Contingent Labor Staffing Process Flow and Overview

Your Integrated Solution for
Contingent Workforce Management
Presented to
UT Health Science Center Houston
Contingent Workforce Management (CWM)
RightSourcing provides a dedicated partnership for the procurement & ongoing management of the contingent labor workforce and their staffing
suppliers in a vendor neutral service.
Ordering Temporary Staff
Job Order/PeopleFluent
Approval Process: All requisitions must have Department Approval.
Step 1.
Hiring Manager fills out Contractor Request Form and emails to
RightSourcing at [email protected]
RightSourcing enters Requirement into Peoplefluent and selects
Department Approver(s)
Ordering Temporary Staff (continued)
Step 2
Department Approvers receive email notification and approve/reject job
Step 3
Once Job Req. is approved, Suppliers will receive email notification and
begin to submit candidates to open job requirement. RightSourcing will
screen candidates and forward resumes to managers for interviewing.
Step 4
Manager interviews candidate and provides RightSourcing with feedback or
decision to hire.
RightSourcing Process Flow
RightSourcing On-Boarding of Temporary Staff
PO# Must be
provided to
RightSourcing by
Hiring Manager in
order to process
payroll .
•Once hiring manager selects a candidate, Right
Sourcing will provide an estimated cost to hiring
manager so they can request a PO. RightSourcing
Vendor ID is listed in UTHSCH system as
Comforce_T-001 Vendor ID 0000092143.
•RightSourcing will provide a confirmation for
supplier employee to manager with Start Date.
•Hiring manager will be responsible for submitting
badge request. Candidate will pick up on first
day of assignment.
•RightSourcing will provide candidate with 1st day
instructions along with Visitor’s Guide and send
completed Occupational Health Form to
[email protected]
RightSourcing Compliance checked and verified
prior to On-boarding Temporary Staff
Background ResultProfile/Resume. At least
two (2) years’ current and relevant experience
is required in Supplier Employee’s file.
Professional References. Two (2) references
for Supplier Employee are required verifying
most recent experience during the previous
twelve (12) months.
HIPAA. Supplier’s proof of in-service or
certificate of completion is required.
Annual TJC In-Service- All required topics
specific to department
Pre-Employment Testing. Testing is based on
job description specific skill requirements for
example, Word, Excel, typing, filing.
Photo Identification. Current/valid
identification is required including front and
back copies.
Tetanus: Record of shot is required within the
last 10 years.
Background Check. . At least two (2) years’ current
and relevant experience
Tuberculosis Testing
Credentials. Current license or certification
Primary Source On-Line verification.
CPR Certification. BLS (Basic Life Support) is required
Professional References. Two (2) references
Pre-Employment Testing
Photo Identification.
Confirmation Form. .Skills Checklist. HIPAA.
Annual TJC In-Service.
Hepatitis B. Physical Exam TDAP.
MMR & Varicella
Fingernail Hygiene Policy.
Job Description.
Experience. Mimimum 2 yrs travel experience
RightSourcing Compliance Maintained
RightSourcing ensures
compliance is maintained
throughout the length of the
contractors assignment.
RightSourcing Payroll Process
•Candidates are required to enter and submit
timecard through RightSourcing Peoplefluent system.
Candidates Supplier will provide them their username,
password, and user guide.
•Candidates must submit time into Peoplefluent by
10am every Monday.
•At Noon, Off-site will review the timecards in
Peoplefluent that have not been approved and send a
reminder email notification to managers to approve
time in Peoplefluent.
•UTHSCH Time approvers are required to approve by
Monday at 5pm CST after bi-weekly period ends.
.All time must be approved by a UTSCH time approver
or temporary’s time will NOT process.
Approving your Temps time in People Fluent
o Once Req. is approved and a temporary has started work at UT
HSCS, You will receive time card notifications from People fluent for
approving your temps time.
Important Supplier Contract Information
Non-Clinical Supplier Agreement
ORIENTATION. All Supplier Employees are required
to complete up to two (2) hours non-billable to
client for general orientation
Right to Dismiss. Supplier will remove any
individual whom Client determines is performing
services in a way that is unsatisfactory or
Supervision. Client shall retain administrative
responsibility for the services rendered and the
sole responsibility for directing the services
provided by Supplier Employee. Client's
Managers are responsible for evaluating Supplier
Employee’s performance
Unapproved Overtime (“Excess Time”)
Neither COMFORCE nor Client has a duty to pay
any Excess Time.
Clinical Supplier Agreement
Clinical Travelers and Registry Orientation.
All Supplier Employees are allowed
Department specific orientation for (4) hours
at no cost to client.
Cancelation of Clinical Staff Client may
cancel Travelers within a thirteen (13) week
assignment, two (2) previously scheduled shifts.
.Registry client may change or cancel a shift
prior to two (2) hours before the scheduled
start of a shift. Registry-Radiology
(Tech’s)/Rehab Services (PT, OT SLP, PTA)
Cath Lab & Social Services Prior to twentyfour (24) hours before the scheduled start of a
shift, Client may change or cancel a request.
No-Show. Supplier shall pay to Client a “noshow fee” of four (4) hours at the hourly rate
for that Supplier Employee in effect at the
time if Supplier Employee does not report for
work to Client as scheduled
Reporting Capabilities
Cost Center Reports
Open Order Reports
HUB Report
Executive Management
Supplier Bill Rates
Non-Clinical Supplier Agreement
Clinical Supplier Agreement
Support Assistant
Staff Assistant
Support Specialist
Executive Assistant II
Executive Assistant I
Admin Assistant I
Administrative Services Officer I
Financial Analyst
Grants and Contracts Specialist
Budget Analyst
Staff Auditor
Information Systems Auditor
System Analyst II
Accountant I
Accounting Clerk
Data Base Specialist
Programmer Analyst I
Computer Programmer I
Personal Computer Specialist I
Data Entry Operator II
Data Entry Operator I
Mail Clerk I
Garage Attendant
Radiologic Technologist
Limited Radiology Technologist
Mammography Technologist
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Computed Tomography Technologist
Magnetic Resonance Technologist
Ultrasound Technologist eligible
Ultrasound Technologist RDMS
Vascular Ultrasound RVT< RVS
Vascular/ Echo RVT, RVS, RDCS
Echo Technologist RDCS
Respiratory Therapist CRT.RRT
LVN (Hospital)
LVN Spec. (Hospital)
LVN (Clinic)
LVN Spec. (Clinic)
RN (Hospital)
RN Spec (Hospital)
RN (Clinic)
RN Spec. (Clinic)
Medical Asst
Medication Aid
C.N.A. / PCA
Medical Lab Tech
Medical Technologist
Converting Temporary Staff to UHSCH employee
Should Client wish to hire a Supplier Employee assigned to Client, Client may do so
without a fee after a minimum number of hours/weeks are worked.
Administrative/Clerical – 320 hours
IT/Clinical – 13 weeks or 468 hours.
If Supplier Employees: (i) quit, (ii) is removed by Supplier, or (iii) is removed for any
reason, then Supplier agrees not to charge RightSourcing or Client for the time such
Supplier Employee spent at Client within the first (1) day for admin/clinical assignment
and five (5) days for all other assignments. If such services are not performed
satisfactorily within such period, Supplier will cancel all charges for unsatisfactory
services during such warranty period.
Supplier Support for RightSourcing
The fees are based on
first year salary if hired
prior to completing the
minimum 13 weeks.
Client’s right to hire is
an accumulation of all
hours worked by
Supplier Employee
from Supplier
assignment start date
and including all
breaks in service (noncontiguous time).
IT and Technical
Number of Hours on Assignment
Up to 160 Hours
161 Hours - 320 Hours
321 Hours – 468 Hours
More Than 468 Hours
0% No fee after 468 Hours
Administrative and Clerical
Number of Hours on Assignment
Up to 160 Hours
161 Hours - 320 Hours
More Than 320 Hours
0% No fee after 320 Hours
Registry – After completion of 468 hours 0% Fee
Traveler – After completion of one (1) thirteen week (13) travel assignment
0% Fee
Should Client elect to hire a Supplier Employer before they have met the minimum thirteen
(13) weeks worked, a conversion fee will be paid to Supplier based on the table below
Number of Hours on Assignment
Up to 160 Hours
Fee (Based on 1st Year Salary with Client)
161 Hours- 320 Hours
321 Hours- 468 Hours
More Than 468 Hours
No fee after 468 Hours
Additional Services from RightSourcing
Credential Tracking Services (CTS) – RightSourcing provides audit &
management of credentialing for outsourced employee populations or
internal staff
Payroll Services – RightSourcing offers payroll services at significant
savings over traditional recruited staff
Independent Consultants/1099 – screening of 1099 consultants to
ensure compliance with IRS requirements and risk assessment review
for existing 1099 staff
RightSourcing Contact
Your People. Your Success. Our Focus.
For any additional information, please contact:
Tanya Ortiz – Program Manager
[email protected]
Janet Benjamin –Off site Manager
[email protected]
Julie O’Keefe – Area Manager
[email protected]
Chrystal Golden – Coordinator
[email protected]
All inquires can be emailed to
[email protected]
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