Career Paths (PPT 13MB)

Career Paths:
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• Your Path
• How to find it
• How to explore (research) it
• How to progress along it
• How we can assist
• Questions
"The decisions you make about your work life are
especially important, since most people spend
more of their waking lives working than doing
anything else. Your choices will affect, not only
yourself and those closest to you, but in some
way the whole world."
Laurence G. Boldt
Careers & Employer Liaison Centre
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3 Steps in Career Planning
> 3 basic steps in career planning
1. Self
2. Options
3. Self
Finding career paths - Self
Find your path
Reflect on who you are and where you want to be;
Visualise yourself in a setting that is ‘right’ for
you. What elements or aspects of this job make it right?
Find your path
My Future ‘My career profile’ tool:
Explore - Interests, Skills, Education and training, Work and study,
Knowledge, Dream job, and Values
Find your path
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II (KTS®-II)
• Free 70 question personality sorter.
• Temperament Mini report for free.
• Other reports - optional purchase:
HumanMetrics: Jung Typology Test
• 72 item test based on Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers typological
approach to personality:
Find your path
Complete the free VIA
Character Strengths
survey online:
Specialist Paths
• Health – Health Promotion Officer
• Public Policy - Entry level Policy Analyst
• Politics - Electoral Officer, Parliamentary Research
• Sociology - Research Officer, Youth Worker
• Justice Studies - Community Mediation Worker,
• International Studies - Diplomat, Refugee Settlement
Generalist paths
Graduate Administrative Assistant
Management Trainee
Programs Officer
Project Officer
Client Service Officer
Intelligence Officer
Information Services Officer
Flinders Graduates’ Paths
• Psychology/Sociology - Graduate Position, Australian Bureau of
• Bachelor of Arts (Honours) - Intelligence Analyst, Police
• Bachelor of Justice and Society - Intake/Volunteer Coordinator at
Community Mediation Service
• Behavioural Science - Support Worker - Towards Independence
Program at The Salvation Army Australia
• Bachelor of Arts (Honours Sociology) - Research Assistant, Office
of Crime Statistics and Research
• Bachelor of Behavioural Science/ Bachelor of Arts Hons
(Criminal Justice) - Policy Officer with the Australian Government
Attorney-General's Department
Exploring Pathways
Public Sector (State, Local, Australian)
Private Sector
Community Development/Not for Profit Sector
Graduate Programs
Small- and medium-sized enterprises, boutique
organisations such as consultancies, etc
Temporary/contract work/part- time work as steppingstone
Research your location,
industry, sector, and role /
occupation titles.
• Adelaide, interstate
metropolitan areas?
• Rural or remote locations?
• Where do they advertise?
• When do they advertise?
Exploring Pathways
What Can I Do With A
Degree In…?
Broad Pathways
Potential Occupations
Potential Employers
Example Job Adverts
Salary Information
Exploring Pathways
Job boards
Specialised Boards
• Unijobs
• HACjobs etc
What / where else???
Recruitment Agencies
Careers fairs/expos
Information interviews
Work experience
Professional associations
Exploring Pathways
Looking at job advertisements?
• Industry buzz words
• Job titles
• Organisations
Think laterally!
Exploring Pathways
Graduate Programs
• At least a Bachelor's degree.
• 1-2 years of full-time employment
• Training, rotations, and development programs
Large organisations - government departments, consulting firms or
international companies.
• Recruitment can happen anywhere up to a year before starting.
• Competitive - online application, interviews, assessment centres,
psychometric assessment etc.
Exploring Pathways
SA Public Sector Program Examples
The SA Government Graduate Register:
TAFE SA Graduate Program:
Department for Communities and Social Inclusion:
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Graduate
Department of State Development:
Graduate Program Examples: Australian
& Interstate Public Sector; Private Sector
Fair Work Ombudsman
Allianz General Insurance Leadership Graduate Program
Department of Communications
Department of Social Services
Attorney General's Department (AG's),
Department of Health
Northern Territory Government - Graduate Development Program
Victorian Public Service Graduate Recruitment and Development
• Reece Pty Ltd
• Terra Firma Business Consulting
• And many more!
Graduate Programs: Public Sector
Attorney-General's Department Graduate Program
“My first rotation with the Attorney-General’s
Department Graduate Program was in the
Community Legal Services section. I had the
opportunity to gather strategic data, liaise with
stakeholders and contribute to the review and
development of internal and external policy.”
Nick Winton, Bachelor of Behavioural Science/ Bachelor of Arts Hons
(Criminal Justice) working as a Policy Officer with the Australian
Government Attorney-General's Department.
Exploring Pathways
Multiple Vacancies – Large Organisations
Randstad, Graduate Contact Centre roles
Westpac is one of Australia's leading financial services institutions and the
CCC is a global award winning contact centre. This isn't any contact centre
role - this is one with a well thought out career plan; extensive training and
personal growth; support and one that is focused on the customer
experience as it continues to evolve.
Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Temporary Employment Register - The Department of Immigration and
Border Protection (DIBP) is seeking enthusiastic, committed and talented
people who are interested in joining our State and Territory based
Temporary Talent Pools.
Exploring Pathways
‘One Off’ Graduate vacancies
KPMG, Graduate Research Assistant
Demographics is a boutique team within KPMG’s Management Consulting division
that undertakes national consulting work for clients and supports Partner, Bernard
Salt, a social and demographic commentator, professional speaker and columnist for
The Australian newspaper. This role acts primarily as a Research Assistant to
Bernard Salt, supporting him by preparing data to inform his presentations, columns
and media engagements.
This role is an excellent opportunity to work directly with a high profile Partner at
KPMG and develop a broad skill set. The successful candidate will have a passion
for consumer behaviour, sociology and demographics and in particular how they
apply to business.
Exploring Pathways
Higher Education
Flinders University: Total number of
staff for the 2013 Calendar year: …
Exploring Pathways
Higher Education
Tertiary administration?
Service delivery?
Flinders University: Total number of staff 2013: 2 616
Exploring Pathways
‘Support’ / ‘Assistant’ roles
CMAX - Study Assistant
Comcare - Legal Support Officer
City of Holdfast Bay - Project Assistant
SA Metropolitan Fire Service – Human Resources Support Officer
South Australian Tourism Commission - Business Development Assistant
Alzheimer's Australia SA Inc. - Administration Assistant
Flinders University - ERA Data Assistant
Frances Bedford MP - Florey Electorate Office Assistant
The University of Adelaide - Future Student Assistant
Explore the path - Social media
Flinders University Alumni Family on LinkedIn:
connect with other Flinders alumni:
Other Examples - LinkedIn Groups
Social Innovation Australia
GovJobs Network
Online Community Engagement
Youth Justice Network
Red Cross Youth
Institute of Health Promotion and Education
Connecting Up Australia
Explore the path
Subscribe – for example:
• Department for Communities and Social Inclusion Feature
Progress along your path
Identify your ‘employer(s) of choice’ / Target jobs
Consider what you have to offer
Consider what you need to develop
Enhance your self marketing skills – tell the story (on
paper, online, in person).
• Extend your personal and employment networks
Progress along your path
related work
For example…
Degree » Work Experience » Extracurricular Activities
“During my studies, I also did an internship through ANU at
Parliament House in Canberra. While studying, I worked
for a Federal Member of Parliament in an electorate office
and also worked as a bartender in a popular Adelaide
International Studies (Honours), Graduate (now a Policy Adviser),
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
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 Enrolled Student Employment
For example:
• ABS – Casual Field Officers
• Cancer Council SA - Administration Assistant
• Roy Morgan Research - Market Research Interviewer
• SYC - Specialised Residential Care Worker
• Whitelion - Mentors
• Harrison Research - Casual research interviewers
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