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Workplace Induction
Organising the workspace
Items to remember:
 Security (keys)
 Login/Passwords
 Arrange Workspace/ equipment
 PC/intranet/ equipment
 E-mail account
 Telephone
 Entry into Telephone directory
 Stationery
 Any other equipment necessary
for the role (for example,
uniform or protective clothing)
 Tick as you complete
Organising your Workspace
Security Passes/ ID Card
You are provided with a temporary ID
pass normally covering the first 2 weeks
of employment. This is attached to the
back of your contract.
Your ID should be ready within one week
of starting. It can be collected from
Security in Park Square. Ring 01582
743108 or email [email protected]
If you need your ID to be used at any
areas which have scanners for entry
contact security at Luton Park Square
Colin Hill extension 2412
[email protected]
Security badges must be worn at all times
and ensure all offices are locked when you
leave them.
Organising your Workspace
Necessary passwords
 The login details will be the same for
accessing your account, e-mail, staff
website or the help desk and will be
allocated to you when you start.
 The login will normally be the initial of
your first name followed by your
surname (e.g. jblogs). Your password
will be your date of birth. You will be
asked to changed the password when
you first log-in.
 Any login problems please contact ISD
on ext. 3366.
Organising your workspace
Arrange Workspace/ equipment
Stewards are available via a help desk to
move things. Go to the Staff Web page . Password is the
same as your computer password.
If you require any new stationery/furniture
(e.g. desk/chair) speak to the line
manager/budget holder.
PC/intranet/ equipment
E-mail account
Entry into Telephone directory
Any problems with computers or
telephones use the helpdesk via the
intranet. Password is the same as your
computer password.
Update your telephone entry by e mailing
[email protected] Information is on the
Staff Web Page.
Introduce to colleagues
Use this sheet to record the names and
telephone numbers of colleagues in the team &
other useful contacts
Introduce to work area
 Maps, directions and inter campus travel
details can be found here:
Arrange car parking if required
Information on Terms and
Working hours (including flexi time
arrangements, etc.)
- confirm with Line
Salary/ Pension arrangements – Speak to
Salaries team: 01582 743318/743888
Policies & procedures can be found on the HR
web page:
Benefits for staff
Did you know the University has
negotiated some great deals if you are a
member of staff? Check out the link below
and take advantage of all your benefits:
Meetings & Communication
Line manager to confirm when and
how departmental and any other team
related meetings take place.
University wide information is
communicated through the Staff Web
Page and
through ‘Team Matters’
Life Magazine is regularly published
and has information about Staff and
Your Induction Training Programme
Your Induction comprises three key activities:
1. Local induction (induction checklist to
support you and your manager)
2. Induction Exhibition
3. Induction Seminars
Staff Induction Exhibition
 Held three times a year at Putteridge Bury
 Full / half day event
 You will be invited to attend via email
from ODTU
Induction Seminars
 Health and Safety Essentials
 Customer Care
 Introduction to Equality and Diversity
For more information visit:
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