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Welcome to The College of Engineering

Undergraduate Student Orientation Fall 2011

Office of Undergraduate Studies

• Dr. Steven Ridenour, Director • [email protected]

, 1-8825 • Margie Marengo, Academic Advisor • [email protected]

, 1-6426 • Dr. Matthew Badura, Academic Advisor • [email protected]

, 1-8224

Engineering Programs

• CIVIL ENGINEERING – Environmental Engineering Option • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY • ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – Computer Engineering Option – Bioelectrical Engineering

Engineering Programs

• MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – Bioengineering Option – Energy Systems • ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY – Energy Technology – Environmental Technology – Construction Technology – Computer Technology

Our Building

• Electrical & Computer Engineering – 7 th Floor • Mechanical Engineering – 6 th Floor • Civil Engineering – 5 th Floor • Dean’s office, advising office, and computer classrooms – 3 rd floor • Engineering library – 2 nd floor

Engineering Curricula

• Each curriculum outlines the courses required each semester – Fall semester is on the left – Spring semester is on the right • Curricula must be followed closely to ensure a timely graduation • GenEd requirements are included

GenEd Requirements

• You need a “C-” or better for all GenEd classes – You need a “C” or better for all math courses • Some transfer credits can apply to your GenEd requirements

Optional Programs

• Co-op program – A five-year program that offers professional work experience – Students must have at least a 2.50 GPA and 12 credits at Temple • Minors – Mathematics, Physics, Business, and Computer Science

Academic Advising


engineering students have a


placed on their accounts every semester before the registration period • You


see your advisor or department to remove this HOLD – Check with the department secretary to obtain the name of your advisor

Academic Advising

• Meet with your advisor periodically – Ensure that the courses you take will count toward your degree – Make sure you will satisfy all degree requirements • Learn about opportunities within the College of Engineering and at Temple

Placement Testing

• Review placement test scores • English placement – 0701: Intro to Academic Discourse – 0802: College Composition

Placement Testing

• Math placement – Math 0701 – Math 1021 – Math 1022 Elementary Algebra College Algebra Precalculus – Math 1041 Calculus I • You can retake the math placement test once before taking a math course

Online Resources


– Lists open and closed courses – Lists prerequisite courses and course descriptions •

– Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

Societies & Organizations

• There are many organizations for engineering students – See our website for a complete list • Check with your department for meeting times and student leaders

Career Guidance

• Robin Marks is our liaison for Temple’s Career Center (2 nd Floor, Mitten Hall) • Satellite hours held in our building • Engineering-specific Career Fairs • University-wide Career Fairs

Tutoring Services

• See Tamika Butler in room 349 to request a tutor for an Engineering course • Math and Science Resource Center, 2nd floor, 1810 Liacouras Walk • Writing Center, 2nd floor, Tuttleman Hall • IH Lounge, 2nd floor, Anderson Hall

Dean’s List

• Top 16% of GPAs for a given semester – Last year’s Engineering cut-off = 3.52

– Full-time students must complete 12 semester hours (credits) – Part-time students must complete 12 credits over an academic year

Academic Standing

• ACADEMIC WARNING – Most recent semester GPA is < 2.00

– Cumulative GPA is < 2.00 and you have fewer than 30 credits • ACADEMIC PROBATION – Cumulative GPA is < 2.00 and you have at least 30 credits

Academic Dismissal

• Students who are on probation for more than one consecutive semester may be subject to dismissal • Review the GPA requirements and dismissal policies with your advisor

Repeat Policy

• You can repeat a course once (two attempts) without permission • You can repeat a course twice (three attempts) only with permission • Only the highest grade will be factored into your GPA • All other grades will remain on transcript

Repeat Policy

• If you repeat a course that you received a “D-” or better in, you won’t receive new credits when you repeat it • If you can’t complete a course after your third attempt – You will be dismissed if the course is a university requirement – You will be required to choose a new major if the course is major requirement

Withdrawal Policy

• You can withdraw online through SSB during weeks 3 through 9 • Withdraws count as attempts Fall 2011 Spring 2012 Fall 2012 Math 1042 – Withdraw Math 1042 – D+ Math 1042 – Final Attempt

Add/Drop Policy

• You can add/drop a course during the first two weeks of a fall/spring semester – An instructor’s signature is required to add a course during week 2 • A green card is required to register for a closed course • Dropped courses will not appear on your final transcript

Leave of Absence (LOA)

• You can request LOA for up to two consecutive semesters (summer not counted) • You can request LOA during drop/add • LOA students will remain on current curriculum – Students who leave without requesting LOA will be responsible for curriculum in place when they return

Plagiarism & Cheating

• Copying the work of others is strictly prohibited at Temple University – Penalty can range from a failing grade for that assignment to expulsion from the university • See the online University Bulletin for more information on this and other policies

Welcome to The College of Engineering

Undergraduate Student Orientation Fall 2011