Unclassified ESS Leave Entry Powerpoint

University of Wisconsin System
HRS Project
Unclassified Employee Leave Entry
Employee Self-Service
Absence Reporting Considerations
You must establish a standard work week for reporting purposes.
Your official schedule should total 40 hours per week (pro-rated for parttime) including:
• Classes
• Office hours
• Other regularly scheduled obligations
• Time for research or other self-directed work required by your
Default schedule for all unclassified employees is Monday through
Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
With the approval of your supervisor you may file an alternate work
A leave report is due monthly, regardless of whether any leave time is
used during the month.
• ESS/MSS Overview
• Absence Reporting
• Report Absences
• No Leave Taken
• Half Day Absence
• Full Day Absence
• One Week Absence
• Employee Best Practices
• Review Absence Submissions
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Additional Resources
What is HRS?
• UW System's Human Resource System (HRS)
• An integrated system for all human resources,
benefits and payroll operations for UW System
• Went live on April 18, 2011
• TL/AM – Time & Labor / Absence Management
• Full implementation of Employee & Manager Self
Service 2012/2013
What is ESS/MSS?
Employee Self-Service, or
ESS, is an HRS capability
that enables employees to
report leave electronically,
which is then sent to a
supervisor for review and
approval online.
Manager Self-Service, or
MSS, is an HRS capability that
enables supervisors to review
their employee’s electronic
absence entries for validation
and approval online.
Benefits of ESS/MSS
• Improved absence reporting - transparency for
supervisors and employees.
• Increased management in absence entry for
• Minimized duplicate absence entry from a paper
form to the online form.
• Reduced paper leave reports
• Secured method to enter absences.
Who are Considered Unclassified?
Employees paid on monthly basis:
 Faculty
 Academic Staff - Instructional
 Academic Staff - Non-Instructional
 Limited Appointments (i.e. Directors, Administrators, etc.)
Process Overview
Absence Management Employee Self Service brings many exciting
improvements including the following features for unclassified employees:
• 24/7 access with up-to-date leave balances and leave usage
• Personalized, user friendly self-service reporting and approval pages
that are simple to learn and use.
• Absence information entered
• Enter as you go! Don’t wait until the end of the month.
• Allows employees to view absence balances through Self Service on
the PeopleSoft My UW Extension Portal.
• Enables approvers to review and approve absences electronically.
• Absence Management is part of the HRS System.
Absence Reporting
Whether you are a new or existing employee, it’s
important to recognize that:
• Sick leave, vacation and personal holidays are
important elements of the UW System total
compensation package.
• Accountability for proper leave use and reporting
are essential to ensure the on-going availability of
these valuable benefits.
Earned Leave – Twelve-Month Employees
• Full-time, twelve-month employees earn 22 days (176
hours) of vacation per year.
• Full-time, twelve month employees earn 8 hours of
sick leave per month.
• Thirty-six hours per year of personal holiday leave are
granted. You have until the end of the fiscal year to
use them or they are lost.
• Nine legal holidays
NOTE: If you are employed on a part-time basis, your leave time is prorated consistent with your percentage of employment.
Types of Leave
Sick Leave (UNC)
Vacation Leave (UNC)
Personal Holiday Hours (UNC)
Vacation Carryover Hours (UNC)
Jury Duty (UNC) For Tracking Only
ALRA (UNC) Processed through the payroll office only
Legal Holiday Hours – Not reported by employee except
under special circumstances
Leave of Absence – Processed through the payroll office only.
Hourly Sick Leave (UNC) DO NOT USE.
Note: UNC = Unclassified
Reporting Leave Time
If you work full time – 40 hours per week, report
leave like this:
Less than 2 hours
Report Nothing
2 – 6 hours
Report 4 hours
More than 6 hours
Report 8 hours
Only 12 month/annual employees earn vacation or
personal holiday.
Reporting Absences
• Each division/department will continue to use
its current method of “requesting” an absence.
• HRS’ ‘Request Absence’ screens are to be
used to “report absences” and should be
updated as leave is taken for best work
Log Into My UW Portal & HRS
Logging in to My UW System portal at
Click the UW Extension radio button.
Click the Select button.
Note: You must have a valid username and password provided
by a UW System campus.
Log in to My UW System
Log in to the MY UW System portal at https://my.wisconsin.edu
Click on University of Wisconsin – Extension
Click on the “Select” Button
Login to My UW System - Cont.
• Located on For Faculty and Staff > My UW System
Reporting Leave
• Click on ‘Enter Absence’ in the ‘TIME AND ABSENCE’ box
Missing Leave Report
No more paper leave statements! (Except for prior report before ESS Go Live and unpaid LOA)
Click on “Outstanding Missing Leave Reports” Link
Document will open showing the prior missing leave report.
Unclassified Missing Monthly Absences
Missing / Past Due Leave Reports
• If you are not sure if you have a past due leave report, you can find out by
checking on your UW System Portal.
• An Outstanding Missing Leave Report link appears under the Leave Reports
tab in the Time and Absence module if there is a missing leave report.
• Click on the link to display a list of the prior missing leave reports.
Missing / Online Absences
• An Outstanding Missing Leave Report link appears under the Leave Reports
tab in the Time and Absence module if there is an online absence missing.
• Click on the link to display the list of the prior missing monthly absences.
Reporting Absences Online
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Entering No Leave Taken
Absence Name: No Leave Taken
• Where do I go to report an
Absence Name: No Leave Taken- Cont.
Start Date always appears
as the Current Date –
modify as needed.
Absence Name: No Leave Taken - Cont.
How to enter “No Leave Taken” for the month:
Follow the 4 steps below:
1. Start Date: Enter the first of the month that you are reporting for (Ex.
05/01/2013, 06/01/2013). Both the start and end date (if it pops up) should
be the same.
• “A” Basis (12 month employee) enter the first day of the month.
• If new to the position this month, enter your first day (Hire/Transfer Date).
(Hint: Use calendar button to select date)
2. Absence name - “No Leave Taken”
3. End Date: Enter the first of the month that you are reporting for again. The
End Date must equal the Start Date (use the first day of the month).
4. Click the Submit button and Confirm.
Filter by Type – (Field is not used)
Example: No Leave Taken - Cont.
• Select “No Leave Taken (UNC)”
Complete Form and Submit - Cont.
Example of
Starting in the
Middle of the
Example of No Leave Taken
Reporting “Half Day Absence”
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Enter Half Day Absence
Reporting Absences – Half Day Example
• Enter Start Date
• Select appropriate Absence Name:
• Screen will change based on type of absence taken
Completed “Request Absence”
for a Half Day leave
1. Start Date
2. Absence Name
3. End Date
4. Entry Type (Click Down
(Select Hours Per Day)
5. Hours Per Day (Appears)
6. Enter Number of Hours
(Fill in Hours Per Day Box;
Do Not Touch Duration Box)
7. Click “Calculate End
Date or Duration”
8. Click “Submit”
Example of Entering Full Day Absence
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Enter Full Day Absence
Reporting Absences – Full Day Example
Enter Start Date and Absence Name. Then complete the rest of the fields before clicking
For one Day: Enter
Start/End Date the
“Duration” field should
default to ‘8’ after
“Calculate” button is
Be sure to
Entering a Full Week Absence
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Enter Full Week Absence
Full Week Entry Before Submission
One week
Monday – Friday
Do not include Weekend
Clicking “Duration”
calculated 40 hours
Click “Submit”
Absence Management
Supervisor/ Chair/Manager
MSS Absence Approval
• Sign into ‘My UW System’ my.wisconsin.edu to enter
your Portal site
• Login using your user name and password
• Locate the ‘Manager Time and Approval’ box.
• A list of employees with absences ready for approval
will be seen by clicking on the ‘Absence’ tab.
• Only employees who have entered absences will be
• Click on ‘Approve Absence’.
Approving Absences
Click on Approve Absence in the MANAGER TIME AND APPROVAL’ Module.
John Doe
Jane Doe
Reported Absence Approval
• This will bring you to the ‘Absence Requests’ screen.
• The list of employees and reported absences/changes based on the
“*Show Requests by Status” selected. Default status is ‘Pending’
• All Staff (Classified/Unclassified) appear
• To review and approve an absence, click on the employee’s name. This
opens a “Request Details” page.
• Click on the appropriate action to take: (Approve, Deny, or Push Back).
• Approve – Verify the employee has enough leave time available
• Deny – Not to be used at this time
• Push Back – Used when the date/time/type of absence does not
match prior approved request
“Absence Request” Page
“Request Details” Page
Check the current balance to
make sure the employee has
the time to use.
Check the “Hours Per Day” is
selected for entry type with the
amount of hours in the Hours
Per Day box.
If multiple days are being
reported, check to see that
duration is calculating the
correct amount of hours based
on what has been entered in the
hours per day box and the date
range is accurate.
Employee – Verification & Push Back
Employee – Verify Absence Approvals
• Check for Absence approvals at My UW System
• Verify all absences have been ‘Approved’
• Rework shows an Absence was “Push Back”
How to Handle a “Push Back”
• Click Enter Absence
• Towards the bottom is View Absence Request History
• Click the Edit button to the far right on the absence that says
“Push Back”
Edit the Absence
Change what was incorrect and click on submit
Employee Best Practices
• Enter Absences as taken – After the fact!
• ALL absences must be entered and approved by supervisor by the 5th
day of the next month
• Be sure to post a “No Leave Taken” using the first day of the month
• All absences must be submitted or sick leave will be reduced
• Communicate to your supervisors if you are unable to enter absences
• Take your time and be patient
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
NOTIFY HR and Payroll of any/all Supervisory changes!
Contact your Payroll Coordinator to record any leave without pay
Log Out of HRS
Best Practice for Logging Out of Systems:
• Be sure to “sign out” in the upper right hand corner of your HRS screen
and close the browser
• NOTE: If you do not see the “sign out” in HRS, click on Employee Self
• Be sure to “log out” in the upper right hand corner of the My UW
System portal and close the browser.
• Not practicing these steps can cause the next person who logs in to be
able to access your personal information and absences.
Supervisors Approval Best Practices
• Approve Absences as submitted (weekly)
• Approve ALL absences by the 5th of the following month
• Approve Absences after the fact only!
• Work with employees to correct errors
• Approvals are necessary so employees’ leave is correct
• Take your time and be patient
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions
NOTIFY your Payroll Coordinator of any/all Supervisory
Who to Request Assistance from:
Audrey Beckwith, Payroll Coordinator - COOP-Extension.
Sreekumari Nair, Payroll Coordinator - all other Divisions.
Missing an Employee? If you are unable to see one of your
employees, email your Payroll Coordinator.
Not Sure on Approval? If you are unsure about anything
regarding absence approval, please email your Payroll
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Frequently Asked Questions
What types of leave do I report?
Sick Leave
Personal Holiday
Jury Duty
No Leave Taken
NOTE: All employees are required to report No leave Taken
when no leave is taken during the month.
What types of leave is handled by payroll?
 Military
 Catastrophic
 Leave of Absence
Note: Current process for reporting these types of
leave will not change.
What if I am unable to access my portal?
• Internet Explorer is the recommended browser
• Clear your browser cache and reopen your
browser (or try another computer to see if it works).
To clear browser cache in Internet Explorer:
o Tools Menu
o Internet Options
o General Tab
o Browsing history
o Delete (check all boxes, please)
Will HRS warn me If I do not have
enough leave left?
HRS will NOT warn you
if you do not have
enough leave.
Current balance for a particular
leave type is displayed on the
Absence Request Page when
reporting an absence.
Link on the Absence Request
Page titled ‘View Absence
Balances’ which displays
available hours for each of your
leave types.
How much leave must I report?
• Reporting is explaining in Unclassified Personnel Guideline
#10, www.uwsa.edu/hr/upgs/upg10.pdf
• Part-time employees report actual hours missed rounded in
quarter hours.
• Full-Time employees report sick leave in half-days and fulldays (4 and 8 hours).
What happens if the hourly sick leave take
is reported in ESS?
If an unclassified employee enters an
HOURLY Sick Leave Take
This results in the employee entering the absence take but it is not
charged as sick leave or deducted from his/her balance.
The Hourly Sick Leave absence type processes as if the take was never
What if I saved my absences instead
of submitting?
Save for Later or Submit
 Saved Absences can not be see by the Approver in the approval
 Best Practice is not to Save absences.
 Submit puts the absence in the queue to be approved.
 The absence can still be changed by visiting the Request History
page and clicking on the edit button.
Why should I have to report monthly
leave time away from work?
• Normally, salaried professionals are exempt from
overtime regulations and are not accountable for a 40hour schedule.
• However, public employers require reporting of leave
usage to provide accountability to the public.
• In Wisconsin, unused sick leave has a high value after
retirement. Employers contribute to fund the program.
Good documentation of your eligibility for sick leave
credits is part of the UW’s responsibility to the public.
What is my “official schedule”?
• The default schedule for all unclassified employees is Monday through
Friday, 7:45 a.m. –4:30 p.m.
• With the approval of your department chair or supervisor, you may file an
alternate schedule.
• You may change your official schedule whenever necessary.
• Your official schedule should total 40 hours per week (pro-rated for parttime), and should include all classes, office hours, other regularly
scheduled obligations, and time for research or other self-directed work
required by your appointment.
How do I report legal holidays?
• Legal Holidays are loaded for all Unclassified Employees by the UW
Service Center the month following the legal holiday, to align when other
leave is reported by employees.
• For example, the Memorial Day holiday will be loaded in June, before
the June payment is processed.
• Employees do not report leave for a Legal Holiday.
• Managers do not need to approve the Legal Holiday absence.
• When UW Service center loads Legal Holiday, it will be automatically
• Balances will adjust if there is a change in FTE.
What is the difference between Floating
Holiday and Personal Holiday?
• Paid holidays which occur on a non-scheduled work
day currently noted as a Floating Holiday, will be
treated as a Personal Holiday.
• The HRS Payroll System recognizes the term
Personal Holiday hours for all hours taken as
Personal Holidays or Floating Holidays.
Note: Legal Floating Holiday is Different
How are legal holidays counted if I
work an alternate work schedule?
• Full-time, twelve-month pay basis employees earn 8
hours of holiday time for each paid holiday.
• If you work four 10-hour days/week, you will need to
make up the additional 2 hours of time during the
remaining week or take 2 hours of vacation on the
How do I report leave If I work part time?
• If you are a less than full time Unclassified employee, your
time is reported according to your work schedule.
• If you are a less than full time Unclassified employee, your
time is reported in actual time in increments of quarter hours.
Does a paper leave report still need to be
Not typically but it is needed in some situations. A generic leave
report is still needed for:
• Absence reporting for months prior to date of GO LIVE for Online
• Special leaves being coordinated through the Employee Leaves or
Workers’ Compensation programs,
• When adding an absence to a finalized prior period where “No Leave
Taken” was initially reported, or
• When deleting an absence from a finalized prior period.
• Intermittent Employees reporting hours worked.
• Locked out of the Portal.
Why do I have to report the first day of the
month for “No Leave Taken”?
• It is the UW Service Center policy to use the first
day of the month for the Start Date and End Date
for “No Leave Taken”.
• The End Date must be equal to the Start Date.
What if I have a missing leave report
at the end of the fiscal year?
• Reduction of Sick Leave Accrual for Failing to Report Monthly
• If you fail to report your absences for one or more months
during a fiscal year, your sick leave balance may be reduced
at the end of the fiscal year.
• Unclassified Personnel Guideline #10
What happens to my unused vacation
at termination?
• Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees are entitled to be paid
for any unused vacation, personal holiday and ALRA upon termination
from eligible UW Extension employment.
• Supervisors, however, have the right to require the employee to use the
vacation prior to termination (provided there is sufficient time to do so).
• All monthly absences must be reported and approved by your
supervisor before any leave payout is done.
• Payment for unused paid leave may be made as a lump sum or by
extending the employee on the payroll – at the discretion of the
When do I receive my leave payout?
• All monthly absences must be reported and approved by
your supervisor before any leave payout is done.
• All absences must be entered into HRS before any payout
is entered.
• All Payouts/Paybacks should be on the last active
• If not, the UW Service Center has to be contacted to initiate
additional steps.
What if I overuse any paid leave?
• Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees are liable
for ‘overuse’ of vacation, sick leave, personal holiday, and
legal holiday for the fiscal year, they must repay any
negative balances upon termination.
• Overused leave is generally repaid by reducing the final
• All monthly absences must be reported before the final
paycheck is processed to ensure the dollars owed are
paid back in full upon leaving employment.
What is a leave of absence?
• Leave Of Absence (LOA)
• Payroll status changes to “leave of absence” which is unpaid.
• A leave of absence for consecutive days.
• This type of leave is granted for Medical purposes.
• Partial Leave of Absence (LOA)
• Payroll status remains “active”
• A reduced work schedule (FTE change) - consistently reduced
• Sporadic or Intermittent unpaid leave is used in lieu of paid
How does “Unpaid Leave of Absence”
affect me?
• Unpaid Leave of Absence (LWOP)
• Payroll status changes to “leave of absence” which is
• A leave of absence for one pay period or longer
• This will trigger a recalculation of Vacation, Sick Leave
and Legal Holiday
• Under FMLA we are required to allow sporadic or
Intermittent leave
• Military
• Injury in the Workplace
When do I report sick leave?
• Except for the initial entitlement, sick leave may be taken only after it
has been earned.
• You are not required to use sick leave for doctor’s appointments,
illnesses… You can substitute other paid leave (vacation, personal
holiday…) if you do not want to use your sick leave.
• If you miss work due to illness for 5 or more consecutive days, you
must provide a written physician’s certification (not required if leave is
taken under the State or Federal Family Medical Leave Act).
• Medical certification records are maintained in Human Resources.
What is the difference between
allocated and earned balances?
Allocated Balances are the amount of Vacation and/or Legal Holiday given to an
employee at the beginning of the fiscal year based on employee data.
• Employees are entitled to use their allocated leave through the end of the
fiscal year, assuming they do not go on an extended leave or depart from
their position.
• HRS allocates your entire years’ legal holiday hours at the beginning of the
fiscal year. Best Practice is not to use those hours in advance of the holiday
to avoid running out of legal holiday before the end of the fiscal year.
• Once your full Vacation and/or Legal Holiday Allocation buckets are empty,
they will not be filled up again until the new fiscal year.
Earned balances are the amount of Vacation and/or Legal Holiday that an
employee earns per pay period based on paid hours or hours worked.
Do I lose sick leave not used in the year
• No, your unused sick leave accumulates
from year to year as long as you remain
Does the employee report time off for Jury Duty?
• The Jury Duty absence take is used to record paid
leave the employee receives when on Jury Duty.
• This absence take does not affect the leave
• It is a way to track jury duty only.
What happens if I entered the Sick Leave Hourly
(UCL) absence take?
• The Sick Leave Hourly (UCL) absence leave type is for an
unclassified employee that is paid an hourly or daily
equivalent of a month salary rate.
• If this absence is entered as an unclassified absence type
the sick leave hours are not reduced from the leave
• The Sick Leave Hourly (UCL) absence leave type is not be
used by any part time or full time unclassified employees.
Am I required to report absences even if
legal holiday appears on the HRS system?
• This classification is required to be in the
Absence Management System.
• No Leave Taken is required to be submitted
into Absence management, if the employee
does not have any eligible absence takes
What if I accidentally submit an absence type and
the balance hours are low or I submitted the
wrong date?
• Once you click the Submit button you do not have access to edit
your absence. Contact your supervisor right away. They can “push
it back” to you so you can edit it.
• If your approver has already approved the absence, you will need to
contact your Payroll Coordinator to make any changes.
• Best Practices is to always double check your absence before
submitting and check your balances by clicking on the View
Absence Balances link.
How do I report leave if I have multiple
Employees with Multiple Appointments
• Within the same Institution/Campus a separate online
absence reporting for each appointment will be located on
your portal.
• In different Institutions/Campuses, you may or may not
be live with Employee Self Service so please review your
portal and contact appropriate campus if necessary.
• Absences will be reported on primary appointment.
How do I see the status of the time I
have submitted?
• Click on the “Absence Name” hyperlink in Absence
Request History to see details about the status.
Every status change is time stamped and recorded
including the supervisor approval of an absence.
What are your responsibilities for
reporting leave usage?
• Full-time employees report paid leave (vacation, personal holiday and sick
leave and ALRA) in half and full-days (4 hours and 8 hours).
• Part-time appointees report actual hours missed.
• Submit your monthly absences to your supervisor or backup approver,
whichever is applicable, no later than the 5th of the following month.
• A leave report is due monthly, regardless of whether any leave is used
during the month.
• Reporting is explained in Unclassified Personnel Guideline (UPG) #10,
Note: Some institutions may have different reporting requirements.
Resources Available – HRS Online
Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Additional Resources
Resources Available - HRS Online
General Information about Self-Service:
UW-Extension – Payroll & Benefits Training website:
The UW System Unclassified Personnel Guidelines
Available Resources- HRS Knowledge Base
HRS Online Knowledge Base:
Step by step documentation on time entry
Step by step documentation on time approval
Supported by the UW-System HRS project
General HRS support documentation
Resources Available - HRS Online
UW System Delivered Video Training:
The Absence Management training videos are great source of information of Absence SelfService and provide step-by-step walk through the online absence reporting and the online
absence approval processes
Employee Self Service – Enter a Half Day
Employee Self Service – Enter a Full Day Absence
Manager Self Service – MSS – Approve, Deny, or Push Back Employee
Your Impact
It is important to remember that you are a
part of a larger community and your actions
can impact not only you but also your
colleagues and your institution.
Absence Management Terminology
Absences: Absences from work must be taken as paid or unpaid leave. Use of
leave must be approved by the employee's supervisor. Leave benefits vary by
employee type.
Absence Request: In HRS, Absence Request is not meant to be used for
asking for time off from your supervisor, but as a means of “Reporting” an
absence after it has been taken.
Actual hours worked: The time actually worked by an employee, as opposed to
scheduled hours or leave hours.
Allocated Leave Balance: You are allocated your entre years’ vacation and
Legal Holiday balance at the beginning of the fiscal year.
Annual Leave Reserve Account (ALRA) The benefit allows eligible
unclassified University of Wisconsin employees, who participate in the Wisconsin
Retirement System (WRS) with 10 or more years of service, to bank a portion of
their annual vacation entitlement each fiscal year.
Absence Management Terminology- Cont.
Annual Leave (Vacation Leave) All unclassified, and professional staff earn annual
leave hours for each full month of their employment. Employees working less than a
full time schedule accrue annual leave hours on a prorated basis.
Approvals: Each employee must have a Supervisor (Time Approver) designated, as
he/she cannot approve absences for him/herself.
Catastrophic leave: A program that allows employees to donate specified types and
amounts of leave to.
employees who have been granted unpaid leaves of absence for catastrophic need.
While some employees who are eligible to receive contributions of paid leave under
this program may be on authorized state or federal family or medical leave, the
determination of catastrophic leave is entirely separate from those laws and should
not be confused with them. See s. ER 18.15, Wis. Adm. Code; and WHRH Ch. 660.
Earned Leave Balance: The amount of Vacation/Legal Holiday that is earned per
pay period based on hours worked/paid.
Absence Management Terminology- Cont.
Employee ID (EmplID): A unique 8 digit (Ex: 00890012) employee number that
identifies the employee within the HRS Time and Labor/Absence system.
Employee Self Service (ESS): ESS is an acronym for Employee Self Service.
Unclassified employees will enter absences worked via ESS.
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Federal and state laws establishing
certain minimum benefits relating to an employee’s right to unpaid leave of
absence for personal or family serious medical conditions, and/or for maternity,
paternity or adoption of a child.
Full time equivalence (FTE): The amount of hours budgeted for a position. A
position budgeted for 80 hours in a bi-weekly pay period would be 1 FTE; a
position budgeted for 40 hours in a bi-weekly pay period would be .5 FTE.
In Pay Status: On payroll receiving regular salary for working that day or having
used paid leave, including shared leave (i.e. catastrophic) to remain on payroll.
Absence Management Terminology- Cont.
Leave of Absence With Pay (LOA): An absence from employment with pay (in pay
status) granted at the employee's request following the approval of a high authority
due to illness, disability, etc.
Leave of Absence Without Pay (LWOP): Unpaid leave which may be allowed for
time that an employee is absent for such reasons as disability, parental leave, child
care emergencies, and education.
Manager/Approver: An employee who is authorized to certify absences/information
for employees who report to him/her. Responsible for ensuring that only appropriate
absences/time is approved.
Manager Self Service (MSS): MSS is an acronym for Manager Self Service.
Supervisors and Back Up Approvers will review and approve time entered via MSS.
Military Leave With Pay: The employee must be under military orders, a copy of
which must be given to the department at the time of the leave request. This leave is
in addition to vacation/sick leave and does not result in any reduction of accrued
leave balances, benefits, performance ratings, privileges, or pay.
Absence Management Terminology- Cont.
Military Leave Without Pay): Under federal and state law all UW employees
are entitled to military leave of absence without pay for active service in the
uniformed services of the United States or the state of Wisconsin. The employee
is also entitled to reinstatement to the former position with restoration of seniority
and adjustment of salary for missed increments, if applicable.
Personal Holiday: Annual pay basis unclassified employees who accrue a paid
vacation entitlement are eligible to receive 4.5 days (36 hours) of personal
holiday each fiscal year (or a prorated number of days for staff employed less
than full-time).,. The scheduling of such a day shall be by mutual agreement
between the supervisor and employee. The personal holiday shall be taken in the
fiscal year in which it is earned or it is lost.
Push Back: Changes need to be made to your absence.
Resignation: A separation action initiated by the employee to leave employment.
Absence Management Terminology- Cont.
• Sick Leave: Paid leave granted to employees to be used for illness or
injury or as otherwise allowed by University policy. All full-time
unclassified staff earn 8 hours of sick leave for each month of full time
employment. Employees working less than a full-time schedule accrue
sick leave hours on a prorated basis.
• Take: Take is the HRS term for all the different types of absence, i.e.
Vacation, Sick, Personnel Holiday etc.
• Termination: Cessation of employment.