final presentation-2

How can Kansas State University
address the smoking problem on
We have an idea.
For your listening and viewing
pleasure we introduce to
1. Must provide immediate relief of smoking
2. Must move to improve image of K-State
3. Must not incur unnecessary cost to reach
desired effect
Operation: Smokebusters
A plan, over time, to transform
Kansas State University
to a smoke-free campus
Kansas State Smokers
We surveyed 100 students and asked questions
regarding smoking and their opinions on the current
smoking policy
-12% of students surveyed smoke
-86% of students said that second hand smoke bothers them while
walking through campus
-16% of students were pleased with the current smoking policy, while
60% of students were unaware of our current smoking policy
-66% of students would be in support of a smoke free campus campus,
while 24% were unsure of their opinion
The Dangers of Smoking
• 1 of every 5 deaths in America caused by
• Estimated 443,000 annually
• More than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use,
automobile accidents, suicides, and murders
The Dangers of Smoking cont.
• Responsible for 90% of lung cancer deaths in
• Responsible for 80% of lung cancer deaths in
The Dangers of Smoking cont.
• Can cause Coronary Heart Disease (#1 killer in
• Damages heart by:
– Decrease oxygen to heart
– Increase blood pressure and heart rate
– Increase in blood clotting
– Constricts blood vessels
– Damages coronary arteries and blood vessels
The Dangers of Smoking cont.
• Unseen damage to fetus’:
– Preterm delivery
– Low birth weight
– Infertility
– Stillborn child
– Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Other Negative Aspects of
Smoker-Friendly Campus
-Littering Problems
-Negative outlook for future students
-Disease Problems from littered cigarettes
Statistics of smokers
“No Butts about it”
-According to WSJ, 19.3% of adults smoke
-With a school with 25,000 students,
almost 5,000 would smoke
-How many cigarette butts is that??
-Cigarettes take over 15 years to
Founded: 1976
Defending nonsmokers' right to breathe smokefree air and exposing
tobacco industry shenangians since 1976.
Company Overview: Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR) is a national
non-profit membership organization dedicated to ensuring everyone's right to
breathe smokefree air. ANR pursues an action-oriented program of policy and
legislation. ANR takes on the tobacco industry at all levels of government
There are now at least 586 100%
smokefree campuses with no
exemptions. Residential housing
facilities are included, where they
K-State Current Smoking Policy
• Smoking is a public health and fire hazard.
Locations where smoking is allowed shall be
restricted in order to:
– (A) prevent infringements upon others
– (B) create and maintain an environment that is in
the best interests of the safety, health, and well
being of all the users of university property.
K-State Current Smoking Policy
• Smoking is prohibited within 30 feet of
marked entrances to university buildings.
• Is this policy really enforced?
• How many times have you walked into a
building through a cloud of smoke…
K-State Current Smoking Policy
• The Building Authority is responsible for
compliance with this policy at each building.
-Who is “building authority”????
• Unlawful smoking is a misdemeanor and is
punishable under state or local law.
Smoke Policies in the Big 12
• Missouri University: Smoke free by 2014
• Baylor University: Smoking is banned from all indoor facilities.
• Iowa State University: Enacted in 2008, the school’s policy bans
smoking everywhere on campus and includes university vehicles.
• Kansas State University: Smoking is barred from university buildings
and vehicles, save for smoking research in laboratories after the
Department of Environmental Health and Safety approves the
study. Smokers must stay 30 feet away from university buildings
• Oklahoma State University: The Cowboys have been smoke-free
since 2008.
• Texas A&M University: A&M expanded their ban of smoking inside
university buildings in 2009. The new rule prohibits smoking within
25 feet of doorways and covered walkways
Smoke Policies in the Big 12
• University of Colorado: The university’s 2009 policy states that
smokers must stay within designated outdoor areas. The university
bars smoking in campus buildings and vehicles.
• University of Kansas: Enacted in 2010, the state ban on smoking on
state property means no lighting up for KU indoors or within twenty
feet of an opening.
• University of Nebraska: In 2009, smoking was barred from
university buildings and within 10 feet of public entrances. The
campus medical center is completely smoke-free.
• University of Oklahoma: The Sooners went smoke-free in 2008.
• University of Texas: Since 2002, smoking is allowed outside if 20
feet from any gate, entryway, arch, doorway and common path of
travel, air intake or open window. However, Darrell K Royal-Texas
Memorial Stadium, Disch-Falk Field and the Frank C. Erwin Center
bar smoking completely.
Positives of a
Smoke Free Campus
-Positive Green image
-Cut down on littering through campus
-Positive image for prospective students
-More money from alumni and donations
-Safer for current students
Proposed Changes to Smoking
1. Restrict smoking to designated smoking areas
2. Ticketing agency to address violators
3. 100% smoking ban by 2016
SMOKE BUSTERS (Public Safety)
KSU Smokebusters
• 4 people split into 2-person teams
• Write $20 ticket for violators
• Utilize Public Safety vehicles for larger patrols
High Traffic Areas:
Smokebuster’s Ticketing Division
• Located with Parking services as well as the Public Safety
• Tickets would be added to ISIS just like Parking services
currently does.
• Tickets also payable to campus police if violator is not a
• Four people, at $5/hour plus a 10%
commission for each citation they give.
• Smoking benches: $100-150
• Smoking Huts: $1,500
K-State Smokers
Dangers of Smoking
The Stats
K-State’s Current
Rival Policies
Proposed Policy
Smoke Busters
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