Money Smart Week PowerPoint Presentation

A partnership between the Federal Reserve Bank of
Chicago and the American Library Association
Michael Dowling, Director Chapter Relations Office
and International Relations Office
American Library Association
[email protected]
•60% of people nationally live paycheck to paycheck
•60% of people do not have a rainy day fund of three months income
•62% of people did not comparison shop for a credit card
•66% of households with dependent children are not saving for their
child’s college education
•58% have not even tried to figure out how much they need to save for
Why Libraries?
Part of the Solution
Good Unbiased Trustworthy Partners
Access and Visibility
Ecosystem (state libraries, state and regional
associations, regional systems, public libraries, school
libraries, academic libraries, special libraries)
Great Partnership Fit for ALA
Collaborate with Trusted PartnerFederal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Take Successful Regional Program NationalGet libraries across the county involved.
All types of libraries can participateLibraries can assist their communities at any level
Literacy is a key ALA Action Area –
Assists and promotes libraries in helping children and adults develop the skills they
need-the ability to read and use computers- the ability to seek and effectively utilize
information resources is essential in a global information society.
Incorporate ALA ‘@ your library’ branding
Over 250 Libraries in 38 States in 2012
California Libraries that Participated in 2012
Alameda County Library
Santa Clara County Library
Pasadena Public Library
Cal Poly Pomona University Library
Kern County Library (Beale Memorial)
Reach New Partners for Libraries and ALA
• Federal Government (FED, SEC, FDIC, Social Security
Administration, SBA)
• State Government (Treasurer, Banking, Insurance, Employment)
• Associations (Business, CPA, Financial Services)
• Companies (Credit Unions, Banks)
• Media (Newspapers, Radio, Television)
• University (Student Services, Finance/Business Dept., Extensions)
• School (PTA, Junior Achievement)
Money Smart Week Iowa Partners
•Bank of the West
•Bettendorf Family Museum
•Bettendorf Public Library
•Better Business Bureau of Greater Iowa
•Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust
•Cedar Rapids Public Library
•Center for Financial Success
•Community Bankers of Iowa
•Community Business Lenders
•Community Corrections Improvement Association
•Creditwise, LLC
•Davenport Public Library
•Deere Harvester Community Credit Union
•DM Neighborhood Resource Office
•Document Destruction and Recycling Services
•EdCo Community Credit Union
•Edward Jones Investments
•Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
•Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
•Four Legacies Mortgage
•Gazette Communications
•Goodwill of the Heartland
•Grant Wood Area Education Association
•Hiawatha Public Library
•Horizons Consumer Credit & Counseling Service
•Iowa Association for Business and Industry
•Iowa Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
•Iowa Attorney General's Office
•Iowa Bankers Association
•Iowa College Access Network
•Iowa College Aid Commission
•Iowa Credit Union League
•Iowa Department of Education
•Iowa Division of Banking
•Iowa Insurance Division
•Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants
•Iowa State Treasurer
•Iowa Public Television
•Iowa Society of Certified Public Accountants
•Iowa State Bank
•Iowa State University Extension
•Johnston Public Library
•Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa
•Kelley Insurance Center — Drake University
•Kirkwood Community College
•Marion Public Library
•Metro Library Network
•Moline Public Library
•Moline School District
•QC Dollarwi$e
•Quad-City Times
•Rock Island Public Library
•Rock Island School District
•Royal Neighbors of America Foundation
•State Historical Society of Iowa
•State Library of Iowa
•Taxpayer Advocate Service
•The Family Credit Union
•The Financial Specialists
•The National Bank
•The Women’s Connection
•UBS Financial Services
•United Way of Central Iowa
•University of Illinois Extension
•University of Iowa Community Credit Union
•US Bank
•U.S. Senator Charles Grassley
•U.S. Small Business Administration
•Wealth Advisors of Iowa
•Wells Fargo Bank
•West Des Moines Public Library
Key Bank Foundation as Partner
National and Local Media
Opportunities for Statewide Coalitions
2006 – 5 communities in Wisconsin
2007 – 12 planning committees
• Fond du Lac: 50 events at library, mall,
colleges, schools, senior center, etc.
= 300 attendees
2008 – 13 planning committees
• Fond du Lac: 50 events at 2 libraries,
1 university & large employers = 499 attendees
2009 – 23 planning committees
• Fond du Lac: 120+ events at 5 libraries,
1 technical college & large employers = 1,000+ attendees
2010 – 27 planning committees
WI: 600+ events, 12,500+ attendees, 453 nonprofit & corporate partners
Fond du Lac: 60+ events at 5 libraries & large employers = 500+ attendees
2011 – Financial Literacy Summit (transition from Oct to April)
2012-- 26 planning committees (some consolidation)
2012 Consumers Survey Results
• 98% attendees find
sessions valuable or very
• 91% attendees are likely
or very likely to change
their money habits based
on what they learned
• 95% attendees are likely
or very likely to
recommend a MSW class
to friends or family
• How patrons hear about
– Printed pamphlet-like
calendars distributed
through partners
– Newspaper
– Word of mouth
– Internet
– Billboard
– Bill inserts (bank
statements, etc.)
– Company newsletter
Possible Program Topics
Money Savvy Kids
Retirement Planning
Smart Investing
College Financing
Savings Strategies
Credit & Debt
Financial Recordkeeping
Cooking on a budget
Coupon Club
Protecting your finances
in times of crisis or divorce
• Identity Theft
• How to start your own small business or foundation
(Johnston Public Library, Iowa)
•Millionaire’s Mind
•ABC’s of Retirement
•Shred Day
•Women and Finance
•Time to Fill Your Buckets and Retire
•Shred Day
•Shred Day
•Identity Theft
•Shred Day
•Multigenerational Program
•AARP Tax Assistance
Shred Day
Springfield Greene Co. Library (Missouri)
• The Library’s contracted
shredding company set up
their truck in our parking lot
• High attendance: in 4 hours,
67 patrons
• Patrons (and shredding
company) asked us to do this
• Patrons were especially
thankful that this service was
• Library received credit for
poundage shredded
Coupon Moms
Springfield Greene Co. Library (Missouri)
• Workshop on couponing for
moms, with companion story
time for kids
• Attendance: 24
• Great timing: The staff really
knew when moms and kids
were in the library, and this
presentation was of high
interest to them.
• The attendees went on to
continue meeting about
coupons outside the library!
Money Smart Kids’ Contests
(Fond Du Lac Public Library)
• Purpose: Start financial literacy early & get families
talking about money
• Contests: Essay, YouTube, Dollar Design
• Awards: State Treasurer awards 529 account
scholarships; partners donate bonds, t-shirts,
“Fondopoly” games, pencils, etc.
Bunny Money
• Story time using popular book
Max and Ruby’s Bunny Money
• Activity: Kids decorated a
shopping bag, were given
“bunny money”, and could go
to different tables and decide
what to purchase with their
money (candy, etc)
• Check out at the cash register
• Attendance: 23
Programs for Kids & Families
• Regional “Big Read”
Just Saving My Money by Mercer Mayer
17 participating libraries + 2 bookstores
held same story-time programs
Kids received a free copy of the book
• “Family Moolah Fun Day”
Treasure hunt, money bingo, wheel of trivia
• Penny the Pig
Piggy bank with four slots
(spending, saving,
investing & donating)
Money Smart Programs for Teens
Successful Adult Programs
When I’m 65 (Medicare, Medicaid benefits)
Presented by a County Senior Benefit Specialist Employee
Retirement planning
Presented by a local financial planner
Estate Planning
Presented by a lawyer & financial planner
Investing 101
Presented by a financial educator
Money Saving Travel Tips
Presented by a AAA representative
Shred Fest
Money Smart Week @ your academic library
(Northeastern Illinois University)
Trident Technical College, SC
• Credit Basics
• Financial Aid Basics
• Deal or No Deal
(Savvy Shopping)
• Identity Theft
• Getting There While Saving Fare
(Going Green)
School Libraries
Money Smart Week Website
Program Ideas
Promotional Material
How do libraries participate?
– Sign up online at
– Provide at least one class during MSW (April 20 – 27)
– Use current relationships with financial education
presenters, or ask for ideas of possible presenters
– Use promotional materials to publicize events
– Register events into online database
– Report program attendance, and survey evaluation results
ALA ‘National Partner’
Registration Form
Specific Money Smart @ your library
Resources and Logos Tabs
Downloadable Logos and
Promotional Materials
Bookmarks for Sale from ALA
• $10 pack of 250
(plus shipping and handling)
Money Smart Week @ your library
Archived Webinar
Learn how your library can be part of 'Money Smart Week @ your library,' a national
initiative in its third year between the ALA and the Federal Reserve Bank (Chicago) to
provide financial literacy programming to help members of your community better
manage their personal finances. Libraries of all types can and do participate,
providing programming for all ages and all stages of life on topics such as: basic
budgeting; managing student debt; retirement planning; home purchasing; saving
money through couponing; and how to prevent identity theft. Last year public,
academic, school, and even prison libraries in 39 states participated.
Money Smart Week @ your library!!
Join other libraries in Idaho,
and hundreds across the
country in this national
initiative to help your
community to better manage
their personal finances!
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