PowerPoint Presentation on Health Insurance

The Nuts & Bolts of FSU Student Systems:
Waivers, Finances, Taxes, and Subsidy
Brian Barton
Assistant Dean for Business Operations
2014-2015 New Graduate Student
Orientation Workshop
myFSU Portal
• Gives you single sign-on access to your
• Email
• Blackboard
• Allows you to see your courses
• Allows you to see your finances
myFSU Portal
• Two ways to get access the portal
• Go to my.fsu.edu
myFSU Portal
myFSU Portal
Assistantships &Tuition Waivers
• How do I get one?
• Letter of Offer
• Eligible job codes:
M9182 (Research Assistant)
W9185 (Assistant in Teaching)
M9184 (Teaching Assistant)
Z9185 (GA in Professional)
N9185 (Graduate Assistant)
Tuition Waivers
• What is a tuition waiver?
• What does it cover?
Tuition Waivers
• How can I see my tuition waiver?
• What is a waiver receipt form?
• Where do I view the form?
Tuition Waivers
Tuition Waivers
Waiver Receipt Form
Waiver Receipt Form
Waiver Receipt Form
Health Insurance Policies
• Full-time students must have health
• Students must show proof of insurance each
year or purchase the FSU-sponsored health
insurance plan
Insurance Minimum Requirements
• Provides prescription coverage
• Provider network in Tallahassee
• Provides mental health coverage
• Major medical coverage
• Provides coverage for the entire academic year
• Provides maternity coverage for female students
University-Sponsored Insurance Plan
• Offered by United Health Care
• Purchased through University Health Services
• Domestic student plan
• International student plan
How to Purchase
• http://www.studentinsurance.fsu.edu
• For more information regarding the insurance
contact Student Health and Wellness Center
at 644-6230
What Happens After You Purchase
• You are sent your policy documents
• The charge appears on your accounts
receivable in Student Financial Services
Health Insurance Subsidy
• Made up of 4 components
• Purchased FSU-sponsored plan
• Assistantship appointment
• Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
• 9 credit hours
Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit
• What is it?
• How much does it pay?
• When is it given to the student?
• How is it disbursed?
• What do you have to do to get it?
Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit
• Week of 9/1
• Check your campus email account for
benefit enrollment
• You must make a benefit election
Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit
• If you are eligible and have elected to receive
the benefit
• The price of the policy moves off your
Accounts Receivable
• The subsidy benefit is given in 5
Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit: Example
• Price of domestic fall only policy = $696
• Fall .5 FTE eligible GA = $433
• Graduate School pays $433 of $696 over 5
• You pay $263.00 over 5 paychecks
Health Insurance Subsidy
• For more information contact the Graduate
School at 644-3501
• http://gradschool.fsu.edu/FundingAwards/Income-Tax-Information
• Or call Mike Ballow at 644-9464