International Orient..

Presented by International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)
International Orientation
Spring 2014
Why Is Health Insurance Mandatory ?
Who Must Have Health Insurance ?
In the United States, medical expenses are very
expensive and without health insurance you may not be
able to pay the bills.
Health Insurance helps you pay the medical bills and
prescriptions when you receive medical care.
All F-1 and J-1 and their dependents (F-2 and J-2) are
required to carry Health Insurance at all times during
your stay in the United States.
Types of Health Insurance
Student Employees, funded by:
Graduate/Teaching Assistantship, or
 SUNY Research Foundation
 NYSHIP Student Employee Health Plan (SEHP) and others
Self-funded Students:
 HTH Worldwide
Students funded by Other Sponsor:
 HTH Worldwide
Where Do I Get HTH Information ?
ISSS Website:
HTH Website:
Science Library, Room G-40, Uptown Campus
[email protected]
(518) 591-8185
Types of Mandatory Insurance
You Will Be Automatically Enrolled
HTH Worldwide Health Insurance
Helps you pay when you receive medical treatment,
subject to insurance coverage.
$672.00 for Spring 2014
Register/Login at
FrontierMEDEX Emergency Assistance & Evacuation
Insurance (All international students are enrolled)
If you need to leave the U.S. for emergency medical
treatment, MEDEX helps you pay the trip.
$49.00 for Spring 2014
How Much Does Medical Care Cost
in the United States ?
** Examples below are estimates only.
Off-Campus Doctor Visit:
 No insurance = $ 145.00
 With HTH : $ 0 if referred by University Health
Center or $50.00 without referral.
Hospital Emergency Room visit for broken arm:
 No insurance =$700.00
 With HTH = $0 ( no referral needed)
What Does HTH & MEDEX
Insurance Cover ?
100% of Reasonable Expenses after Deductible:
Physician Office Visits, Inpatient Hospital Services,
Hospital and Physician Outpatient Services, and
Prescription Drugs
$300,000 Max. Benefit per Injury or Sickness
$10,000 Max. Benefit for Accidental Death and
Other Benefits and Coverage defined in the policy.
Benefits and Policy Information
Downloadable at:
 (Also available in ISSS Office)
HTH Benefit Brochure
HTH Program (Full Version)
When Do I Receive My Insurance Card ?
After ISSS enrolls you to HTH, you will receive a
welcome e-message from HTH in your UAlbany
e-mail account.
 Instructions are given to register/login to
 You may print out your HTH Card directly, or
pick up the actual card in ISSS when notified.
 Always carry the card with you.
HTH Health Insurance ID Card
Looks like this …
 Coverage Date for Spring 2014: January 15, 2014 – August 14, 2014
Where Do I Go When I am Sick ?
Go to the University Health Center
Professional medical and friendly services 
Your medical information is confidential 
For appointment and information:
APPOINTMENTS (518) 442-5229
PHONE (518) 442-5454
400 Patroon Creek Blvd., Suite 200
Albany, NY 12206
What If University Health Center
Cannot Treat Me ?
They will refer you to a doctor off-campus.
They will give you a Referral Form.
You must enter the Referral Code on before your doctor visit.
Call HTH Customer Service at 1-888-350-2002 to
make sure doctor is in HTH Worldwide Network, or
Call doctor to confirm they are part of the “AETNA
PPO/NAP Network” as noted on your Insurance ID
What if University Health Center
Is Closed ?
If not an emergency
 Wait until University Health Center re-opens.
 However, if you feel you must see a doctor offcampus, go back to Health Center to get a
HTH Referral form later when they re-open.
 Login to to enter the
Referral Code.
What If I Have Medical Emergency ?
An Emergency = life threatening event or
severe/acute pain.
Call 911 or University Police (518) 442-3131
Off-Campus: Identify yourself as a UAlbany
student and provide your location.
If It Is Actually Not An Emergency…
Important: If you go to a hospital emergency room
and you do not have an emergency
 You will wait 2-4 hours or more
 Cost is very high
 $50 (called a deductible) will be charged to you.
What Does HTH Insurance
NOT Covered?
Routine Physical Exams – An exam required by a
class or program, but you are not sick.
Eye Exams to check vision
Dental Care unless caused by injury
Some Immunizations and Vaccines
Where Can I Find Dental Care ?
Dental Discount Plans available at:
Enter your zip code (12222) to find the available
plans near your area, compare and choose the plan
according to your needs.
Where Can I Get
Eye Exam and Glasses/Frames ?
Google “Opticians” or “Optometrists” in Albany, NY
Or, Visit:
Target Optical Store (CDTA Bus #90), or
Wal-Mart Vision Center (#12)
Shop for best prices.
What If I am Covered by
Other Health Insurance Plan ?
You will still be enrolled in HTH Worldwide.
 You may keep HTH as your health insurance, or
 You may apply for Health Insurance Waiver:
 Waiver Application is a request for review of your
insurance benefit and coverage. It does not guarantee
waiver approval. You may opt out of HTH only if your
health insurance is comparable or better than HTH.
 Waiver Application Form available in ISSS or online.
 Application Deadline: March 15, 2014.
Dependent’s HTH Enrollment
F-1s and J-1s must ensure that your dependents (spouse or
child) are covered under HTH or other insurance plan.
If you are a F-2 or J-2 registered for classes yourself, you
will be enrolled in HTH automatically.
Parents are not considered dependents under HTH policy.
Please contact ISSS for dependent’s HTH enrollment.
Where Do I Get HTH Information ?
E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Science Library, Room G 40, Uptown Campus
Office Hour: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Mon – Fri
Phone: (518) 591-8185