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entail initiation of suitable legal
An orientation on
study abroad planning &
new GRE prep guide
by Mitul Gada
Career Prospects
Visa Regulations
Availability of
Very Good
Breakup of Costs
Average Annual Figures in USD
Actual costs vary greatly depending on program type, degree
level, university, geographic location, etc.
Graduate Assistantships
• Teaching
• Research
Scholarships and Fellowships
offered by Universities
International Organizations
offering Scholarships
•Fulbright Commission
•The United Nations
•World Health Organization
Trusts / Scholarships in
India for Studies Abroad
•K C Mahindra Scholarship
•Nehru Trust for Cambridge
University and Trinity College
•Singapore International Airlines
– Youth Scholarships
•Nanyang Technological
University (Singapore)
•J N Tata Endowment
•ITC Scholarships
International Banks
With/Without Co-signer
1. Citibank
2. Bank of America
Upto 25 years to repay
Begin installments upon graduation or
a year after
Competitive Interest Rates (10 - 15%)
Other Loan Programs
• Access Group
• Sallie Mae
• International Education Finance
Indian Banks
•Security to be provided by
•State Bank of India, Bank of
India, Andhra Bank, Syndicate
Bank, Canara Bank, Private
Banks, Centurion Bank of Punjab
•Upto 15 years to repay
Application Procedure
Standardized Tests
• Future Career
•Preferred Subject (Major)
• Short-list Colleges
(be realistic)
Additional requirements
• Work Experience (if any)
• Extracurricular Activities
• Academic Transcripts
• Recommendation Letters
• CV’s/Resumes
• Financial Aid/Scholarships (if req)
TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language)
• Accepted in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore
Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) – Administered by ETS
4 Sections - Listening , Speaking , Reading , Writing
• All sections worth 30 points. Total score out of 120.
Good Score 90+
Scores valid for 2 years ; register at
NO coaching required for an above average student
Get any 2 books out of: Barron’s, Kaplan, Princeton, Cliffs
“The Application Race for the Aug intake”
& Send
Jun –
Oct –
How Important Are These Scores?
Large University
Small University
Grade Point
Grade Point
Personals include Applications,
Work Experience, Extra
Curricular Activities
Essays, SOP, LORs
Consider this a
“sales pitch”
Choose the
“right recommender”
Make a strong
presentation of yourself and
your qualifications
Describe how you
will contribute to
the college’s
unique community
Talk about your
characteristics and back them
with examples
Keep it concise,
comprehensive, relevant
Don’t use flowery
language and please
follow instructions
Ensure its genuine
Proof read for
spelling errors
Study-abroad Consultants
There are two types of study abroad consultants you come across:
1) Commission based agents who have B grade tie-up universities
and whose advt. we see regularly in the newspapers or who call
you up via telemarketing. Beware of them.
2) Genuine study-abroad consultants who are very few in number.
Always take some references of some past students before you
approach them.
We are not professional consultants and hence restrict ourselves
only to test prep but we do guide our students regarding various
aspects of applications based on our knowledge and our interaction
with our ex-students. We also help students with a list of genuine
study-abroad consultants so that they can approach them easily.
GRE as a computer adaptive test
The software calculates your score based on:
• The number of questions you answer correctly
• The difficulty of the questions you answer
• The number of questions you complete
• You loose more points for leaving questions incomplete than you do for
an incorrect answer
• The NEW GRE is adaptive by sections (not by questions). The difficulty level of the
next section depends upon your performance in the previous question. Jumping around in
a section is allowed.
Questions that appear early in the test impact your score to a
greater degree than do those that come toward the end of the
Computer Adaptive Test Scoring Pattern
Question #
The new GRE Structure
The overall testing time for the computer-based GRE® revised General Test is about three hours and 45
minutes. There are six sections with a 10-minute break following the third section.
Structure of the Computer-based Test
Number of Questions
Allotted Time
Essay (Issue)
30 min
Essay (Argument)
30 min
Verbal Reasoning (2 sections)
20 (approx) per section
30 min per section
Quantitative Reasoning (2 sections)
20 (approx) per section
35 min per section
¹An unidentified unscored section may be included and may appear in any order after the Analytical Writing
section. It is not counted as part of your score.
²An identified research section that is not scored may be included, and it is always at the end of the test.
The Analytical Writing section will always be first, while the other five sections may appear in any order.
The NEW test features
The GRE revised General Test design features advanced
technology that allows you to freely move forward and
backward throughout an entire section. Specific features
Preview and review capabilities within a section
A "mark and review" feature to tag questions, so you can skip
and return later
The ability to change/edit answers within a section
An on-screen calculator for the Quantitative Reasoning
New answer formats, including tasks such as numeric entry
and highlighting a sentence in a passage to answer a
Number properties
Fraction n decimal
Ratio n Proportion
Averages (mean, median, mode)
Exponents n roots
Basic Algebra
Simple Equations
Quadratic Equations
Lines n angles
Solid Geometry
Co-ordinate Geometry
Counting (P n C)
Rates (STD / Time n work)
Sequence n Series
• Register at
• Costs U.S. $ 170
Postponing charges : $ 50
• An option of discarding the score.
• Scores to 5 colleges free. $ 20 for each additional score.
• Once in a calendar month. Maximum 5 attempts in a year.
• Any date is available if booked one week prior to the desired date.
• A decent score : 1200+ ; Exceptional score : 1400+ ;
Average score worldwide : 1050
• Score valid for 5 years.
GRE acceptance :
Countries: US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, France,
Spain, UK, China & Belgium
Courses : Masters in engg., medical, arts, law,
& also management
How is GRE different from
school/college syllabus exams?
importance of concepts
a lot of “reasoning”
methods and steps don’t matter
taking help from the options
quick thinking
How is it different from the CAT?
difficulty level (much easier than CAT)
type of questions (word and language problems)
topics included (no calculus)
no LR/DI section
only 1 question appears at a time; hence
selection of questions not possible
How is the GRE testing related to
practical life technical aspects?
time management
stress management
working with the available resources
“out of the box” thinking
The 2 factors on which your score depends:
• inbuilt aptitude for this exam (which differs from
person to person ; hence don’t compare and don’t
generalize the study plan)
• up-gradation till a certain level (taking genuine GRE
training, using the right material, taking authentic
tests, organizing your study plan based on your
strengths and weakness)
The 3 imp skills for acing the quant sec:
• Concepts
• Understanding the language of the question
• Approach
- Modern
Back solving n elimination
Following the trend
Diagramatic presentation)
The 2 imp skills for acing the verbal section
• VOCAB and its application
(Text completion, Sentence equivalence)
• Reading skills
(reading comprehension)
Authentic GRE material
• Kaplan GRE math & verbal work books
• Nova GRE
• Princeton review GRE
• Barrons GRE
• The Big book
• Kaplan GRE premier program
• Orkut threads
• Mitul’s hard math & hard verbal questions
Don’t use hard copies of books. Use only “soft copies” from day 1 so that u
get accustomed to read from the computer screen.
Please DON’T refer to :
•CAT material
•R.S. Aggrawal books
•Any un-authentic Non-GRE material
How to start your preparation?
• part A (vocab, topic wise concepts n practice)
• part B (section tests : quant &verbal)
• part C (full length tests : 10 approx)
• Best time to prepare (2nd year of graduation or when
u r relatively free at work front)
• Total duration of preparation(for an above average
student, 2 months without work/college and 3.5
months along with work/college
• Per day efforts (6 hrs. without work/college, 2 hrs
with work/college)
• Prioritize GRE over your job, college, socials etc…
(a half hearted preparation and attempt can cost u
time, money and carrier plan)
Bottom line
• test of endurance (maintaining concentration for 4
hrs at a stretch)
• test of maturity (keeping yourself calm n composed
without getting panic)
• test of smartness (you don’t have to be super
intelligent to crack the GRE; just be smart enough)
Practice tests tips !!
start with easy tests; gradually move towards tougher ones
take atleast the last 5 tests along with AWA sections
take the tests in ideal testing conditions
• always check the explanatory answers after u finish the test
• different tests have different scoring patterns. So don’t panic
Importance of “genuine”
myths n misconceptions
• direction and regularity
• comparative performance
• avoiding loss of opportunity cost (time n money)
How are WE different ??
• expertise : trainers with 2200+ GRE score and
indepth subject knowledge
• experience : exclusive GRE experience of 10 yrs.
• methodology : topic wise practice, sectional tests,
full length tests
• material : GRE power dvd
• Support : doubt solving sessions till the exam date
our “GRE Power DVD” (priced @ Rs. 1500)
• Around 10 ebooks including princeton, kaplan, the
big book, nova, petersons, cambridge etc.
• Around 20 full-length computer adaptive tests
• A pool of around 2,000 questions on quant and verbal
including the past GRE questions
• Online flashcards
• Application guidelines and documentation checklists
including samples of transcripts, LOR, SOP, bank
statements, transcripts, scholarship forms, visa
documents etc.
Classflow MATH
ps-1 Introduction to GRE, number properties
(substitution, back solving, approximation, visualization, following the trend etc.)
ps-2 Percentages and QC-1
ps-3 Ratio n proportion, averages, mixture n solns
ps-4 Fractions n decimals, exponents n roots
ps-5 Algebric expressions, expansions, simple equations, quadratic equations
ps-6 Plane Geometry (lines n angles, triangles, polygons, circles)
ps-7 Solid Geometry, Co-ordinate geometry
ps-8 counting (p n c), probability
ps-9 Rates (STD, time n work),
ps-10 Inequalities, Sequence n Series
Doubt solving sessions
Options for students:
• Classroom training
• personal training
• video-conference training
(for students outside Mumbai)
• Only material; GRE power dvd
(all e-books, question bank & test series priced @ Rs. 1500)
• Entire GRE consultancy (includes GRE power dvd + test prep
guidance + customized approach reg the books to be used and
tests to be taken + step by step tailor-made course designed
according to your strengths and weaknesses, priced @ Rs. 5,500 )
Classroom training v/s Personal training
There are two aspects of GRE training :
1) Concept learning; which is best done is an classroom ambiance
with a small group of students preparing for the same exam,
exchange of thought processes, interaction of ideas, healthy
competition etc.. Collective learning is a very imp feature of
classroom training. Moreover the teaching quality produced in a
classroom can’t be produced across a dining table.
Doubt solving; of the homework, analysis of the tests, personal
monitoring, regularity, fine tuning which is best done on one-on-one
Students generally have a myth that personal training gives them
an extra edge as it will be more focused but actually it’s the other
way round.
4 Golden
1 : Don’t be “penny wise pound foolish”
• To students who have already scored decent on GRE or a 95+ percentile in
CAT and hence absolutely confident abt their concepts and approach, we
generally recommend not to take any coaching as just preparing from our
“GRE power dvd” will suffice. We give all the necessary guidance reg how to
go about the power dvd and draft a rough study plan for them.
• But for those who haven’t been exposed to any kind of “entrance” training
earlier definitely should not take any chance. They certainly miss the
important concepts, shortcuts, smarter approaches, regularity, interaction
with other GRE students etc. which can happen only in a classroom
ambiance. Not scoring on GRE for the first time not only makes you spend
the exam fees again but also makes you waste a lot of time again. Moreover
it also shakes your self belief. And all this is definitely not worth saving a few
grands. You might as well finish it off once and for all by preparing in style
and not leave any stone unturned.
• A lot of students who claim to “manage” GRE on their own forget that
they don’t have to manage it but have to “excel” at it.
• The cost of GRE training is not even 1/100th of the total cost of your
If studying on own from the books were enough, then there wouldn’t
be any concept of GRE training. Don’t take chances with your scores.
An authentic GRE training can only upgrade your scores.
• Make sure that not only the concepts are in place, but also the over
all planning reg the material, practice, approach, mock tests,
analysis, booking the exam date etc. is impeccable.
2 : Beware of tall claims
• According to a recent article by TOI, since there is dearth of genuine GRE
trainers around, a lot of non qualified individuals pose themselves to be
training for the same. Ignorant students become easy prey to such
consultants who lure them by tall claims and low pricing.
• Don’t get carried away by any “guarantee score”. Use your common-sense.
No body can give guarantee on your behalf. If at all a “guarantee” was
possible, GRE wouldn’t have existed at the first place !!
• It’s the trainers & not the BRAND who help you upgrade your score. Hence
meet the trainers personally to know their expertise and experience.
• You realize these problems only once you pay up as most of these test prep
companies neither provide any testimonials nor any demo/trial GRE
sessions which helps you making a judicious choice.
• Hence we have uploaded a list of more than 130 students, along with their
scores & email ids, so that you may have a reference check with few of
them before you proceed. As a lot of these students are second timers, we
have also mentioned their earlier trainers with whom they dint have a
pleasant experience. You may check the authenticity of these email ids of
copy-pasting them to view the facebook profile of that particular student.
“We are the only GRE prep center in India to do so to maintain utmost
1) Randomly email 20-30 students and ask them about their experience &
value addition with us.
2) Attend demo/trial GRE sessions at any of our centers so that before
enrolling, you exactly know what you are paying for. Prior registration
We generally recommend students to follow the above two steps with all the
GRE test prep companies that they have shortlisted. You cannot go wrong
with this sensible and logical way of reference check.
3 : Traveling inconvenience, a trivial factor
• Traveling convenience or inconvenience is a very trivial factor when it
comes to authentic GRE training.
• Something closer to your place may not be a better place for GRE training.
• Traveling a bit is less painful than not getting the desired and deserving
scores in GRE.
• Mentioned next is the details of few students who have understood and the
above mentioned point and have travelled all the way to our Andheri /
Kemps Corner center.
Neeraj Dubey, [email protected] (Thane)
Nikit Gangwani, 650, [email protected] (Thane)
Ashish Khunger, [email protected] (Thane)
Mandar Vengurlekar, [email protected] (Dombivali)
Khushboo Gala, [email protected] (Bhandup)
Amit Salvi, [email protected] (Bhandup)
Siddharth Gupta, [email protected] (Vashi)
Ajatshatru Kotwal, [email protected] (Vashi)
Rischav, [email protected] (Vashi)
Rahul Shah, 640, [email protected] (Pune)
Paras Shah, [email protected] (Ghatkopar)
Hitesh, 690, [email protected] (Chembur)
Smit Badai, [email protected] (Pune)
Ruchi (kuwait), 660, [email protected]
Nikhil Keswani, [email protected] (Lagos, Africa)
Vivek Shah, 650, [email protected] (U.K.)
Kairus Kavarana, 660, [email protected] (Columbia, USA)
4 : Don’t be hasty
• Just because you wake up late, that doesn’t mean you ll be hasty in taking
the exam date or college applications. Just because you want to meet the
deadlines, that doesn’t mean that you will take chances with your GRE
scores or the quality of your college.
Remember that the brand of a particular college is going to remain with you
for the next 40 years of your life. Its still makes sense even if you have to
defer your applications by one year in order to get quality education.
• Give adequate time to you GRE prep and take the exam only if you are
confident enough to get the deserving and desired score.
• Give sufficient time to your SOP, LoRs and other documentation in order to
make your entire application as strong as possible.
• Our course includes not only the concepts, shortcuts,
approach and practice but also regularity, direction and
guidance regarding which topic to prepare from which book,
which books to start with, which books to end with, which
tests to take, when to take them, suitable time to appear for
the exam and other imp things related to the exam and
• Our comments on the above mentioned aspects of training
eliminate any scope of confusion and frustration among
students, bring a lot of convenience and clarity in the training
process and make sure that the prep is going in the right
Meenakshi Iyer, [email protected] (previously joined K.P. Singh, IMFS)
Radhika , [email protected] (previously joined K.P. Singh, IMFS)
Mansi Kothari, [email protected] (previously joined Geebee)
Neelam Verjee, [email protected]
Shagun Mehta, [email protected] (previously joined Princeton)
Manav Bhahmbhatt, [email protected]in (Previously joined CLIMB FIRST)
Siddharth Gupta, [email protected] (previously joined Jamboree)
Ankur Seksaria, [email protected] (previously joined R.Saraswati, Vile Parle)
Sanjit Oberoi, [email protected] (previously joined IMS)
Hitesh, [email protected] (previously joined IMS)
Abhishek Kothari, [email protected] (previously joined Jayant Pai, dadar)
Vivek Laddha, [email protected] (previously joined TIME)
Rachita Kumar, (matunga), [email protected] (previously joined KGC, pedder
Merlyn D’souza, [email protected], (previously joined both Sonia Mutalia,
khar & IMS)
Nikhil Tanwani, (khar), [email protected] (previously joined Sonia Mutalia,
Anand Piramal (Piramal group), Harvard, [email protected] (previously joined
Ezra, colaba)
Puneet Sehgal, (juhu), Darden, [email protected] (previously joined prof
Narsee, andheri)
Nikhil Keswani, [email protected] (previously joined prof. Narsee, andheri)
Uday Kumar, [email protected] (previously joined Eduworld, churchgate)
Rohan Suryavanshi, Bhopal, [email protected] (previously joined KGC, pedder rd)
Sahil Arora, [email protected]
Aditi Jain, [email protected]
Dr. Dhaval Jhamb,[email protected]
Amit Agnihotri, HEP France, [email protected]
Devesh, [email protected]
Mugdha Mishra, [email protected]
Neha Tankhiwale, [email protected]
Bijitendu Sarker, [email protected]
Nitin Bajaj, Pepperdine University L.A., [email protected]
Sindoor Thakkar,[email protected]
Divyesh Kumar (D.K.) [email protected]
Pranav Chaturvedi, [email protected]
Sreenivas Prabhu,ESADE, Spain, [email protected]
Nikhil Jaisinghani, [email protected]
Neha Mansukhani, [email protected]
Ruchi D’souza, Kuwait, [email protected]
Nirant Sanghvi, [email protected]
Kinnari, [email protected]
Gautam Kitchlu, [email protected]
Mitul Patel, [email protected]
Nikit Gangwani,[email protected]
Rahat Qazi, [email protected]
Vijeta Shah, [email protected]
Avani Wadhwani, [email protected]
Devina Deshpande, [email protected]
Vishakha Sheth, [email protected]
Kairus Kavarana, [email protected]
Aditi Doshi Mehta, [email protected]
Dishank Kamat, [email protected]
Aditya Sangle, [email protected]
Amisha Gulati, [email protected]
Ajay Aswani, [email protected]
Natasha Bharucha, [email protected]
Aarti Karia, [email protected]
Aseem Nambiar, [email protected]
Akshay Chug, Wharton, [email protected]
Leesha Tirodkar, [email protected]
Vikram Kukreja, [email protected]
Pooja Raheja, [email protected]
Rutu Shah, [email protected]
Trimaan Chandok, [email protected]
Ridhi Ghelani, [email protected]
Neeraj Dubey, [email protected]
Manoj Nair, [email protected]
Adir Bhastekar, [email protected]
Robin Dsouza, [email protected]
Kunal Lala, [email protected]
Pranay Ambwani, [email protected]
Karan Sharma, [email protected]
Sawmya Jagannath, [email protected]
Amrit Pal Singh, [email protected]
Abhilash Joseph, [email protected]
Soham Narang, [email protected]
Advait Phatarford, [email protected]
Sakshi Sehgal, [email protected]
Rhianna Prabhu, [email protected]
Dipti Hingorani, [email protected]
Rayomand Pastakia, [email protected]
Hiral Sanghavi, [email protected]
Mihika Baruah, [email protected]
Bhavik Khandhar, [email protected]
Zahir Kachwalla, [email protected]
Prachi Parikh, [email protected]
Radhika Mehta, [email protected]
• Karishma Sharma (VJTI) 329/340 [email protected]
Debanshu Das (VJTI) 330/340 GRE [email protected]
Queenie Sukhadia 334/340 GRE ... [email protected]
Pallavi Mehra. .. 323... [email protected]
Tarbir Shahpuri. .. 320. .. [email protected]
Our students in HARVARD
• Anand Piramal (Piramal group), [email protected]
• Kulin Lalbhai, [email protected]
• Astha Lalbhai, [email protected]
Edouard Delvaux, (Harvard 2 + 2 program)
Shloka Nath, [email protected]
• Sachi Shah, (Harvard 2 + 2 program) [email protected]
& in other TOP colleges…
Revant Ruia (Essar group), Stanford
Shom Hinduja (Hinduja group), Columbia
Akshay Chugh, [email protected], INSEAD
Rohan Suryavanshi, [email protected] , Wharton
Dhruvi Kanabar, [email protected] , Wharton
Aditi Jain, [email protected], Wharton
Devangi Nishar, [email protected], Wharton
Aditya Sharma, [email protected], Wharton,LSE
Kanishk Buddhia, [email protected] , NYU
Advait Phatarford, [email protected], NYU
Kairus Kavarana, [email protected], Columbia
Nikhil Jaisinghani, [email protected], Kellogg
Jai Bhatia, [email protected], Oxford
Pratik Malia, 690, [email protected] , Nanyang
Bijitendu Sarker, [email protected], LBS sloan
Steve Sule, [email protected], LBS
Gautam Kitchlu, [email protected], INSEAD France
Aditi Doshi Mehta, [email protected], INSEAD Singapore
Soham Narang, [email protected] , LSE
Apoorva Modi, [email protected], LSE
Rahat Qazi, 660, [email protected], HEC France
Amisha Gulati, [email protected], Babson
Nikhil Keswani, [email protected], Babson
Natasha Bharucha, [email protected], CASS
Leesha Tirodkar, [email protected] , CASS
Dishank Kamat, 650, [email protected], Michigan ROSS
Nitin Bajaj, 690, [email protected], Pepperdine L.A.
Amit Agnihotri, 710, [email protected], HEC France
Sreenivas Prabhu, 670, [email protected] ESADE
Neha Tankhiwale, 700, [email protected] , Emory
Vishakha Sheth, 680, [email protected], LSE
Piya Mehra, [email protected], Chicago Booth
Vijeta Shah, [email protected] , IIM – A
Rahul Chaudhary, 770, [email protected] IIM – C
Sudha Sharma, [email protected] , IIM-C
Rahul Desai, [email protected], IIM-L
Snigdh Verma, 660, [email protected], XLRI
Shefali Saldanha, [email protected], OXFORD
Amal Kothari, [email protected] , OXFORD
Supriya Bajaj, [email protected], COLUMBIA
Shivani Sharma, [email protected], LSE
Mitul Gada & associates
Mitul Gada & associates
4th floor, A-wing,
BEST complex,
Next to Mc Donalds,
Above Sinhal Classes
Opp. Railway station,
Andheri (W)
Mumbai – 400058
Damodar Mahal,
Cumballa hill road
lane opp Shalimar hotel
Next to Birdy’s
Kemps Corner,
Mumbai - 400036
Fax: +91 22 2628 7508
Email : [email protected]
Mobile :
+91 98197 15357
Mitul Gada & Associates’ new GRE centers
(opening this month)
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