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Applied Behavioral Sciences (ABS)
 What is ABS?
Interdisciplinary study of human behavior
Focus on adult learners
Highly interactive
Accelerated degree completion
Cohort model
 What will you learn?
How to problem solve and make informed decisions
Develop effective communication skills
Demonstrate effective conflict-resolution skills
Use knowledge of adult development to understand behaviors
Explore and appreciate multi-cultural perspectives
Use social science research to gain insight on human behavior
In regards to studying:
 Don’t aim to memorize; read for core concepts
 Read your assigned readings at least twice
 Look for the key themes addressed by the authors
 Notice how authors draw on other authors’ arguments
In regards to writing:
 Aim to be clear, coherent and concise
 Provide evidence for your claims
 Practice paraphrasing and direct quoting
 Become familiar with APA citation formatting
 Articulate your response in an analytical and critical
Be Realistic!
How long will it take me to complete my assignments?
Whatever time I need, double it.
Do I need to collect other information as part of your assignment?
How much time do I need to review my work?
How long will it take me to proofread my work?
Seek documentation of any disabilities that will impact your learning.
Degree Completion Program
Junior/Senior year
90 Quarter Hours required for entry into ABS
58 Quarter Hours in ABS core courses
32 Quarter hours (approximately 6-7 courses) of Electives and General
 180 Quarter Hours to complete a Bachelors of Arts
 Create a completion plan with your Academic Advisor today!
Blended Online and Online Courses
 Must have regular access to a computer and to the Internet.
 Must access d2L.nl.edu at least two times per week.
ABS Course Schedule
 Mark all classes in your calendar!
 M a ke a m e a ningful co m m itme nt to t h e d e m a nd s re q ui re d by th e AB S
a c c e l erate d pro g ra m , i n c l uding i n - c lass a s s ignment s, o ut - o f - c lass a s signmen ts
a n d o n l ine.
 B e pre pa re d w i t h bo o k s , s uppl i es, m a te ri als, a n d a ba s i c k n ow ledge o f
c o m pute r te c h n ology ( i . e. E m a il, M i c ro sof t Wo rd, Powe rPo int , Upl o ading
do c um e n ts, et c . )
 B e i n q uisit ive a n d e n g aged i n c o ur s e wo rk .
 D e m o nst rate k n ow ledge t h ro ug h w ri t te n a n d ve rba l c o m mun ica tio n.
 B e re s pe c t ful o f h um a n di ve r sit y a n d i n dividualit y.
 St ri ve fo r exc e l lenc e a n d pur s ue h i g h a c a de mic ex pe c t a t ions i n a l l c o ur s e s .
 B e pre pa re d to be i n te llec t ually c h a llenged.
 M a i n t ain a c a de mic i n te g rit y ; a c a de mic h o n est y i s ex pe c te d.
 H ave fun a s yo u l e a rn .
Intensive degree completion program
Hybrid model
Meet with your advisor to:
Discuss how many “official credits” transferred to NLU.
Explore Prior learning assessments/tests
Identify how many credits you need to graduate after completing the
ABS program
Develop an individualized Academic Plan
Community of Support
For an over view of all the student ser vices at NLU visit this fir st link , the
NLU Student Ser vices page, here you will find links and contact
information to help you succeed: http://www.nl.ed u/stud entser vi ce s/
Student ID card:
 Once you are registered for cour ses, your NLU ID card will be
mailed to you or you may pick it up at the campus facilities area
at any campus.
 The CTA U-Pass is provided to all full -time, on-campus,
undergraduate or graduate students. The of fice of Student Life
distributes the U -Pass on campus during the 1 st week of each
term. The U-Pass provides unlimited rides on any CTA bus or train
during the academic term.
 http://www.nlu.edu/upass
 Books for all NLU courses are available at
www.ecampus.com/nlu .
 Be sure to purchase your books before the first day of class
Course Schedule:
 Request a copy of your course schedule from your Academic
Advisor or your faculty mentor.
 Classrooms for each class are noted on the online schedule.
Also, classroom locations are posted on a bulletin board outside
of NLU elevators.
 All correspondence must utilize your NLU email.
Computer and Internet Access:
 Ensure your computer is equipped for your participation in the online
component of ABS classes. If you need assistance, call the NLU Information
Technology Helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 866 -813-1177.
NLU Portal (my.nl.edu):
Check your NLU email account
Make an appointment with your academic advisor
View your grades
View your financial statement
View your unofficial transcripts
Log into your online course
Access library materials
V i ew t h e N LU O r i e n t a t i o n to O n l i n e L e a r n i n g l o c a te d a t :
h t t p : / / o i t .n l . e d u/ r i c h _ c o n te n t / L M S / o n l in e L e a r n i n g Or i e n t a t i on / i n d ex . h t m
Student Activity
 Complete the Desire2Learn (d2L) Orientation located at:
How to access d2L:
 d2l.nl.edu or through the NLU portal: http://my.nl.edu/
d2L support:
 NLU Helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free at 866 -8131177 or 866-813-4357 on campus
 You are expected to login to d2L twice per week.
 Purchase/rent your books before the first class . Be ready to use
them starting day 1! (ecampus.nl.edu)
 Ensure you have daily access to a computer and Internet. Ensure
your computer is equipped for your participation in the online
component of ABS classes. If you need assistance, call the NLU
Information Technology Helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at
 Access and regularly check your email.
 Access the NLU Portal: my.nl.edu.
 Familiarize yourself with Desire2Learn (d2l.nl.edu) by watching
the d2L orientation and by referencing online tutorials:
The goal of the Of fice of Student Finance is to provide the
necessary resources for you to successfully complete your
education at NLU. If you are in need of financial assistance and
are enrolled in a degree -seeking program, visit us at:
http://www.nl.edu/financialaid/officeofstudentfinance /
 Begin by completing your FAFSA (NLU’s FAFSA code: 001733).
 Explore scholarships, loans, grants, veterans benefits and
work-study jobs.
 Learn about tuition payment options.
The Academic Advising Center will assist you in planning your
degree and help you to select classes you need to graduate on
time. http://www.nl.edu/studentservices/academicadvising/
Schedule an appointment with you Academic Advisor to
develop your academic plan:
Log onto your NLU Portal
Click “Undergraduate Advising Appointment”
Select “phone” or “in person” and select the campus and advisor
If you can’t make your scheduled appointment, please cancel.
1-800-443-5522, ext. 5900 or [email protected]
Prior Learning Assessment provides the means for adult learner s to
recognize, document and validate learning from life and work experiences for
potential college credit.
Credit by Por tfolio: ACL301: Per spectives on Prior Learning – a five week
cour se assisting students to develop a por tfolio of prior learning.
Credit by Examination: Credit for acceptable scores on the College Board’s
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the DANTES Subject
Standardized Tests (DSSTs).
License/Cer tification program: Credit for licenses/cer tifi cati ons on the
faculty approved list
Credit by Proficiency: C r e d i t f o r d e m o n s t r a te d p r o fi c i e nc y f o r s o m e N LU c o u r s e s .
For more information, please call 630-874-4319 or go to www.nl.edu/pla
NLU Learning Suppor t:
 National Louis Univer sity’s Learning Suppor t is your go -to resource for
tutoring, workshops, and placement assessments. If you are having trouble
with your class or need help writing a paper, the Learning Suppor t team is
here to help .
 Hour s and locations:
http://www.nl.edu/academi cs/nlulibrar y/hour sandl ocati ons /
Smar tthinking :
 As an NLU student, you also have access to Smar thinking , a 24 hour s a
day, 7 days a week tutoring ser vice. By using Smar thinking , you can live
chat with a tutor in your subject area or submit a writing sample for tips
and suggestions.
 http://libguides.nl .edu/smar thinking
Student Activity :
 Review the Learning Suppor t resources:
http://www.nl.edu/studentser vi ces/learningsuppor t/
 Through the NLU Library Website, you will have 24/7 access to
scholarly articles, local and international newspapers, full -text
electronic books and more. Library faculty are available by
email and phone to help you with your research.
 Explore the library website at:
http://www.nl.edu/academics/nlulibrary /
1. View the Library Orientation located at:
2. Review the ABS Library guide located at:
 Mission: To prepare NLU students
and alumni to access and
succeed in their career
 Inter view Preparation : Mock
Inter views, Recorded mock
inter views, STAR Strategy
 Career Advising: In-per son,
Phone, Skype
 Career Events: Check your
email & our website !
 Resumes & Cover Letters :
Guides, Samples, Reviews,
Posting on eRecruiting
 Contact Us:
 Job Search: Individual planning,
Tailored webpages based on
industr y, eRecruiting &
CareerBeam, Hot Jobs
 Networking: Strategy, LinkedIn,
Informational Inter views
careerdevel [email protected] ; 31 2261-3270; Chicago Campus 2 nd
www.nl.edu/careerdevel opment
 SECURE financial aid and payment options:
http://www.nl.edu/financialaid/officeofstudentfinance /
 PLAN your pathway to completion with an Academic Advisor
http://www.nl.edu/studentser vices/academicadvising
 EXPLORE receiving credit for prior learning : www.nl.edu/pla
 ASK for help: [email protected]
 ORIENT yourself to the NLU library:
http://www.nl.edu/academics/nlulibrar y /
 DEVELOP a plan for your future: www.nl.edu/careerdevelopment
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