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Welcome to Edwards Hall!
Edwards Hall History:
The majority of Mennonite College of Nursing’s faculty and staff work in Edwards Hall. Edwards Hall
was named after Richard Edwards, the second President of our University from 1862-1876. He was
originally hired as a math instructor in 1861. The building that is Edwards Hall was opened in 1920,
but the building was renovated in the early 1960’s and renamed in memory of Edwards. Edwards was
the man who coined the term “Grandest of Enterprises” for the teaching profession. That is also the
name of a book that details our history. Capen Auditorium was named after Charles L. Capen in 1928.
He attended Harvard and was on the Normal School Board.
(Retrieved from http://www.ilstu.edu/map/object.phtml?objectname=Edwards_Hall.)
Clinical Labs
There are 2 clinical labs used
in the Undergraduate and
Accelerated Preliscensure
programs. Students are in
the labs in their first
semester of nursing school
learning basic nursing skills.
They continue to utilize these
labs many times each
semester during their nursing
Clinical Labs
Nursing skills that are taught in the labs include:
Proper Hand washing
Empathic Listening
Bed Making (occupied and unoccupied)
Use of Anti-Embolism Devices (TED hose & SCDs)
Bathing and Patient Hygiene
Oxygen Therapy
Range of Motion
Wound and Ostomy Care
Appropriate Body Mechanics; Use of Assistive
Foley Catheter Insertion
IV Medication Administration and IV Therapy
Oral Medication Administration
Initiating an IV
Specimen Collection and Catheter Care
Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Therapy
Intake and Output; Elimination Needs
Central Line Care
Blood Glucose Monitoring
Administration of Tube Feeding
Parenteral Medication Administration (Injections!!)
Insertion and Removal of Nasogastric (NG) Tubes
Critical Care scenarios with SimMan
Appropriate use of Soft Restraints
Virtual IV Simulator
Giving and Taking of Shift Report
IV Manikin Arms
Scenarios with SimBaby
Clinical Lab
Clinical Lab
Lab Classroom
Lab Classroom
Clinical Simulation Lab
Students are exposed
to simulation in their
first semester, and
build their skills as
they go through the
Clinical Simulation Lab
Clinical Simulation Lab – IV Simulator
Clinical Simulation Lab – IV Simulator
Clinical Simulation Lab – IV Simulator
Clinical Simulation Lab - SimMan
Clinical Simulation Lab - SimMan
Clinical Lab– SimBaby
Clinical Lab– SimBaby
Health Assessment Labs
In the Health Assessment Labs, students learn how to access the
systems of their patients.
Health Assessment Labs
Health Assessment Labs
Computer Lab - Room 305
Edwards Hall, Room 305 is the computer lab for Mennonite College of Nursing.
Updates for this lab are made possible in part by funding from State Farm
Insurance. All of the nursing programs utilize the computer lab – whether it be for
technology training, orientation, research, video conferencing, or basic computer
Office of Student and Faculty Services
Uptown Crossing Building
Due to the increase in faculty this fall and lack of
office space at Edwards Hall, the Office of
Student and Faculty Services (OSFS) moved out
of Edwards Hall in October and relocated their
offices to the Uptown Crossing Building. Several
Faculty members also moved to this location.
This move is temporary, and after the labs move
out of Edwards Hall to the new Clinical
Simulation Lab next summer, the first floor of
Edwards Hall will be renovated to office space.
It is anticipated the OSFS office and faculty will
move back to Edwards Hall in the fall of 2012.
Contact Mennonite College of Nursing
Hours: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday
Main Line: (309) 438-7400
Fax: (309) 438-7711
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.IllinoisState.edu/nursing
Mailing Address
Illinois State University
Mennonite College of Nursing
Campus Box 5810
Normal, IL 61790-5810
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