Small Business Procurement Initiative

August 14, 2014
Veteran-Owned Business Seminar
Presented by Gayle Nuppnau
Dept. of General Services
Bureau of Small Business Opportunities
DGS Overview
Topics for Discussion
• New Initiatives
 Small Business Procurement Initiative (SBPI)
 Veteran-Owned Small Business Procurement
• On-line Small Business Self-Certification and Small
Diverse Business Verification
• Locating Opportunities
• Small Diverse Business Program Benefits
Small Business Procurement Initiative
To increase opportunities for small businesses to
compete for award of Commonwealth contracts as
prime contractors without the competition of larger
more established firms.
Commonwealth agencies shall identify contracts
for award to small businesses pursuant to direction
provided by DGS, with independent agencies also
encouraged to participate.
- Race and Gender Neutral Program
- Yearly Renewal
Step 1
PA Vendor Registration
PA Vendor Registration
The pa supplier portal,, is a website
where you can register your company as a Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania Supplier and participate in electronic bidding opportunities
The Vendor Number is a unique six-digit number assigned to a
registered Commonwealth Supplier.
As part of registration you will create a User ID and Password
PA Supplier Portal Help Desk 877-435-7363, option 1
Step 2 and Step 3
SBPI & SDB Online Application Process
SBPI Certification: Steps 1 to 5
SDB Verification: Steps 6 to 8
Business Eligibility – 1
Third Party Verification Upload – 6
Participation Criteria
Dept. of General Services will accept approved thirdparty certifications from any of the below entities:
- The business must be a for-profit, United States
- The business must be independently owned
- The business may not be dominant in its field of
- The business may not employ more than 100 full-time
equivalent employees
- The business must meet the maximum three year
gross receipts thresholds
Company Contact & Identification – 2
Business Profile – 3
Document Upload - 4
First page of tax returns
Review/Submit Application - 5
- Unified Certification Program (UCP)
- United States Small Business Administration (SBA)
8 (a) Program
- National Minority Supplier Development Council - (NMSDC)
- Woman’s Business Enterprise National Council
- VetBiz Vendor Information Pages (VIP) at
Service Category Identification - 7
- Construction/Subcontractor
- Manufacturer
- Stocking and Non-Stocking
Review and Submit Application – 8
- 7-14 days for BSBO Verification Approval
- New Small Business Certificate with SDB
- Verification Letter Issued
SBPI & SDB Renewal
• Annual SBPI Certification/SDB Verification
 Recertification 12 Months Subsequent form Date of Most
recent Cert./Verification
• DGS, BSBO Notification of SBPI Certification/DB Verification
Expiration (Email)
 First Notice: 30 Days Prior to Expirations
 Second Notice: 15 Days Prior to Expiration
• Vendor Removal Day of Expiration: SBPI/SDB
 Renewal Without Lapse
• Renewal Subsequent to 15 Day Grace Period
 Renew with Lapse
SBPI Statistics
Commonwealth spend is 3.5 billion for goods and services
Registration for SBPI began in July 2012
Small Business Reserves began in September 2012
Over 3,77 self-certified registered business as of 8.11.2014
Over 3 million dollars has gone to Small Businesses as a direct
result of the program
- The Commonwealth has actually spent over 117 million with
small businesses
- Number of Small Business in PA with 1-100 employees based on
2008 census data is 227,502
Small Business and Small Diverse
Business Benefits
• Small Business Directory
• Emarketplace
 Small Business Reserves
- IT Categories
 Prime Opportunities
• Networking
- Subcontracting Opportunities
To Locate State Wide
To View Current
Procurement Forecast
Invitation To
Qualify Contracts
PA eMarketplace
Small Diverse Business (SDB) Program
Small Diverse Business Program
• Small Diverse Business Program
 Technical, Cost, SDB
 DB weight remains 20% of the total RFP points
 Veterans and Service Disabled Veterans now included
• Locating Opportunities
 Emarketplace
• Pre-Proposal Conferences
 Subcontracting Opportunities
 Networking
• Compliance
Contact Information
BSBO Main Number
Ms. DeShawn Lewis, Director
[email protected]
Phone: 717-783-7131
Ms. Gayle Nuppnau, Procurement Liaison
[email protected]
Phone: 717-346-3819
Ms. Paula Murphy, Construction Liaison
[email protected]
Phone: 717-787-8324
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