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Orientation Session
Master of Public Administration
August 23, 2013
Celebration of 40 Years of Excellence
1972-1973 through 2012-2013
• Mark Emmert, President of NCAA, former member of the PAI
Faculty, September 2012
• State Capitol, Fiscal Evolution, 1970s through the present with
reception at former home of Earl K. Long, November 2012
• Sean O’Keefe, CEO and President of EADS, North American,
former Director of NASA and Secretary of the Navy, and
former faculty member of PAI, March 2013
• Sponsor of Annual Conference of American Society for Public
Administration, March 2013,
– Jay Dardenne, Lieutenant Governor, Plenary Speaker
– Mary Landrieu, Luncheon Honoring PA Leaders in Louisiana
– Opening Reception at Cabildo
Celebration of 40 Years of Excellence
1972-1973 through 2012-2013
• Sponsor of the Western Social Science Association
Meetings, Budgeting and Financial Management
• PAISA Day with Four Former Governors Participating in
Round Table Discussion of Politics and Policy
Edwin W. Edwards
Buddy Roemer
Mike Foster
Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
MPA Graduates, 1974 through 2012
All Others
All Others
We Are Now Ready to Start the
Next 40 Years!!!
Introduction of Students
Undergraduate Background
Home Town
Leisure Activity
LSU MPA, Academic 2013-2014
LSU MPA, Fall 2013
Race and Ethnicity,
LSU MPA Fall 2013
LSU MPA, 2013-2014
Full time
Part time
Faculty Introductions
Arjen Boin
• Adjunct Professor of Public Administration
• Research focus on Crisis Management, Public Policy, and
Organizational Behavior
• Faculty member of Utrecht University in the Netherlands
• He is on the LSU campus during the spring semester
teaching the course in Crisis Management
• His affiliation with LSU is noted on all of his publications
and the LSU faculty
• Jointly working on professional programs internationally.
• PADM 7980
Faculty Introductions
Suzy Caleo
• Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Administration
• Ph.D and Master’s from New York University
• Undergraduate degree from Florida International
• Research Interests includes Organizational Justice,
Workplace Diversity, and Stereotyping and Discrimination
• Also teaching a course in the Department of Management
• PADM 7911
Faculty Introductions
Roy Heidelberg
• Assistant Professor of Public Administration
• Ph.D, John Glenn School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State
• 2007 graduate of the LSU MPA program and graduate of
The Scholar’s College at Northwestern State University
• Public Policy, Research Methods, Housing Policy, Public
Administration Theory
• Published and presented work on simulation in Simulation
for Policy Inquiry, Summer 2012
• Major Grant for Housing Needs Assessment
• PADM 7910, PADM 7904
Faculty Introductions
Jared Llorens
• Associate Professor of Public Administration
• Ph.D, University of Georgia
• Masters degree from the LBJ School of Public Policy in
Austin and undergraduate from Loyola University in New
• Specializes in human resources, research methods,
statistics, and public management.
• Third author on leading public personnel textbook (Klinger,
Nalbandium, and Llorens); Editorial Board of Review of
Public Personnel Administration and Public Administration
• Federal Salary Council for U. S. Office of Public Personnel
and visit to Beijing, China on behalf of American Society for
Public Administration
• PADM 5010, PADM 7912
Faculty Introductions
Astrid Merget
Professor of Public Administration
Former Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of LSU
Former advisor to Carter and Clinton administrations
Former Dean of the School of Environmental & Public Affairs
at Indiana University and Associate Dean at Maxwell School
at Syracuse University
• Public Policy and program evaluation.
• Fellow in the National Academy of Public Administration,
including other fellows in National Academy
Thad Allen, Point Man for Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina
Bobby Inman, retired Admiral, Director of National Security Agency, at LBJ
School of Public Policy
Colin Powell, former Secretary of State
• Chair of the Board of Directors, National Council for Science
and the Environment
• PADM 7902, PADM 7917
Faculty Introductions
Boris Morozov
Assistant Professor of Public Administration
Ph.D, University of Nebraska at Omaha
MBA from University of Nebraska at Omaha
Budgeting, financial management, and international public
• Organize budgeting and financial management sessions at
Western Social Science Association
• “Local Government Revenue Trends and Challenges,”
Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting, and Financial
• PADM 7914, PADM 7710
Faculty Introductions
Jim Richardson
• Alumni Professor of Economics and Public Administration
and Director of the Public Administration Institute
• Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Michigan
• Economist on the Louisiana Revenue Estimating
• Worked with persons from Brookings Institution and
Wharton School of Finance on dealing with megacatastrophes
• Worked with group from Harvard and urban experts from
Boston and New York on downtown development in Baton
• Asked by Mayor of New Orleans to set up team of
economists to help with economic development issues in
New Orleans
• Specializes in public finance, energy economics, and
• PADM 5600, ECON 4110, PADM 7900
Faculty Introductions
Dick White
Professor of Public Administration
Ph.D, Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg
Officer in the Coast Guard
Former Assistant to the Vice President of the United States
on Drug Policy
Author of Kingfish, a book about Huey Long; Roosevelt the
Reformer: Theodore Roosevelt as Civil Service Commissioner,
1889-1895; and Will Rogers: A Political Life
Special article on George Tenet in PAR
Public Administration theory, state and local administration,
public management
Dean of the E. J. Ourso College of Business
Adjunct Faculty Introductions
Ms. Melissa Flournoy
Mr. Paul Salles
• Executive Director of
Planned Parenthood of
• Former Head of the Rand
Corporation, Gulf States
• Former Head of Louisiana
Association of Nonprofits
• President/CEO
Metropolitan Hospital
Council of New Orleans and
Executive VP, Louisiana
Hospital Association
Introducing the
Public Administration Institute
Criteria for National Excellence in Public
• Accreditation by National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and
Administration (NASPAA)
• Rankings in US News and World Report
• Recognition of American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) for
academic scholars and practitioners
• Research productivity
• Awards given by ASPA and NASPAA
• Activities of faculty members in advising federal, state, and local
• Job placement of students
Fully accredited through 2016
Student Success
• Ultimate success of any professional
program is what happens to the students
• Do they get jobs that they really want?
• We will focus on the placement of
students near the end of the orientation
Description of MPA Program
• Core Course
• Areas of Specialization
• Teaching Methods
Core Courses
33 Credit Hours of Core Courses
Core Courses
Course Number
Course Title
When Offered
PADM 7910
Public Administration
Theory and Practice
PADM 7912
Public Personnel
PADM 7911
Fall & Spring
Core Courses
Course Number
Course Title
When Offered
PADM 7914
Public Budgeting –
MUST take Budgeting
before Financial Mgt
Fall & Spring
PADM 7710
Fall & Spring
PADM 5010
PADM 7917
Program Evaluation –
MUST have statistics
Fall & Spring
Core Courses
Course Number Course Title
When Offered
PADM 5600
ECON 4110
Public Finance
PADM 7850
PADM 7851
Internship or
Practicum – can take
only after 15 hours in
graduate work.
Fall, Spring, or
PADM 7900
Colloquium – year
you graduate
New Students: Fall Semester
PADM 7910
PADM 5010 or PADM 5600 or PADM 7911
Full-time Student
PADM 5010
PADM 5600
PADM 7910
PADM 7914 or PADM 7911
New Students: Spring Semester
PADM 7912
PADM 7911 or PADM 7914
Full-time Student
PADM 7912
PADM 7911
PADM 7914
PADM 7917
• 9 hours of course work
• Selected in consultation with Director of Public
Administration Institute
• Courses do not have to be in PAI but we are offering a
number of electives to assist the student in their
educational process
• Area of specialization should supplement your core
Public Management
Public Policy
PADM 7913
Advanced Topics in Human
Resources Management in the
Public and Nonprofit Sector
PADM 7902
Public Policy
PADM 7902
Public Policy
PADM 7610
Healthcare Organization
and Finance
PADM 7915
Technology and Innovation in
Public Sector
PADM 7916
State and Local Government
PADM 7904
Seminar in Policy Dilemmas
and Decisions
PADM 7610
Healthcare Organization and
PADM 7904
Seminar in Policy Dilemmas
and Decisions
PADM 7980
Crisis Management
PADM 7620
Strategic Management of
PADM 7640
Legal and Ethical Issues in
Healthcare Management
PADM 7920
Ethics in the Public Service
PADM 7980
Crisis Management
PADM 7916
State and Local Government
PADM 7915
Technology and
in Public Sector
PADM 7925
Seminar in Nonprofit
PADM 7970
Fundraising and Grant Writing
PADM 7920
Ethics in the Public Service
Other Areas of Specialization can be supplemented by courses from other departments
with approval of the Director or designated faculty advisor within the Public Administration Institute
Teaching Methods
Case Studies
Web-based Learning
Group Projects
Service Learning
Combinations and Others
A Diversity of Methods – we all teach and learn
in many different ways
Student Participation and Evaluation
• Major Research Papers
• Analytical Studies
• One to two page summaries of problem and
• Public Presentations
• Take-home examinations
• In class examinations
• Group Projects
• Faculty Job: Critique, Evaluate, Improve
The Academic Experience
Academic Integrity
• The fundamental premise upon which all
academic pursuits are built is that everyone,
faculty and students, abides by the rules
which govern an academic institution
• The number one rule is:
Methods of Cheating
Looking on a neighbor’s paper during an examination
Using a person’s paper from another class
Buying a paper from the Internet
Any other method of having someone else do the work
for you
• Plagiarism – copying information from another book or
article and including it in your paper as your own work.
You must document facts that are not “conventional
wisdom,” quotations, and other materials taken from
other sources
• Any other method of using someone else’s work as your
Team Projects
• You will be asked to work together in
some classes, just as you will be asked to
work together in your professional life.
Teamwork is just that—Teamwork.
Everyone contributes to the project.
• Professors will establish the ground rules
for Team Projects
Studying and Working Together
• Students should study together; work together to
better understand the material; chat about the
topics being discussed in class; in fact, you may
learn more studying as a group than you learn
individually in a class. We do not want to temper
your participation in group study activities.
• You have to make the distinction between
studying together and having someone else do
the work for you.
MPA Portfolio
The MPA Portfolio!!!
MPA Portfolio
What is it?
• Student is required to maintain a record of his or her
studies including
Current resume of student
Syllabi of ALL courses taken, including electives
All papers prepared in each class – keep copy of such papers
All quizzes, tests, and examinations taken and returned
Internship report
Conferences attended
Public presentations
Professional goals and aspirations
MPA Portfolio
When is it evaluated?
• Submitted to faculty at time of Exit Examination
which is during the semester of graduation
• Public Administration Institute will notify each
applicant for graduation that he or she should bring
MPA Portfolio with him or her to the exit examination
• MPA Portfolio will be returned to the student after
the exit examination
MPA Portfolio
What is it its purpose?
• Connect a student’s academic experience to
professional preparation and career development
• Integrate information from the various courses within
the MPA curriculum
• Encourage students to examine progress and training
throughout the program
• Provide reference for students as they begin careers
• Reminder of academic training as students begin
interview process and career opportunities
Public Administration
Internship or Practicum
A Core Course
Internship or Practicum
What is the purpose?
• Relate classroom work and academic training to
work experience
• Think about and make use of your classroom
experience as you are working through a real
world problem
• Maintain record of your activities in work
Internship or Practicum
PADM 7850 – Internship
• Internship is for pre-service student; typically you are a
full-time student
• Student must have at least 15 hours of graduate credit in
order to take this course with these 15 hours being in
Public Administration
• Internships should be work experience in which person is
dealing with substantive issues
o Not a job in which you are answering phone or sorting
o We understand you will not be making decisions for, as
example, the Department of Health and Hospitals
Internship or Practicum
PADM 7851 – Practicum
• Practicum is for in-service student; student has a
full-time job
• Student must have at least 15 hours of graduate
credit to sign up for this course with these 15
hours being in Public Adminisration
• Practicum is tying your work place, a job that you
had prior to joining the MPA program, and
relating the work environment to your classroom
Internships in Previous Years
• LSU International Services Office
• Louisiana Office of Risk
• Center for Family and Youth
Services, Inc.
• EBR Library System
• Louisiana Senate
• Pennington Biomedical
• Council for A Better Louisiana
• Office of Public Health Agency,
Department of Health and
• Department of Elections
• LSU Health Sciences Center
Health Care Services Division
• LSU Health Care Center –
Recent Internships
• Louisiana Department of
Education, Policy Issues
• U.S Department of the Interior
• Baton Rouge Area Convention
and Visitors Bureau
• Louisiana Department of
Education, Management and
• Louisiana Office of Risk
• Louisiana Lupus Foundation
• Louisiana Immersive Technologies
• LIFT in New York
• Louisiana Department of Health and
• Overton Brooks VA Medical Center
• Our Lady of the Lake
• Louisiana Department of Veterans
Location of Internships
• Internships do not have to be in Baton Rouge
• Internships have been in
o Los Angeles
o New York
o Colorado
o Shreveport
o Washington, D.C.
o Ireland
o New Orleans
o Lake Charles
o Lafayette
o Ecuador
Internship vs. Practicum
• If you already have a job, you will take the Practicum.
We develop a project related to your job. The purpose
is to connect what you are studying in the MPA
program to your work experience.
• If you are a student without a job or a job that qualifies
for an Internship, the PAI works with the student to
acquire an internship. Ultimately, it is the responsibility
of the student to get the internship. The PAI will
provide contacts, let students know about possible
internships, and make recommendations.
Internship vs. Practicum
You do not take both the Internship
and the Practicum. You take either
PADM 7850 (Internship) OR PADM
7851 (Practicum).
Job Opportunities
Job Opportunities
Presidential Management Fellowship Program
• Must apply in fall semester before you expect to
graduate in December of that year or May of the
next year.
• Nominating process through LSU
• Competing with students from throughout the
nation for jobs with federal agencies
Job Opportunities
Presidential Management Fellowship Program
• Application due in October
• Nomination by end of October
• Invited to Testing and Evaluation in
• Notified of selection as Finalist
• Federal Agencies will contact for interviews
Job Opportunities
Presidential Management Fellowship Program
• A student is working for the FBI; two students are working
for Center for Disease Control; one is working for Homeland
Security; two are working for NASA; one is working for EPA;
one is working for Department of Justice; numerous
students are working on Capitol Hill; one student worked for
the LSU System in DC.
• The faculty will assist the student in preparing for the offcampus screening.
Job Opportunities
Other Beginning Jobs
City of Phoenix
State of New York
City of Dallas
Supreme Court
Louisiana has an internship in which a student with an
MPA can work as an intern for a state agency without
taking the Civil Service Exam. The student can then
move up to other job opportunities after two years as
an intern.
Job Opportunities
• LA Senate and House of
• Legislative Auditor’s Office
• Legislative Fiscal Office
• Division of Administration
• Board of Regents
• Office of Governor
• State Civil Service
• Louisiana State University
• State Agencies
Calcasieu Parish
City of Baton Rouge
Iberville Parish
Jefferson Parish
Job Opportunities
Non-profit and Private Opportunities
• Governmental Relations
o Lobbyists, trade associations, and governmental representatives
• Healthcare Providers
Pharmaceutical companies
Managed care units
Nursing home administration
• Research Organizations
o Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana
o Wyoming Tax Commission
• Consulting Opportunities
2012 PAISA Officers
President: Haley Armand
Vice President: Ronnie Downey
Secretary: Brendan Buras
Public Relations: Patrick Roques
Communications Chair: Britain Carbins
Treasurer: Robby Abboud
Philanthropy Chair: Alex Pace
Professional Development Chair: to be filled
Social Chair: to be filled
Benefits of PAISA
• Networking – build relationships with peers, alumni,
faculty and staff
• Academic Mentoring – have access to second year students
for advice on courses and the university
• Social Events – access to PAISA’s social calendar PLUS
cheaper admission to PAISA events
• Community Building – opportunity to reach out to the
surrounding community through a wealth of philanthropic
• Professional Development – access to conferences and
professional events to advance your career before
Mark Your Calendars!
• Tiger Stadium Clean-up
o Fundraising activity
o Date TBD
• PAISA Legacy Ball
o December 13, 2013
o Rotunda, Business Education Complex
• More dates to come!
o Multiple socials and volunteer events
Want to join?
• Feel free to talk with one of the many officers and PAISA
members here today!
• Like us on facebook:
• Email us at [email protected]
PAI Advisory Board
Haley Armand, Student Representative
Paige Brockhoeft, NASA
Mark Cooper, Executive for Wal-Mart, Emergency Management
Phil Frost, Executive Director, Baton Rouge Zoo
Patrick Goldsmith, LA House of Representatives Fiscal Division
Rose Hudson, President Louisiana Lottery
Genny May, U.S. Marshall, New Orleans
Gordon Monk, Louisiana Legislative Fiscal Office, Retired
Jessica Monroe, Johnson and Johnson
PAI Advisory Board
Sherry Phillips-Hymel, Senate Budget Office
Earl Randall, U.S. Department of HUD
Kim Hunter-Reed, Senior Consultant, HCM Strategists
Kim Robinson, Jones-Walker
Bill Silvia, Retired Vice President LSU System and consultant to
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
• Jon Soileau, Performance Manager, City of New Orleans
Special Guests: All LSU MPAs
• Ms. Marie Frank
o Executive Director, Procurement and Services
• Mr. Carlos Malbrew
o Coordinator, Human Resources Management
• Mr. Todd Barre
o Director, Agricultural Chancellor
• Ms. Chaunda Allen
o Assistant to the Provost, Multicultural Program
• Mr. Jason Droddy
o Director, President’s Office
Final Announcements
• Classes begin on Monday, August 26.
• PAISA is planning a series of events – make sure
you keep up with what your student
association is doing.
• PAI is planning events throughout the year
• We will keep you posted on class options for
the 2014 spring and summer semesters as soon
as the schedules are completed.
The reception is being held on the first
floor of the Rotunda building.
Door prizes will be given including
tickets to LSU Football Games!!
Closing Remarks
Get Ready for Class.
Thanks for coming.
And See You at Reception!!!
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