Welcome to the Northern Highlands Senior/Parent College

Welcome to the Northern
Highlands Senior/Parent College
Application Evening
Applying to College is a Team Effort
The student
The parent
The counselor
The teachers
The Four Parts to the Application
SAT or ACT scores
Teacher Recommendations
Transcript/School Secondary Report/Profile
and Counselor Recommendation
• Northern Highlands Regional High School will be
using eDocs through Naviance for our electronic
submission of official transcripts, Secondary
School Reports (SSR), school profile, and letters
of recommendation.
• This system delivers to over 1200 colleges.
This information is available in the Senior Packet.
The Process
Students were told during their senior class meeting that it is
mandatory to
• To use their official name as listed on Naviance on all:
– College Applications
– SAT/ACT/AP registrations
• Register on commonapp.org and note their username and
• In their Naviance account >Colleges >”Colleges I am Applying
To” link, sign off on the FERPA (Family Education Rights and
Privacy Act) Waiver and provide their Common Applicaton
• In their Naviance account> Colleges>“Colleges I’m Applying
To” add the colleges to which they are going to apply
The Process
Provide your counselor with:
• Your self-description
• A parent brag sheet
• List of activities, honors, and work
• All forms are available on Naviance >About
Me Tab/ Surveys to take, and our website
Your COUNSELOR will send to the
Your Official Transcript
A copy of the NHRHS profile
Counselor Recommendation
The NHRHS Secondary School Report
Transcript Requests
Submit a Transcript Request Form to your
Guidance Counselor
– List all colleges to which you are applying, and
submit to your Guidance Counselor at least 3
weeks prior to the deadline
– Indicate whether the college is an eDocs
– Include your Common App ID number
If the college is NOT an eDocs
• Submit
– A signed transcript release form
– A large manila envelope addressed to the
college with three stamps
– Any additional forms that are part of your
Teacher’s Letter of
• ask teachers in person and give enough notice to
write letters (three weeks)
• Log onto Naviance> Colleges>”Colleges I’m Applying
To” and electronically request the teacher
• Complete teacher recommendation request form for
each teacher
Teacher’s Letter of
• If your teacher is NOT sending his/her
recommendation electronically, you must bring your
teacher the following:
– Teacher Evaluation form, if required
– A business-size envelope with the NHRHS return address and
one stamp – addressed to the Office of Undergraduate
Admissions (Check school website or Naviance for exact
mailing address) Teachers will send their letters directly to
– Be sure to write your name and the due date on the inside
flap of the envelope.
• Follow up with a thank you note and a “thank you” in person.
The Common Application
How It Works
• 456 colleges and universities, both private and
public, accept this application
• 45 new members this year alone
• One application can be sent to multiple
• File online at www.commonapp.org
• ALL students must create an account
The Common Application
• Student application
• Teacher Evaluation
• Supplements:
College specific
Check for ED agreement
The College Application Essay
Serves Three Purposes
• A sample of a student’s writing abilities
• A sample of how well a student presents
his/her topic
• A window into the student’s personality
The College Application Essay
Essay should breathe life into the application
Clearly present your position
Be honest; write about what you know,
believe, and support
• Proofread the essay for syntax, spelling, and
College Jargon
Early Decision
Early Action
– Restricted or Single Choice
Regular Decision
Rolling Admissions
Priority Application
Early Decision
Binding Agreement
Deadlines usually Nov 1 or Nov 15
Notification usually Dec 10 – Jan 1
Early Decision II offered at some schools
Application to only one Early Decision school
Early Action
• Non-binding agreement
• Deadlines usually Nov 1 or Nov 15
• Notification usually Dec 15 – Jan 1
• Commitment by May 1
• Check individual school Early Action policy
(Single choice / Restricted choice)
Rolling Admissions
Ongoing review process
Improve your chances by filing early
Decisions usually within 4 - 6 weeks
No commitment until May 1
Priority Application
• Offered at some schools
– University of Maryland (Nov 1)
– University of Delaware (Dec 1)
– Ramapo College (Dec 22)
• A non-binding application
• May give students an advantage with:
– Academic Programs
– Scholarship & Financial Aid Opportunities
– Getting an On-campus Interview
– Housing Options
Scholarship Sources
#1 Naviance
• A list is available under scholarships
• The list includes current scholarships, deadlines, and
• Community Organizations
• Corporations
• Many scholarships are also posted monthly in the
Student Services Bulletin
• Hard copies are available in guidance
# 2 Colleges & Universities
• Offer their own scholarships
• Please contact the college’s Office of Financial
Aid for further information
# 3 www.fastweb.com
Financial Aid
Where do I Start?
Please attend evening program on October 6th for
information on the following topics:
• What is Financial Aid?
• What are sources of Financial Aid?
• When should I file for financial aid?
• Where can I get the financial aid application?
Financial Aid
Where to find more information
Attend HASA’s “How to Finance College”
program on October 6th 2011 @ 7:00 PM
• Attend our “Evening on Financial Aid” January
5th 2011 @ 7:00 PM
Student Responsibilities
Submit/ send application
You must have all SAT & ACT scores sent
directly to your colleges
SAT Scores
• www.collegeboard.com
ACT Scores
• www.actstudent.org
SAT Score Choice
• Check each college
Final Reminders
• All materials must be turned into Guidance
at least THREE weeks before your first due
• Our CEEB code is 310-001
• A mid-year report is automatically sent to
all colleges
• A final transcript will be forwarded to the
school you plan to attend
• Call the college and
speak to an admissions
officer before
contacting Guidance to
check if materials have
been received
• Allow a few weeks after
sending materials for
information to be
updated at the college
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