Event Planning 101**Now what

Please coordinate an event
……now what
Or as some say
“Wallace Boot camp”
Experience ……Emotional Connection
What an Event is NOT
A pretty linen and expensive flowers
Lobster on a paper plate
An outside event but the sprinklers are still on
The latest trendy lighting
Great backdrop but forgot to tell a story
A celebrity sighting
A just because
Key Elements to Planning and Event
– Understand the purpose….the WHY
– Identify the audience/guests
– Select and reserve a Venue
– Distribute some form of invite and proper form
should match type of event
– Forecast a budget
– Use your resources wisely
– Questions Call
Venue Use
• Campus Priorities/Critical to mission events
have first right to an event space
• Campus Priority: Academic, Leadership, Athletics,
Student Programming, then Social off campus
• Paris Yates
– Issue we are working on….: priority reservation
system……more to follow
• Host Preferences may direct us to etiquette
preferences in place for events
• Several types of protocol we need to pay
attention to:
– Academic
– Social
– Military
• Procurement Policy and Procedure for when
state funds can be used
• Campus Catering versus Off-Campus
• Sustainability Concerns
• Physical Plant Concerns……
» Trash
Left over Refreshments
Liability to let host department take it
Serv Safe requirement-Catering
Taking a risk; exposing university to liability
RSVPS help you and caterer plan quantity
• Food in the sun or outdoors
• Rent Green Plants; ie Ferns at
• Set a price point
• Be creative does not have to be a flower
• Have a purpose in mind post event on what
you will do with floral post event
• We rent if we can’t repurpose
• You can’t just cut flowers from campus
Landscaping & Grounds
• Building & Grounds in Vicinity of event
• Trashcans if an outdoor event
• How to request: SAP Work Order
• Why notify of event?
• When notify of event
• May involve additional expense to event budget
• What needs to be clarified:
– Where to park
– Are barricades needed and if so how many
– Is additional security needed (UPD, Cobra, or EOG)
Physical Plant
How to request: SAP Work Order
Barricades for Parking
Electric Power/generators
Sound and Podium(s)
Set up (tables and chairs)
Event set up time, start, ending time
Custodial Services»
• Why a concern
• Steps we can take
• Ole Miss Catering only carries sustainable
products or china; using anything other than this
option will cost more money and may NOT be an
• What they need to know
• If event involves dignitaries like elected officials
– (Mayor, State, Federal etc.)
– Can recommend additional security measures
– Size of Audience may dictate UPD Presence: ie:
Commencement, Grove on Game Days, Lectures
– May alter traffic flow as needed
– Need to maintain relationship with City of Oxford;
additional resources
University Communications
• We have Brand standards; we have approval
– Logos
– University Colors
– University Style Guide
• How University Communications can help
Design & Printing
Website Development
Campaign Development
» Written, Social, News Features, Radio,
University & Public Events Loan Program
• At least two-week notice
• What we loan
• Some inventory may not be loaned; our
• Charge for inventory loaned
• If merchandise returned damaged, then it is
to be replaced at current market value
And what topics get a little fuzzy
Ordered and Served by same entity
License to serve
Must take unused alcohol with them
State funds cannot be used to purchase
There are differences between City and County
lines and what can be served
• If students are present, approvals needed Dean of
Students and Provost Office need to be aware/and
or approve the alcohol service
Contracts & Liability
• Photography, video, music permission
BMI, ASCAP, SESAC (deal with Music Licensing, Imaging, Speakers/Entertainers, Copyright,
Trademark, Patents, and other Created Works)
• Some venues have specific contract in place
Should clearly outline the do’s and don’ts
No open flames/only battery/flameless candles
• Legal Counsel can be consulted to confirm if
a Liability Release is needed
• Volunteers
Comp time versus Paid time
Budget & Financial Matters: Pre-Event
• Forecast expenses
– Get quotes, etc. from vendors to better plan
• Set a budget
– If helping coordinate, ask the host department
about any budget restrictions
• Always have a miscellaneous line item
• Important to review…..very easy to
Budget & Financial Matters: Pre-Event
• Make sure to stay within spending
guidelines as stated by Procurement
– http://www.olemiss.edu/depts/procurement/
– Such as
How to purchase Goods & Services
Vendor Application & Requirements
Allowable/Unallowable Entertainment
Professional Fees
Food Purchases
Budget & Financial Matters: Post-Event
• Invoices to be gathered & processed according
to Procurement Services
• Audit Event folder:
Total Attendance
Totals per each expense
(Outstanding expenses, if any)
Notes/requests that were made post-event
• Enter expenses into Event Budget Spreadsheet
for Fiscal Year
– Templates available from UPE office
Every detail matters
Dialogue and planning equal success
Superficial WOW does not guarantee a good event
Debrief and post event review are equally important as the
pre event planning
• Budgets-excel and charts tell a story too
• Close the gap with some form of follow-up with guests-use
those pictures
• Save the Date
Panel Discussion
• Bradley Baker, Union Director
• Kathryn B. Lance, Assistant Director Ole Miss
Athletics Foundation
• Christine Wallace, Director University & Public
• Ryan Whittington, Assistant Director, Social
The University of Mississippi
Emergency & Crisis Management
• Campus Committee
• Event Attendees
• Discussion preparation
And what topics get a little fuzzy
• Insert some clip art graphic
The University of Mississippi