates: Calculation Formula
- External Candidates: Limited to Step 4
 Regular or Provisional Appointment
Order of Consideration
 New Jersey Civil Service Lists *
- Promotional lists
- Open Competitive lists
 Permanent TCNJ Employees *
 External Applicants (Outside State system)
* Rule of Three
Probationary Period
Probationary Period
 Four (4) Month Working Test (Probationary)
 Applies to Non-Competitive/Competitive Positions
 Successful completion = Permanent Placement
 Unsuccessful completion:
- Extend Probationary Period for 60 days
- Release, then return to lower title
- Release from employment at TCNJ
Civil Service,
TCNJ and
Performance Evaluation
System (PES)
 Evaluation Period:
- Fiscal Year schedule: July 1st to June 30th
- Interim Assessment due January 14th
- Final Assessment due July 15th
New Employees: Begin evaluation upon their start date
Closeout Evaluation upon departure
Must pass 70% of evaluation
Evaluates employee performance based upon specific job
responsibilities and tasks
May be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) if
performance warrants
Pass/Fail System
Definition: An accumulated period of service of a permanent
employee in the State of New Jersey System.
 Seniority is calculated using NJCSC Formula and contains
the following variables:
- Regular (Permanent) Appointment Date
- Performance Evaluation Rating
 Seniority (in years) is used by the NJCSC to determine
ranking on a promotional list
Promotional Appointments
Promotional Appointments
 Limited to Internal Applicants
(TCNJ Employees with permanent status)
Must meet minimum qualifications for the position
Promotional testing
Must be in current position for 1 year
Years of Seniority
Upon Selection, Salary Calculation Formula
 Definition
- To assert rights for appointment to a position and thereby displacing
the incumbent
 Incumbent can be bumped if s/he has less seniority in the state
system or is serving provisionally in the title
- Eligible has higher score
- Open Competitive or Promotional List
- Rule of Three (3)
Provisional Appointments
Provisional Appointment
Definition: An appointment status where an employee has no retention
rights in the civil service system and where s/he has not been certified
as permanent in the title by the Appointing Authority.
Provisional Appointments
External applicants
Meet minimum qualifications for the position
Open Competitive Testing/Lists
No Retention Rights in the Civil Service System
Dismissal at any time for any reason without prior notice
**NOTE: All employees serving provisionally in a civil service title must
complete the testing and certification process prior to serving an official Four
(4) Month Working Test (probationary) Period.**
How much do you know??
Civil Service Brainteaser:
True or False
All Civil Service positions require a Four (4)
Month Working Test (Probationary) Period?
Answer: True
Civil Service Brainteaser:
True or False
I have been serving provisionally in my title
for one (1) year, but haven’t taken a test. I
am not a permanent employee.
Answer: False
Civil Service Brainteaser:
True or False
If I want to hire a Temporary Service
Employee into a regular full-time position,
I do not have to post (advertise) the
position and consider other applicants.
Answer: False
Civil Service Brainteaser:
I have been employed at TCNJ for two (2)
years. I took and passed a civil service exam
and received a Notice of Eligibility from the
Civil Service Commission. I am permanent
in my position.
Answer: False
Thank you!
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of
Human Resources at ext. 2622.
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