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Chan Penhleak
Red Cross Nordic United World College’ 08
Skidmore College’ 12
UWC History
UWC was conceived in the aftermath of WWII.
Kurt Hahn, a German educationalist, developed the idea of a multi-national
pre-university school to help overcome religious, cultural and racial
misunderstanding to avoid conflict.
16 to 18 olds are grounded in their own cultures but at an age when they
are impressionable and open to learn from and respect each other.
The first UWC – UWC of the Atlantic – opened in 1962.
Today there are 13 United World Colleges 5 continents educating 3,000
16-18 year old students.
What is United World Colleges?
Mission: UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and
cultures for peace and a sustainable future
United World Colleges (UWC) brings students together from all over the
world, selected from within their own country, on merit and regardless of
their ability to pay.
UWC is enhances the teaching of a globally recognised curriculum with the
focus on educating the whole person.
UWC is a challenging experience that equips students socially,
academically, philosophically and morally so that they are personally
empowered to do what they can to make the world a better place.
Imagine a school where….
Palestinian and Israeli students live together
A prince and a refugee become friends.
A young man from a small Finnish village becomes
the CEO of the world’s largest mobile phone
A contribution is made to the Irish peace process.
An African boy, who arrives a non-swimmer, trains
as lifeboat crew and returns home as part of a
flood rescue mission.
A pioneering lifeboat design is created.
Sneak Peak: RCNUWC:
More RCNUWC Film:
The UWC Experience
A rigorous academic
Where students are taught to
think for themselves rather then
learning by rote to pass exams.
An intensive
Through living together
students gain respect,
integrity and responsibility
for self, others and
A demanding social
responsibility programme
Enables young people to
learn about themselves and
to develop a sense of
responsibility whilst
engaging with and
supporting their
UWC Academic Program
Twelve of the United World Colleges teach the International
Baccalaureate Diploma (IB)
the IB was pioneered at the first UWC, Atlantic College in the 1970’s
the most recognized and highly regarded secondary school qualification in
the world and, as such, accepted by the world’s most selective universities
Simón Bolívar UWC of Agriculture offers a tertiary level three-year
agricultural education and training program
Social Responsibility Programme
Each UWC tailors its programme to the local environment
students at UWC Atlantic operate lifeboat and cliff rescue
services along the South Wales coast
Mahindra UWC students work with local village organizations to
alleviate some of the worst effects of poverty and illiteracy
Waterford Kamhlaba students provide care for those affected by
In addition to regular weekly activities, the Colleges
allocate at least one week each year for the students to
devise and implement an intensive service project
Multi-Cultural Environment
At the UWC Colleges, an average of 70 different
nationalities are represented each academic year
Embracing the cultures and nationalities present in each
College is a key feature of UWC life. Activities such as
music, crafts, arts, and drama help students to explore
and develop an international appreciation
Living on campus with such a diverse group of peers
creates an environment where preconceptions,
prejudices and values are questioned and tested on a
daily basis
Okay, that’s cool.
But, how are students selected?
UWC Global Selection Network
UWC has National Committees in 122 countries
United World College
Application Process
National Committee
Selection Processes
Leadership Skills
Sense of Global Citizen
Cultural Values
What about Cambodia?
Application Process to National Committee
Download or photo copy the original Form
provided by the national committee (usually
release around November/December)
Submit the form to [email protected]
The committee going to contact each candidate or
announce it on our official website about the
examination date and location
4. Result will be posted online and notify the
candidate who passed the exam.
Selection Process
English Test
Khmer Literature
General Knowledge
Interview + Workshop
How to Prepare?
Stay curious
Read, Read, and Read
Be proactive
Start application early
Keep up with Cambodia UWC development by:
 Visiting
 Liking
 Asking questions to Cambodian UWCers
Contact Us?
Chair of Cambodia National Committee
Secretary of Cambodia National Committee
Mr. Mech Sokha
e-mail: [email protected]
Chheng Sopheak – RCNUWC’07
e-mail: [email protected]
cell: 012 66 49 74
Contributors to Cambodia National Committee
Chan Penhleak – RCNUWC’08
e-mail: [email protected]
Noeurm Yenda – UWCAC’ 08
e-mail: [email protected]
Beyond UWC
Degree Programs:
 Bachelor
 Master’s Degrees
 PhD
Non-Degree Programs:
 Fellowships
 Short-term
training and exchange programs
Scholarships and Fellowships
Fulbrights Scholarships – U.S.A
AusAid Scholarships – Australia
Korean Governmental Scholarship Program
Monbusho Scholarships – Japan
Erasmus Mundus – European Union
Chevening Scholarships – UK
Scholarship4Development: Find international
scholarship for developing countries. Search can be
customized by target group, level of study, field of
study and country/origin
Basic Internet Research
Fulbright Student Fellowship – U.S. Embassy
The Fulbright Program was established in 1946 by the U.S. Congress as a
means “to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United
States and the people of other countries.” For more than sixty years the
Fulbright Program has provided opportunities for foreign nationals to study,
teach and pursue research in the U.S.
Types of graduate program: Master’s (typically 2-year) or Ph.D. degree in
any discipline at any U.S. university.
Important dates: Application is usually opened for submission in February
and closed in mid June of each year. Applicant must present at his/her
native country for interview.
Relevant document: Information on eligibility criteria and application
processing (update annually), Instruction on completing the application
Chevening Scholarship - The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
The Chevening programme makes awards to talented individuals who demonstrate the
potential to become future leaders, decision makers and opinion formers. Chevening
Scholarships are awarded across a wide range of fields; including politics, government,
business, the media, the environment, civil society, religion, and academia.
Type of graduate program: one-year Master’s degree in any discipline at any UK university
Important dates: Application is open for submission in October and closed soon after (more info
in this when available). Applicant must present at his/her native country for interview.
Note on university admission:
You are expected to submit applications to UK universities before, or at the same time as,
applying for a Chevening Scholarship. It is your responsibility to pay for any fee relating to
your university applications, (including administration fees, English tests and GMAT tests). The
courses to which you apply must be:
a one-year postgraduate Master’s course,
the University of Oxford Certificate in Diplomatic Studies, or
an approved short course (as advertised from time to time on the Chevening website and/or
your local British Embassy or High Commission website).
Relevant document: Detailed information on Chevening Scholarship and application guidance.
Gates Cambridge Scholarships
Gates Cambridge Scholarships are highly competitive full-cost scholarships. They are
awarded to outstanding applicants from countries outside the UK to pursue a full-time
postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge.
The programme was established in 2000 by a donation of US$210m from the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge; this is the largest ever single
donation to a UK university.
Type of graduate program: postgraduate degree in any discipline at Cambridge university
Note on university and application process:
Important dates:
If eligible to apply, you will need to submit the one application pack for both admission to a
postgraduate course at the University of Cambridge and a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. The
University decides who to admit and Gates Cambridge decides who is offered the Scholarship.
Round 1 – US citizens based in the USA – 16 October 2012
Round 2 – all other eligible candidates – 4 December 2012
Relevant document: Application overview, how to apply
Program-Specific Fellowships/Scholarships
Master’s of Development Studies in Thailand – For CLMV
The Consortium of Development Studies in Southeast Asia
(CDSSEA) offers the Scholarships for Master’s Programs in
Development Studies for Students from Cambodia, Laos,
Myanmar, Vietnam (CLMV) and Thailand, at leading universities:
Asian Institute of Technology, Chiang Mai University and
Chulalongkorn University.
Deadline: March 31 2013 (annually)
For more information on application requirements & process,
please click here. Note: This announcement is for the 2013 intake.
Please re-check with the institutions for future opportunities.
“What we call luck, what we call chance, is what happens
when preparation meets opportunity. If you stay ready, then
you aint gotta get ready.” – Will Smith
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